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HFTrading Review 2021: 100% TrustWorthy broker, a minimum deposit of $250, Best provided leverage.

HFTrading financial service provider stands out from its competitors, mainly because of the attractive conditions in terms of spread (one of the most competitive in the industry), zero commissions, no hidden fees and a wide range of asset needs traders.

Furthermore, it has solid legal support, additional services and educational content that provide the clients and non-clients with the satisfaction of having a robust entity to count with. Read the detailed HFtrading Review.

Notwithstanding to detail relevant information about HFTrading investment firm – Platforms, Scam or Legit check, Regulation, Educational material and more in this page.

HFTrading Review: Trading apps and Accounts

HFTrading is a cfd broker and a financial service provider that offers a variety of account types. Each account type is tailored according to the level of expertise a trader holds. It complements the profile of their clients without differentiating. If the investor is a newcomer or a season veteran trader, the firm provides three major account types: (see image below)

  • Silver account
  • Gold account
  • Platinum account

The idea of the silver gold and platinum accounts is an ideal playing ground for a novice trader. A place where the trader has to choose from a long list of accounts, each with different complexity, is not ideal for any trader.

For online trading purposes, the broker provides MetaTrader 4 to its traders. The platform is robust and is of top security tech. MetaTrader 4 is succeeded by metaTrader5, but MT4 holds a lot of respect in forex traders and forex brokers.

MetaTrader4 has been around for a long time, and the platform is looked upon as the epitome of trading platforms. Apart from providing its clients hassle-free and secure trading, MetaTrader 4 also boasts worldwide recognition from almost every trading firm that has ever been created.

The trading software should be optimised and be good enough in suits UI so that any beginner trader or any veteran trader can use it. Apart from that, any trading platform should lower the risk regarding sudden freezes and lag-induced decisions.

MetaTrader 4 is seen as a reference model for indigenous trading platforms that brokers design. The broker also provides the traders with an option to use from WebTrader and mobile trading. Although web trading is a MetaTrader 4 type platform, it can access trading history and the markets on the go.

HFTrading accounts

HFTrading Review: What are the Differences between the Trading Accounts?

Each account type offered by the cfd broker has different characteristics. The differences are focused mainly on three subjects: (see image below)

  • Spread
  • Leverage
  • Other services

Therefore, to detail and clarify these differences below, our Forex experts’ team will outline each one of the categories in conjunction with the types of accounts. It will help in giving an overview of the offers of investment firms.

HFTrading Review: Spread HFTrading spread

This subject is essential when the investors are looking for superior execution at better prices for entries and exits. Notwithstanding must evaluate these factors based on the investor´s profile because of a day trader (short term execution). It will be different from a swing trader (long term investment horizon).

The table below (screenshot is taken from the cfd broker website) shows the spreads of some of the firm’s instruments, and it is evident that the silver account has wider spreads. Meanwhile, the platinum account has the tighter ones, and the gold account is just an intermediate level.

HFTrading Review: Minimum Deposit

The cfd broker offers a minimum deposit that actually defines the definition. Traders with decent trading experience can back this fact. The traders can trade with as low as two hundred and fifty dollars. The amount required in the account to begin trading is called the minimum deposit. This Is often confused with the term margin call.

Some brokers are scam enough to mention that their minimum deposit is the lowest but ask for more than $20,000. Beginner traders generally avoid such brokers.

HFTrading Review spread list

HFTrading Review: Leverage (for professional clients only) HFTrading leverage

Leverage is one of the most controversial topics in the industry, and the number of people who else their first few trades are increasing rapidly due to leverage, and more than that, its wrong use. The imposed risk is higher, but so is the reward.

With losses, profits can also exponentially rise rapidly due to leverage. The trader has to be good enough at math and understand the instrument good enough to generate profits. Leverage offers the traders wider coverage of the market and high returns. Some brokers change their marketing conditions when it topples rapidly due to leverage.

However, the right level of leverage depends entirely on the client´s profile and risk and trade management parameters on the trading plan. Based on this diversity of tastes,

HFTrading broker provides three types of leverage. The silver account offers the lowest leverage, the platinum account the highest and the gold account an intermediate level, a similar dynamic to the spread conditions exposed before.

People lose money fast because they want instant results. Profits can increase, but they will not happen overnight. The trader can make moves and change them accordingly but should never trade more when the loss is inbound rapidly due to leverage. More than that. It is the trading experience that plays a vital part in the right use of leverage.

Services HFTrading Services

Additionally to the spread and leverage conditions, the cfd broker also offers additional services that make a difference when it is time to trade the markets, one the most interesting is the swap discount that has a direct impact on the cost of longer-term positions, in this case, the platinum account is the one with the highest discount 50%.

HFTrading Review: Demo account

The broker also provides demo reading through the demo account. Demo accounts are where the accounts are real, but the money is fake. Demo account helps a trade begin the trading journey without the money pressure. Apart from money management skills, the demo account also makes a trader well versed with the market’s volatility.

Furthermore, other relevant characteristics are the availability of an Islamic account for the gold and platinum plans and additional services like Free VPS, dedicated account manager, webinars, etc. The presence of a specific Islamic account can be considered good news for the forex brokers.

The table below (screenshot is taken from the investment firm´s website) details all the account types’ differences.

HFTrading Demo account

Trading tools for retail traders:

indicators like technical indicators can be of great help for retail traders. Also, charts can be of great use to help in predicting th market before it moves. The broker HFTrading offers a lot more than these two trading tools to its users, and it can ben very clearly seen that the broker is legitimate and provide helpful tools to the traders.

HFTrading Review: Range of Markets Offered

HFTrading broker, which is more of a cfd broker, offers access to hundreds of instruments from different markets worldwide; some of them count with high rates of volatility so that savvy investors can take advantage of these price fluctuations. The broker is user friendly in a lot of aspects.

Particularly, HFTrading offers access to five markets with risk going down more and up less in each of them. The most important instruments in each category.

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and altcoins)
  • Commodities (Metals included)
  • Forex
  • Shares
  • Indices

Below are detailed the most important features of each market and the most relevant instruments.

Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, this is one of the trendiest markets for investment. Furthermore, the huge media coverage and greater volatility of the instruments, the ability to trade the long and short side of a position, attract newcomers and veteran traders.

The market has a high risk of losing money. It is also considered volatile but also has a plethora of opportunities for the trader to earn money.


The broker offers the below-mentioned perks to its crypto traders.

    • Trading hours: 24/7
    • Spread: Floating
    • Leverage: 1:2

Commodities Commodities

This market is driven by supply and demand interaction and considered one of the most traditional plus risk-free. However, “traditional” doesn’t mean low volatility.

For example, in some sectors like energy, where many geopolitical factors affect the prices, the movements tend to be very strong, offering opportunities to benefit from.

HFTrading offers the below-given opportunities to its commodity traders:

    • Trading hours: Depends on the trading hours established by the exchange.
    • Spread: Depends on the instrument
    • Leverage: 1:125
    • Include metals such as Palladium, Platinum, Gold and Silver

Forex service provider:

Given the cfd broker’s volatility and leverage, trading with currencies is a powerful tool to diversify the investment portfolio. Additionally, the wide variety of pairs (major, minor and exotic pairs) help investors choose from a diverse basket of instruments. However, with forex, the risk persists.

The forex brokers promote a market of more than six trillion dollars as of 2020. there are many chances when the trader can lose money when trading forex, but a legit broker eliminates many of them.

Some features of this market offered by the broker are:

  • Trading hours: 24/5
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Spread: Vary depending on the pair. See the table below.


Share trading is also available through CFDs. Like Netflix, Apple, Amazon or Tesla, the most popular stocks are available with no additional commissions. Shares lower the market risk somewhat. It also requires the trader to be well versed with the market volatility.

There is a fewer chance of the trader where he or she can losing money when trading when they trade in shares.

Just as commodities, the stock market is one of the traditional markets. The instruments traded (shares) represent the ownership of a small piece of a company.

Through HFTrading broker, investors can benefit from the asset’s price fluctuations using the Contracts for Difference (CFD´s). Furthermore, the clients have access to American, European and Australian stocks allowing diversifying the investment spectrum.

Trade Shares

Some of the main features offered by the broker in the market are:

    • Trading hours: Depends on the stock exchange
    • Spread: As low as 0.21
    • Leverage: 1:50


Indices are a great way to participate in the overall market dynamics, which lowers the overall risk. Through the financial service provider, the clients have access to 17 indices globally.

They have the chance to trade the short or the long side of a position. Additionally, it provides leverage up to 1:125, where the clients can define the adequate position sizing. the chances where people lose money when trading are few with indices.

The broker offers a lot of perks to the indices traders. 

  • Trading hours: Depends on the exchange
  • Leverage: 1:125

Financial and trading instruments:


The broker offers CFD trading to its traders in almost all of its tradable assets. However, CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money and should not be used by a novice trader. Some people think that CFDs are a way for a broker to sell stocks to the trader, but that is not the real story. CFDs are complex instruments and should be traded carefully.

When the traders buy CFDs, they are betting on the price movement. Buying the underlying asset or not is a choice of the trader. This can practice seen in multiple markets, and non-traditional markets like share trading also work around CFDs.

Being a complex instrument, they can create havoc and increase risk in some extreme cases, but the right markets and with a combination of CFDs can earn the trader a lot more money.

Money-making opportunities lie in many other trading instruments, but CFDs and CFDs only hold the maximum soaking capacity.

Take a look at the website:

The cfd broker has a tailored website for all in terms of a good UI and a fast execution. There is no screen on the website that cannot understand.

Each section is neatly described, and the whole idea of cfd broker is clearly presented. The sole purpose of the website, as we could see, was to make a trader comfortable with straight facts and not one place had something that can be considered irrelevant.

How is forex trading on HFTrading?

The broker HFTrading offers the best environment for trading forex. The broker equips the trader with the best trading tools and equipment for trading in the most liquid market in the world. That’s the reason the broker has won several forex related awards in recent times, including:-

  • Best forex broker Austalia, 2020
  • World Finance forex awards, 2020

What is the best investment advice by one of the best stockbrokers, HFTrading?

The broker asks all its investors to have patience and seek advice from experts. The brokerage firm renders an honest opinion about the market and updates.

What is the phone number of HFTrading?

The phone number is +61 391139456

Which is the best trading platform on HFTrading?

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 is the best trading platform on HFTrading, which is also the best available in the financial market.

What does Australian Securities and investments do?

ASIC looks after the regulatory aspects of the HFTrading broker.

What is the min deposit?

The minimum deposit is $ 250.

What is the deposit requirement on HFTrading?

The deposit requirement is minimal. You need to have a bank account. Through that bank account, you can invest in the market. Also, a trader can use a credit card for the purpose.

What are the best retail investor accounts?

The best retail investor accounts are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Individually, every brokerage account caters to all the trading needs of a market player.

Is there any mobile app or other trading apps available on HFTrading?

Yes, you can trade through the mobile app, which is as supportive as a desktop. It packs all features.

Can a trader lose money when trading on HFTrading?

The chances are minimal if the trader has good experience in the market or seek experts’ advice. If you are losing money due to any reason, then it can be ceased by following the piece of advice.

HFTrading Review: Who Regulates it?

HFTrading is operated by CTRL Investment Ltd, a company that conducts business in New Zealand and Australia. Therefore, the Australian Securities is regulated, which is a financial market authority and Investment Commission and is also regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority.

Regulatory authorities’ presence makes it very clear to the traders that any instance where they could lose money when trading due to a scam broker is eliminated.

These two credentials give legal support to the brand’s name to execute their financial operation on behalf of the clients. Financial markets authorities are the bodies that regulate the broker, and their mere presence makes the broker more than legit and makes the risk take a dive. And as we can see here, there are two such bodies present with the cfd broker.

Customer service provider:

The customer support provided by the broker is out of the class. Each person sitting there knows what they are doing, which is the exact definition of customer support.

Trading terms and funding methods:

The cfd broker terms are good enough, and the funding methods include bank wires, Skrill, Neteller, etc.

The broker provides bank wire transfers and many modes to transfer the money to a traders account back and forth. The deposits usually take 2-3 business days, and the withdrawals take a little more than that since many different gateways and banks are involved.

Stockbrokers online trading:

the stockbrokers need online trading because they have spread throughout the world and need a platform to access from anywhere using the internet.

HFTrading Review: Deposit and withdrawal:

HFTrading cfd broker provides its users with the ability to deposit their funds without any fee in their trading account via the HFTrading client portal section with options like debit and the credit card and even via phone.

To make a withdrawal, traders have to fill in a request for withdrawal form, access through the broker Client Portal area. The broker further asks for details for the trading account, the required amount for withdrawal, some personal details, the preferred payment method, and the same details.

Get a callback from a trusted broker today.

Final words:

HFTrading is an investment firm and a cfd broker with more than competitive trading conditions in terms of spread and leverage. Many traders can find a suitable investment solution that meets their criteria. The risk of losing money is low. Additionally, the legal support of financial markets authority like ASIC and the NZFCA are credentials that reinforce the brand’s trust in the market.

Even a novice trader can start trading with HFTrading. The user interface is user friendly.

Furthermore, the investment firm provides a diverse universe of markets and instruments to choose from. It allows clients to create solid investment and portfolios to participate in several sectors and industries in the overall market.

Moreover, the different account types are suitable to meet the client’s criteria depending on their trading style (day trading or swing trading). In conclusion, HFTrading can be a legit investment firm. Given the competitive trading conditions, legal support and a wide variety of products, people can earn gains. With the right risk management and a correct portfolio, any trader can make good money with HFTrading.

Anyone can lose money when trading. It is almost inevitable, but the traders need to be careful while making their trades and legit brokers like HFTading play a key role in making the right trading decisions.

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