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101Investing Review 2021: “101Investing” is a Cyprus-based new online trading broker that started its operations in 2016. The broker is a subsidiary of a popular online platform FXBFI. The parent company “FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd.” already register and serves its clients’ excellent products. Now, they aim to increase their customer base with this new firm. There are zilch chances of losing your money after investing in the platform. The 101Investing broker offers its users prominent features like free demo accounts, high leverage, a wide range of tradable assets with different platforms for them, and responsive customer service; all at competitive prices. Trading with 101investing is a pleasant experience for all types of traders. An investor can find features like MetaTrader4, a dedicated account manager, minimum deposit, customer support, and several others. Moreover, one stays away from the high risk of losing money here.

The post shall do 101Investing reviews with all the required details you need to know. It will list all their features, and then the decision shall be up to the trader.

Are 101Investing Review Scam or Legit Broker?

101Investing review broker is a new organization. It is a well known fact that 101investing is regulated under one authority, i.e. CySEC of Cyprus. There is no risk with them. Also, as the post mentioned, it is a subsidiary of FXBFI. Thus, the probability of any risk further gets mitigated here. Moreover, there is no complaint against them.

Read the complete 101Investing review 2021 here and decide about different account types, the broker, the requirement of money while trading CFDs, choosing a trading account, online trading and good ways of investments.

101Investing Review: Essential Features

1. Regulations

101Investing is regulated under the financial authority of Cyprus. The online trading platform’s license number with CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is 315/16 and operates with FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd. It is the parent organization of the broker.

Thus, the broker is regulated and has a license from one top tier judiciary. Further, their objective looks bigger, and they seem to be making rapid progress. However, the organization is still on its way to prove the worth in the market and would need some time.

They are also registered with Europe’s MiFID (markets in financial instruments directive), which means the trader’s funds are secured. And the organization would not use the money in case of insolvency.

2. Trading Platform

The 101Investing Review broker trading platforms are good for use by their client traders. There is one platform available with the broker for trading, i.e. MT 4. It can be accessed via desktop, web, or mobile, and can be used to buy, sell, and analyse the market.

The 101Investing MetaTrader 4 platform is popular among traders, and most brokers use it nowadays. The tools available to users are – automated trading, hedging, scalping, one-click trading, real-time quotes, patterns, and many more.

The trading app has an excellent user interface, and one can watch the history of trades too. A trader can examine the trading conditions to be fully sure before investing in the broker. The Web Trader trading platform also helps investors in fetching great deals from the financial market.

3. Customer Service

The customer service support team of the CFD broker seems impressive. Firstly, the portal’s design is smooth and looks good. The team is available every day from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM, five days a week. A trader can contact them via phone, email, or live chat and fill the query form if required.

In customer service, there are separate sections for contacting management. Moreover, the customer service team offers remedies as per the user’s needs. The team’s usual response time on a call is less than two minutes, and every member is working hard to serve clients, and resolve their issues.

Also, there is a dedicated FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for the users’ common queries. It includes a number of resolutions in the form of Q&A with easily used language.

4. Assets

There are in total 250+ financial instruments to trade for clients. Complex financial derivatives are supported on every asset. 101Investing provides facilities to trade CFDs on stocks, forex pairs , commodities, metals, indices, and cryptos. Further, one can use different platforms on these assets, as mentioned, to predict prices.

There is no charge to buy or sell any asset, and they have 30+ tools for traders. Overall, the distinction is – 30+ cryptos, 75+ stocks, and other 50+ contracts for differences.

5. Fees

The traders need to be aware of 101Investing broker’s inactivity fees. The inactivity fees are lesser than the anticipation of a trader. Any market player that has an account with 101investing does not have to worry about excessive charges being added.

Apart from this, there is no charge or fee for executing a trade. Also, they claim to offer tight spread charges as low as 0.03. But it is only for Platinum account holders, who pay commissions on every trade. The regular account spreads are above the industry average. Also, there are swap fees for metal trading.

6. 101 investing Review: Withdrawal and Deposit

There are several payment methods to withdraw and deposit funds on the 101Investing platform. Some of the funding options are bank wire transfers, debit and credit cards, Skrill, Visa & Master cards, VPay, and many more. There is nothing mentioned about the deposit and withdrawal fees, but it is free for most brokers, except bank charges. Make sure to check it or ask them before trading.

The typical withdrawal request process in 3-5 working days and shall be transferred from the same mode as deposited.

Note that the minimum deposit amount is $100 to make a buy which is competitive considering the market.

7. Leverage: 101investing Review

High leverage in trading is risky, and many users lose all their money because of it. And, that’s why the European financial regulators have set a strict guideline to provide a maximum leverage of 1:30 only. It applies to all the brokers licensed under them.

101Investing Review broker understands and obeys the body and protects the user’s interest; they follow the guideline above.

However, the leverage increases significantly for hedging and goes up to 1:400.

8. Research & Analysis Tools

There are several research, analysis, and trading tools for users of 101Investing. The broker has several indicators, signals, chart patterns, and analyzers, taking the total tool count to 90.

Both the professional and beginner traders shall find some tools for them for trading. The broker uses both in-house and third-party software to help traders. One would get the expert’s advice too.

9. Account types: Review 101investing

101Investing takes a trader into different trading accounts, living up to every kind of trader’s need. It has four types of different accounts. The names are – silver, gold, platinum, and pro account. Every account offers an extra level of service to clients. For instance, silver and gold would be useful for novice traders, while professionals should take platinum and pro-type.

There are many differences in all account types. Some are leverage, expert advice, discounts, and fees. While a silver holder can take a maximum margin of 1:200, other account holders can take margin up to 1:400.

There is a swap discount of 25% and 50% for gold and platinum holders, respectively. The pro account fully personalizes with all the prominent features. A trader can use a demo account for acknowledging the 101investing broker before taking a plunge into the live trading market.

10. Education

101Investing regulated broker has an extensive range of educational material for enhancing their users’ knowledge and skill base. It includes videos on-demand (VODs), E-books, tutorials, courses, economic calendars, and many more. It is useful for professionals as well as beginner traders.

The material shall help a trader accurately anticipate asset prices, as well as do excellent market analysis, both fundamental and technical. Traders can learn different trading strategies. Using these trading strategies they can enhance their profits in CFD Trading. The MetaTrader4 assists, 101investing users, in it.

11. Safety & Security

Technology is the backbone of 101Investing forex broker. The trader’s account balance is safe with high-tech IT security protection of SSL (Secure sockets layer) and encryption at every level.

Further, a user’s information is also safe at separate data centers, and no one can dare to hack them. Thus, the 101Investing broker technology security is competent with other top brokers.

12. Bonus & Promotions

There is no 101Investing broker offering or bonus available for traders to use. The broker believes in not attracting the customers through these ways but by providing excellent and genuine services.

13. Other features

There are some other attributes of this new broker that are worth noting. First, the demo account is free to use for clients, and one can practice there to get practical experience. The traders would also be able to use all the tools and get a real trading view via it.

Second, the user interface of the broker is easy and smooth to use. No one, including beginners, would face any difficulty in navigating to any portal. Everything is transparent, clear, and brief.

Third, one can easily switch between web trading and mobile application as the broker facilitates cross-platform trading.

The article has described all the necessary attributes in detail. Read every point and carefully examine them. Make sure the broker matches traders’ requirements.

How is the customer support of 101investing? 

The contact us facility of 101investing broker is ahead of its times. The brokerage company has employed learned staff to resolve the queries of people. The issue redressal capability is class apart, and the response time is swift. Moreover, there are other potent alternatives like live chat, correspondence, and email address. A trader can seek replies from those methods as well. Thus, the customer support on 101investing is among the best.

What are the types of products on 101investing broker? 

The 101investing broker indulges in forex trading, stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, commodity trading, indices trading, metal trading, and various other trading assets and instruments for professional market players. One can also learn about automated trading while investing in various financial markets. Some traders may feel that CFDs are complex instruments. However, by indulging in forex trading using trading tools, one does not have the same feeling that CFDs are complex instruments. The thought evaporates as soon as traders start trading.

Forex trading

The daily transactions in the forex market cross more than USD 6.6 trillion. It is way more than the GDP of several developed and underdeveloped nations combined. The liquidity is high, and so is the percentage of people trading on it. Thus, bad brokers can spoil the game of trading. So, an investor requires a good broker like 101investing. After making a considerable investment in the market, a trader will answer why is 101 investing legitimately for trading. You can say, it is top among several forex brokers.

That’s the reason forex trading makes for the busiest and the luckiest market for some. The type of scope it creates for trading is not possible for any other financial market. A trader can utilise the power of forex currencies and forex trading and forex currents to know the trend and earn an immense amount of profits. The maximum leverage option also puts it up the pedestal in 101investing offers.

The broker 101investing offers forex pairs like USD/EUR, which aids in diversifying the portfolio like no other trading asset. Some traders may lose money when trading due to the lackadaisical attitude of a broker, but 101investing remains involved with all its clients. It tells investors how to put money when trading CFDs in forex pairs.

Commodity trading

While losing money rapidly due to upheavals in the market, traders take refuge in commodity trading. You don’t lose money when trading in the commodity market. There are different account types that are a part of the 101investing trading portal. A trader can access them through a desktop version to different mobile apps. The maximum leverage is good enough to bargain extraordinary profits to investors in the trading market. The Cyprus based trading website aids in exploring bigger markets through CFD trading.

Thus, the risk of losing money is lesser here. Through trading apps, you can access the retail investor accounts and earn more. Different trading platforms can also help with it.

Cryptocurrency trading 

Several brokers offer cryptocurrency trading, but none of the brokers is close to services offered by 101investing. The website provides an opportunity to trade digital currencies like bitcoins, ripple, ethereum, and many others. The maximum leverage is high enough for all market players. A trader can pick up from more than fifty most popular CFD cryptocurrencies.

Does the exchange commission CySEC mitigate the high risk of losing money?

Yes, it negates the risk on the 101investing broker.

Is the inactivity fee high on 101investing broker?

No, it is not.

CFDs are complex instruments, is it true?

When you invest a minimum deposit on 101investing, then the risk of money when trading CFDs is less. However, an investor needs to use platforms like MetaTrader 4 and Web Trader for achieving profitability.

Does the broker 101investing live up to its promise?

Yes, 101investing is one of the brokers in the UK that ensures promises.

Is 101investing part of an elite club?

Yes, its payment methods, analytical tools, swift execution, top-level account types, different execution modes, CFDs, forex pairs etc. allow a trader to take the high risk. Hence, it is among the elite club of brokers.

How does a demo account help traders on 101investing?

A demo account helps in getting familiar with the conditions of a broker with the real market feel. A trader can experiment and try on different execution modes. Investors can take a high risk by using CFDs on the demo account. They can utilise various platforms like MetaTrader 4 and a fantastic trading account like platinum.

What is FXBFI broker financial invest?

It is the parent company of 101investing.

Can traders earn money when trading CFDs?

Some people might think that the risk of losing money is higher on CFDs. However, if you have good trading apps, a trading account, better retail investor accounts, zero inactivity fees from brokers like 101investing, enough capital to invest, then chances of earning money increases. A trader can start with a minimum deposit.

What are 101investing fees?

It refers to the charges, costs, and fees asked by 101investing broker from its customers. Thus, creating an account with 101investing is a fantastic decision a trader can make.

Is FXBFI broker financial invest LTD the parent company of 101 investing?

Yes, it is.

Is 101investing legit? 

101investing broker is completely legit for users. FXBFI Broker Financial Invest LTD. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the broker. The 101investing license number 315/16. It is located in Limassol, Cyprus. Besides, it has many awards to its credit that make 101investing a legit broker. There is no high risk of losing money.

Is 101investing scam real?

No, it is not. Instead, it is the most genuine trading broker around with some of the best accounts and platforms. The exchange commission CySec is one of its strengths. Besides, it has the license number and registration from a reputed body. So, 101investing is safe for trading. A fine financial conduct authority puts a stamp of legitimacy on 101investing.

Can a trader find a dedicated account manager on 101investing website? 

A trader gets the opportunity to trade with a dedicated account manager on the 101investing website as per eligibility.

Does 101investing broker offer investor compensation fund?

Yes, the 101investing broker complies with all legal duties.

Can you find cfd trading on 101investing? 

Cfd trading is available on the platform for all. So, the choices of markets increase subsequently for investors. Moreover, you can seek help from customer support if any issue arises during trading. However, CFDs are complex instruments for trading, but 101investing handles everything with care. Interestingly, it’s a top CFD broker.

Is there a live chat option available on 101investing? 

Yes, subscribers can find the live chat option in the contact us category.

What types of awards the 101investing trading platform won? 

The 101investing website has won the following awards:-

  • Best FX Broker Europe 2020.
  • Forex Awards 2020: 101investing
  • The Best Execution Broker 2020
  • Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2020
  • World Finance Forex Awards 2020

How to start trading on 101investing?

To start trading, a trader needs to have a specific amount of money in the bank account. Besides, one needs to know the withdrawal fees, depositing fees, documents, minimum deposits, and other requirements.

These awards validate the trading platform and win the hearts of investors. The review 101investing offers many such insights about the trading market. Traders losing money rapidly due to other brokers’ unfriendly nature do not have to worry about those things here following the best trading conditions, MetaTrader4, inactivity fee, a demo account, and multiple trading accounts.

Interestingly, the chances of accumulating wealth grow rapidly due to leverage with the broker. One should make sure that strategies are in place.

Get a callback from a trusted broker today.

101 investing: The Bottom Line

101 Investing is a new broker but is a daughter firm of an already established FXBFI brokerage firm; thus, the risk reduces as compared to other new brokers. Further, 101investing review explains that the broker gets regulated by CySEC, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. And, if one is scanning for a budget, regulated broker, then it can be a good choice. In total, the rates are low, and the regulations are present. License number 315/16

The evident areas are safety and customer service. But remember, the final decision is in the customer’s hands, and one must decide as per his needs. The site design for both professionals and beginners. However, it might be lucrative to one but not to others! The minimum deposit factor cheers investors. Thus, other brokers can’t think of competing with 101investing.

At last, one tip for all the aspiring traders and investors – A user should not start investing unless he has enough knowledge about the subject or market. One can read books, articles, magazines, watch videos, and webinars to enhance their skill base. A market player gets a live chat option and calls to ask issues from the support staff of 101investing. Thus, 101investing review successfully explains why the broker based in Cyprus is the best trading alternative for professional traders. Hence, start trading with 101investing broker and make money at will.

is 101investing broker a good brokerage firm?

yes, the broker is a good brokerage firm and the traders are not at a high risk of losing money.

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