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A broker should release all pressures and stresses from a trader when they make an investment. For that, they should exhibit certain parameters that comply with the guidelines of regulated authorities. But you’ll surprise to know that not every service provider or brokerage firm thinks that way. Some of them take advantage of people’s sentiments and do not think twice while fooling them. HYCM Broker review will tell you more:- 

HYCM Broker review: Infested with viruses  halfstar

When you click on the website, you’ll find a file getting downloaded automatically. In a sense, it is the worst broker in the whole wide world you can come across. 

It is plainly accumulating your data. Think of a situation when you visit any website, and multiple files start getting downloading automatically. Even after you block the popups, the activity continues. What are you supposed to feel? It’s a malicious way to hack an account and pivotal information. 

How else would someone move further? The spamming is so high that the popups keep on disturbing you every single moment; you cannot even proceed further. It’s a joke that no one is banning the website. HYCM Broker Review is a scam and not safe at all. One should not even think of visiting it even once. Even if you try, the spam won’t let you. 

Such a pathetic interface HYCM has that you’ll turn its all features down. Disappointment, deceit, cheating, forgery and imposter are written all over the broker’s website.

 Even the worst of brokers won’t spam the screen as HYCM does. One must file a complaint against it and should get it banned for illicit and illegal behaviour. How can someone with such a malice intent continue to be searched on Google or any other search engine? It’s a joke on the sentiments of the public. 

HYCM Broker Review: Disillusioned after forty years of experience  2ndhalf

The broker claims that it has more than forty years of experience in the ecosystem. However, by looking at how it operates, one can say that it is lying. There is nothing that makes you feel that the broker has been there for more than four decades. All it is doing is surviving due to someone’s approach. At least a sane broker wouldn’t behave that way. 

A forty-year-old broker would know all traders and investors’ nerves and would become one of the top brokerage firms globally. But honestly, not many would have heard about the broker, but it survived through luck or any other way not known by the ecosystem. 

When you first open the website, you see a stark blank page, and that’s bizarre considering it may confuse investors. Precisely, newbie players wouldn’t know how to create an account and trade with the broker. 

When 2021 is already enveloped with lots of problems including COVID-19 and an unstable economy, brokers like HYCM make life difficult. It is like adding salt to wounds. 

No display of features  halfstar

The website of HYCM is so cheaply built that once you click on about us page, there is no way you can see other categories for wandering around. You have to click on the back button to reach out to what you left behind. So, that’s quite a dated experience. The owners must pay heed to this and work on improving it if there’s any chance of being genuine. 

Is HYCM scam or safe?  halfstar

The question haunts everyone because of the way the website behaves and operates. Despite any license or registration number, you can say that HYCM is a scam. The experience for a visitor is not worth having. It seems like a waste of time. There is nothing that can interest you because most of the time you’ll indulge in closing those unnecessary popups getting downloaded like a ghost. 

HYCM Review: No values  1star

After 40 years, any company or institution becomes a legend to be emulated. However, it is quite the opposite with HYCM. The kind of impact they have left on traders traces to cheat and deceit. So, you can say that the broker does not follow any values. Also, the broker has no feelings for the clients or customers who created an account with them. 

There’s no special treatment or feeling of proximity that you may ever feel while boarding on the website. All the broker seems to be caring about is accumulating money from innocent customers. If they failed to give, it can spam through viruses and steal the data. So, landing on the platform itself is no less perilous. 

Hence, one can say that there is no reputation for HYCM as it claims. Instead, quite the opposite of what it mentions on the website. Also, it refrains from offering any information or evidence for the testimony. 

So, all the regulation authorities go for a toss because they are failing to recognize what a fraud HYCM is. 

HYCM Review: Customer care  1star

In the name of customer care, all you get is a live chat option which is entirely irresponsive, and that cringes you. When you click on the help centre, it offers the education material. Who else would do that? It’s like you are searching for the US and it showcases you Iran instead. Why is the broker doing so? These all fallacies indicate toward it being an unsafe website. 

You do not have any other way to contact the customer care because the main motive of HYCM Broker Review is to steal your money and not to trade. 

There are no lines for contacting a legitimate person because it’s entire existence lies on a lie. It says that there’s is 24/5 customer care support, but actually, there is none. The charlatan website is making a complete fool of people and other investors. 

No feature makes you the broker, not even one. How can you suppose that anyone would sustain there for a minute, let alone for a longer time?

HYCM Review: Worst account types  oneandhalf

If somehow, after multiple attempts, you get to see the types of accounts offered by HYCM, you would close the website again. The options are that bad. 

There are three types of accounts Fixed, Classic, and Raw. And as expected, the broker does not care to offer much information regarding them. It curtails and hides everything that it should not. 

So, the factor of transparency is missing big time, and that does not come as a surprise anymore. The motive of the broker is something else. 

The pips are too high for a beginner here, which starts from 1.8. So, you can say that it does not care about beginner traders. It wants only wealthy people to board its platform so that it can earn money. 

Also, newbie traders cannot fulfill their aspiration of looting a massive amount.  

Hence, it proves the point that it is looking for people who can pay a significant fund. Furthermore, it asks for USD 100 as deposits which is more considering many brokers are providing the services as $1 as deposits. So, the fact also exposes the malicious intent yet again.

The constant nagging of the lesser privileged showcases the classist approach of HYCM. Hence, there is another reason why people should ignore or boycott it. So, it is a clear indication that traders should stay away from it.    

If HYCM can do that with beginner traders, there is no reason why can’t it replicate the same formula on others? After all, it is looking for pure business and does not care about who feels what. 

HYCM Review: Not enough tools 2 stars 1

You do not locate enough tools for trading on the website. So, a willing trader would get disheartened with the type of gesture HYCM is exhibiting toward traders. How else would you create a strategy or channelize your strength if you do not get useful tools? 

Since, 1977, it has been more than forty-three years to the broker, but not learning from its mistake shows the callous attitude of HYCM. And if you look closely, it all indicates at one thing that it is not caring about how others may feel. 

Withdrawal and deposit scheme 

If you are using a wire transfer, it may take you seven or more days to withdraw your money. By that time you would incur heavy losses. So, what the use of such services? 

Is the HYCM website updated? halfstar

Sorry, to say, but it is not updated. A genuine broker would always keep the website update to earn a trader’s confidence. But no such effort is going on from its side. It is 2021, but it writes 40 years of experience in the brokering field instead of 44 (since 1977) or at least 43 years. 

Moreover, it’s been 22-23 years since its UK regulation, but it mentions 20 years. So, it is safe to say, HYCM is not a serious broker. 


  You can pick from myriad brokers like 101investing, HFTrading, Global Trade ATF, and many others that are genuine and have won several awards for their performance. You can read their reviews which are most on a positive note. 

Thus, HYCM review proves one thing that you cannot depend on it. In other words, HYCM is a scam broker. 

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