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101Investing is a regulated broker trading in CFDs with over 250 assets. The broker has been providing trading facilities to its clients since 2016. It has gained a name in the forex market in a short span. Being a subsidiary of FXBFI broker financial invest, the broker is already registered with the name FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. The brokerage firm has various features to ease the process of forex trading. Let’s dive deep into a detailed 101investing review 2023.

 It furnishes traders with trading tools. It analyses the market, helps in forming strategies, allows a demo account, and many more that would aid traders in the long or short run. 

The financial services provider offers the best trading platform, MetaTrader4, a popular platform with a user-friendly interface. The customer support and dedicated manager are the cherries on the top of a cake. Serving with affordable and accessible functions.

Is 101Investing A Scam Or Legit?

101investing is a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulated broker with license number 315/16. Also, the broker is registered with the company name FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. It is registered with the number HE351508

The firm follows every rule stated by CySEC and caters to the clients with transparency and trade protection. The firm provides its services to countries, namely, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland. 

All the regulations and transparency of the firm and broker make it a legit broker. It is not a scam but a well-authorized broker to trade and facilitate trading.

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Our recommendation: Trading at 101Investing

  • Wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, etc. used for deposit and withdrawal
  • Use MetaTrader4 platform  
  • Year of foundation 2015
  • 30-built-in indicators
  • A variety of trade modes for executing assets

Advantages and disadvantages of 101Investing

  • User-friendly trading platform 
  • Commission-free trading 
  • Well regulated
  • 250+ trading assets 
  • CFD trading 
  • High leverage ratio
  • Does not Accept US Clients

Trading Account Types?

The broker allows traders to invest with different types of retail investor accounts and for retail and professional traders. It has four types of accounts for online trading. The various retail investor accounts have features that make trades more convenient and easy. With the accounts, 101investing also has the option of an Islamic account. The account is for those who have religious beliefs. There is a free demo account that will train novice traders with the use of virtual money and practice live trading. They can even set strategies and analyze the forex market in advance before even investing. 

Bronze account

101investing launched a new account tier this year called bronze trading account. Back then, the silver trading account was considered to be suitable for beginners but now the bronze account tier is designed in such a way that beginners can adapt to international markets and trading tools more easily. 

101 investing offers all major base currencies in the bronze account. You can also hedge and use the fifth decimal facility as a bronze account holder. The minimum spread is 2.0 pips and the leverage you can use is up to 1:30 (for retail clients).

Silver Account 

The silver trading account is the primary account of the 101investing broker. The broker with this account gives traders the potential to invest with a minimum deposit of $250. Other than this, traders have the opportunity to trade with hedging strategies, 250 plus tradable assets, base currencies, leverage of 1:30, spreads from 0.07 to and fifth decimal. 

An account is a good option for beginners of trading. They can start with the basic facilities to go high in risks and rewards. 

Gold Account

The gold trading account is more advanced than the silver trading account. It has all the facilities of a silver account with some additional features. The account has hedging, fifth decimal, a minimum deposit of $250, spreads from 0.07, leverage of 1:400/1:500, 250 plus assets to trade, base currencies, and a swap discount of 25%. Being a step ahead, the account is suitable for traders who have little trade experience. 

It can be a decent choice for novice and experienced traders. 

Platinum Account

The platinum trading account has similar functionality as the gold account. However, it is designed for professional traders. Experienced traders have knowledge and understanding of the market and would be able to use it appropriately. The account has hedging, leverage of 1:400/1:500, swap discount of 50%, base currencies, fifth decimal, a minimum deposit of $250, spreads from 0.07 and 250 plus tradable assets.

Traders can invest with platinum accounts and gain the benefits of the advanced services of the broker. 

Pro-Exclusive Account

As the name suggests, it is an account of the pros of the trading field. Trading professionals can use this account to access pioneering services. It is a special account with certain conditions that the traders must fulfill to trade with a pro-exclusive account. The account has high leverage of 1:400, reduced margin rates, personalized tools, and VIP terms. 

The conditions required for a Pro-exclusive account are: 

  • A significant portfolio of more than $500k. 
  • Experience in trading high positions 
  • Professional knowledge of the trade 

Islamic Account

The account is specially designed for Muslim traders following Shariah law. With no hidden prices and requotes, the account is for simple trading. It also does not have any overnight charges, and the position could be held for no specific period. The traders of Islamic accounts have many features similar to the accounts as mentioned earlier with some changes. 

Demo Account

101investing has unlimited use of a demo account for its clients to aid them in their online trade. The traders can sharpen their trading skills and have strategies planned before real investment. The facility is for both beginners and professionals of the trade. They can analyze the market and plan in advance with this account.

The use of a simulation account is optional for traders. If they want to have good strategies and skills for trading without investing, they can. A demo account is live trading but with virtual money. So, a feasible trade with a lot to learn. 

How To Open Account?

Account opening with a broker is simple. Within a few minutes, traders have access to a brokerage account. The 101investing has a similar process to open an account with them. In some steps, we have discussed the process of account opening at 101investing: 

  • The 101investing official website at its top right-hand side has the heading “open account”. 
  • The trader who wants to open an account should go ahead and click on the heading. 
  • A registration form opens up. The trader is required to fill in the form with the personal information that it asks for. 
  • The form asks for first and last name, contact details, email address, country code, and Id proof. 
  • The trader is also required to set a password for the account. 
  • Once all this is done, the trader becomes a client of the online broker that is 101investing. 
  • With the proceed button, the trader moves to the next page that contains questions. 
  • Traders are supposed to answer the questions relating to past trading experience and skills. 
  • The next step after the questions is the deposition page. This page requires traders to pay the initial deposit amount to start trading.
  • The minimum deposit to open a trading account is $250. 
  • With a deposit of minimum funds, traders can start trading in the forex market.

Our recommendation: Trading at 101Investing

  • Wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, etc. used for deposit and withdrawal
  • Use MetaTrader4 platform  
  • Year of foundation 2015
  • 30-built-in indicators
  • A variety of trade modes for executing assets

Trading Instruments and products?

101investing is available for all financial instruments. We have listed them for you in this section: 

  • Stock CFDs: They are the best option for trading CFDs of mega-companies like Tesla and Google.
  • Indices CFDs: It gives you the opportunity of trading CFDs of majors indices like Dow Jones. 
  • Forex CFDs: Trading CFDs of major pairs like EUR/USD.
  • Cryptocurrency CFDs: Trading CFDs of major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Commodities and Meta CFDs: Trading CFDs of commodities (livestock and agricultural products) and precious metals (silver, gold, and platinum)

Commissions and Spreads?

101investing broker does not charge any kind of commission or deposit fee from its clients. This is because traders are not supposed to pay commission for their trade and can freely enjoy the perks of the trade. 

Spreads may vary for different accounts, financial assets, and instruments. The spreads start from 0.07 for all the accounts. For instruments, the spread is as per the pips. For example, forex spreads 0.7 pips for EUR/USD, for EUR/GBP spreads 0.9 pips and for GBP/USD 1.3 pips. 

Similarly, the indices have a spread of point 1 for FTSE100, and commodities like crude oil have a spread of 0.03; silver has 0.037, and gold has a spread of 0.37. So, it differs as per the instrument of trade.

Providers 101investing
Swap charges Avail 50 percent off
Spreads Starting from 0.03 pips
Deposit commission It is free

Maximum Leverage?

Leverage is the ratio provided by the brokers to the clients. The ratio is significant as they give a higher position to traders in the market or trading financial instruments. Margin and leverage both play an essential role in holding a high position in the market. 

The leverage provided by 101investing broker differs as per the account used for trading. Retail and professional accounts have different leverage ratios. Retail accounts have 1:30 as the leverage, and professional accounts have 1:400 or 1:500 as the leverage ratio. Trading in CFDs involves high risk, and various ratios are there for the instruments of CFDs. 

The maximum leverage ratio of forex is 1:500 with a 0.2% margin; commodities have 1:20 as the maximum leverage with a margin of 5%. Similarly, cryptocurrency has a leverage of 1:2 and a margin of 50%, indices have a leverage ratio of 1:20 with a margin of 5%, and lastly, stocks have a maximum leverage of 1:5 with a margin of 20%. 

How To Deposits and Withdrawals Funds?

Traders can easily deposit and withdraw the amount of money they want. The initial deposit requirement for brokerage accounts is $250. With the initial fund deposit, traders can start online trading in the market. 

The deposits can be made from bank accounts, bank wire transfers, credit and debit cards, skrill, solid pay, and other online e-wallets. 

Traders should first file a withdrawal request to the client support via email for withdrawal of funds. Traders also have a clients portal available 24/7, which provides information and caters to withdrawal requests. However, clients are charged withdrawal fees from the broker. Up to 50 EUR are charged for the withdrawal. 

Available Trading Platforms?

101investing has three trading platforms, MetaTrader4, Webtrader, and Mobile application. All three platforms help clients of 101investing in the forecast of the trade and invest accordingly. In addition, trading platforms have the tools and analysis of the market for better judgment. Thus, a guide for trade in the market. 

MetaTrader4 (MT4)

MT4 is the most used and popular trading platform in forex trade. It is user-friendly and flexible to use, therefore used globally. MetaTrader4 provides traders with the facility to customize the platform as per needs, and other than this has many features like market order execution modes for future trade decisions. 

MT4 has hedging, expert advisors, time frames, charts and patterns, strategy making, technical and fundamental analysis of the market, indicators, and stop-loss facilities. So much within the software, and it is readily available on devices such as Android and iOS. It is easily used through WebTrader and is available for use 24 hours a day.

Web Trader

The trading platform is accessible and could be used on different devices using the browser. The webTrader supports 11 languages and is easy to use. It is available on laptops, computers, and mobile devices. Thus, a favorable trading platform for traders. 

The platform needs no download and can directly be used through the device’s browser or mobile browser. Web trader is advanced in its design and could be used by beginners and professionals. 

The WebTrader platform provides access to indicators, signals, and many more functions of the broker. 

Company Details


  • Commodities
  • Forex 45 +
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies 50+



  • Country: Cyprus
  • License: 315/16
  • Regulations: CySEC


Customer Service

  • Live Chat
  • Phone number: +357 80092740



Our recommendation: Trading at 101Investing

  • Wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, etc. used for deposit and withdrawal
  • Use MetaTrader4 platform  
  • Year of foundation 2015
  • 30-built-in indicators
  • A variety of trade modes for executing assets

Mobile trading app?

  • The mobiles we all use daily are the most comfortable and reachable option for CFD trading online. Traders can use mobile trading apps for a hundred per cent trading efficiency, more than sixty plus analytical tools, quick downloading, easy access, news and updates in just a click, 24/5 support team and free downloading of the application.
  • It is a wireless technology that secures trading online with easy access through mobiles. Traders can manage portfolios and other market activities through mobile trading apps—a handy and user-friendly application for clients of 101investing.

Education and Research Center

101investing CFD brokers offer good educational support for its clients; they encourage traders to know more about the forex market and trade. There are various tools, and technical and fundamental analyses to research the market and plan before investing. The research is easy and affordable with its indicators, charts and patterns, signals, and mathematical tools. In addition, traders can know and analyze the market within the mobile applications and devices they use. 

Traders will have the facility of education and research with its official website. Beginners of trade can learn and apply the education, whereas professionals can sharpen their skills and remember trade basics. The broker has articles, blogs, videos, e-books, tutorials, courses, and economic calendars. All of these help traders forecast the CFD trading and analyze the market adequately. The software use (MT4) is available with 101investing and education and research, thus enhancing the traders’ benefits. 

Customer Support 

The customer support team of 101investing brokers is available 24/5 to assist traders. It has the option of connecting with the team through email, phone number, and live chat under FXBFI broker financial invest Ltd.  

Traders can even use the form option to connect with the client support team. The official website of CFD broker has all the facilities for a trader to be in touch with the professional support team. Traders can contact the team from morning 7 am till 5 pm, five days a week. Other than this, they can email, call or live chat with them. The customer support management of 101investing is always there online to assist clients. 

  • Contact number: +35780092740
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Live chat option on the official website.
  • Address of the registered company: 79, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave., MGO Protopapas Building, 1st floor, 3076, Limassol, Cyprus

Bottom Line

Investlite is a broker with all the required services and features to enhance the trade of clients. The primary purpose of brokers is to lighten the trading experience of investors, catering to all the traders. Small investors or large investors can find a place for themselves with Investlite services. The trading accounts, trading platforms, commission, spreads, leverage, etc., are kept as per the needs of traders. The other facilities or functions that Investlite offers are outstanding. No one would get disheartened with the services of Investlite. 

A must-recommended broker for trading in markets of various kinds. 


At FxReviews, our primary objective is to furnish you with impartial and objective assessments, commentary, and in-depth analysis. Our unwavering commitment to precision is maintained through meticulous data validation coupled with insights from industry authorities. It is essential to acknowledge that, albeit infrequent, minor fluctuations may occur. Please be assured that our dedication to delivering unbiased appraisals, exhaustive scrutiny, and well-informed viewpoints remains unwavering. 

We feel compelled to counsel you on the matter of investing in financial instruments, commodities, and other assets, which carry a significant degree of risk. There exists the potential for a complete depletion of your deposited funds. We recommend engaging in such undertakings exclusively if you possess an exhaustive comprehension of the associated hazards. It should be noted that FxReviews refrains from dispensing investment advice or any semblance of financial guidance.

Your financial security is of paramount significance to us, and we strongly advocate the exercise of due diligence and the pursuit of professional guidance when arriving at investment determinations.



yes, the broker is a good brokerage firm and the traders are not at a high risk of losing money.

Yes, subscribers can find the live chat option in the contact us category.

Yes, the 101investing broker complies with all legal duties.

It is the most genuine trading broker around with some of the best accounts and platforms. The exchange commission CySec is one of its strengths. Besides, it has the license number and registration from a reputed body. So, 101investing is safe for trading. A fine financial conduct authority puts a stamp of legitimacy on 101investing.

The broker offers free demo account with 100k virtual currency. You have to visit official website of 101investing and sign up and get free access to demo account.

You can access trading platform from mobile, desktop and web portal. You can login simultaneously from any platform.

For withdrawing the funds from trading account, one has to login to the portal and click on the payment tab and withdraw the amount. The minimum threshold is $100

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