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Evolution is essential for human existence. The anatomically advanced human that we are today is due to the capability of continuously evolving. Humans rule Earth unprecedently, and it has come to the realms of possibility because they realised that. The cryptocurrency market in the form of currency evolution. The era of fiat currency has been going for a while, and it has witnessed several transformations over the decades. Even the transactions are happening digitally. The phase of COVID-19 has scripted history in those regards, and cryptocurrencies are taking over the world by storm. Bitcoin is the testimony that people, industries, and governments are coming to terms with the fact that digitalisation is quintessential to move forwards and upwards. The bitcoin guide takes you through everything that anyone needs to know before trading using it for the transaction. 

What is Bitcoin Trading Technology?  Know about Evolution?  

Using technology for the betterment of lives is the best use one can make out of it. Human intelligence should traverse, and with the same thing in mind, bitcoin entered the world of business and finance in 2008. A pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly created it. However, there’s no documented proof of that. It is not clear if there were a group of people who used the name. But it is for sure that the technology created revolution in the market which left everyone wondering and huffing-puffing. 

The cryptocurrency began to trade openly in 2009. It was the time its users opened it for use via open-source-software. 

No one controls bitcoins. So, it is completely a decentralised currency. Also, because it’s available through open-source, there’s no way one can manipulate them in their favour or mint as much they can. Governments have no control over them, and that’s why the controversy. However, given the recent times when tech giants like Elon Musk tweeted about bitcoin, it surged to no limits in days. So, that’s how you can call there’s a loophole. Although it won’t last long, given the past lessons and improvements by digital currency. There will be ways bitcoin technology will find to cast away such issues. 

It works on the peer-to-peer network. Thus, it does not require any permission from a central bank or any other entity for channelising itself. That’s the beauty. Anyone is free to use it at their will. No administrator or head is controlling the flow in the financial market. So, it also does not require any intermediaries. Hence, it is by, for and to the people. Bitcoin’s sole intent is to give the opportunity to those traders who didn’t have enough money for investment. 

What is Bitcoin? 

You can define bitcoin as alternate money or electronic currency, which provides an option that is safe and cannot be forged or scammed and takes a few seconds to transact. It is independent of any bank globally, and you require exchanges or brokers like ABinvesting, 101investing, TradedWell,  to trade it. 

If your broker is correct, then the rest of the things get easy for managing. Selling and buying seem like a meek job and earning profits. That’s the best part of trading cryptocurrency. Rigging, duping or losing your money at the hands of a charlatan is not possible unless you hand over the password. 

It eliminates middlemen, creates transparency, and shortens the fees charged while moving different currencies from one nation to the other. There are no additional charges that get into the fray. Millions of dollars of transactions are taking place among industries of different sectors, including jewellery, tech, health sector etc. Dell, Microsoft, and Expedia are some of the stalwarts in the market who have given bitcoin a thumps up. S, it tells the story of how easily the digital currency is moulding itself in the market. 

Is Bitcoin working on Blockchain Technology? 

It’s not an exaggeration to call bitcoin the bedrock of blockchain. The cryptocurrency has made it renowned across the globe, with safety features and trading capabilities. By creating a spread of networks on computers situated in a plethora of countries, blockchain technology ensures that the wall of safety remains intact and powerful. It is wired in a way that no other technique can compete it. This is the superiority that makes bitcoin trading even more attractive. 

It reduces several risks associated with trading, winning the confidence of people. Blockchain stores data in blocks. Once the data gets filled, the blockchain connects with the previous block. It continues, sine-die. 

In the case of bitcoin, it is used in a way that no single person has control over cryptocurrencies. And the whole game that we look at around us is sealed by the very technology. 

How are Transactions verified on Bitcoins?

Network nodes are behind the verification process of bitcoins. Cryptograph has a crucial part to play in it. Everything gets recorded in the public-ledger distribution. So, the process is transparent as a mirror. That ledger is known as blockchain. 

How are Bitcoins Created?   

Creating a single bitcoin is a strenuous process that requires the acumen of logics, expertise in mathematical calculations, besides talents and skills in computer programming. The process is rewarding and is called mining.

 A bitcoin miner needs to have a super-fast computer at their disposal that can solve every type of mathematical equations and problems. The limitations for mining is that there are 84 million bitcoins available, and after that, there would be none. 

So, initially, when the mining took off, it was easy to extract bitcoins. However, as time progressed, teams of programmers work in tandem and take profit sharing. Simultaneously, the rate of bitcoin has surged exponentially, regardless of expectations. 

Bitcoin Timeline 

Acceptance of bitcoin did not happen overnight. It had its shares of challenges and struggles, which helped it to establish itself in volatile and uncertain markets. After starting the journey in 2009, not everyone suddenly started investing or accepting it. The first adopter, receiver and contributor to the numero-uno cryptocurrency was Hal Finney.  Finney downloaded its software during the day of its release, and his name became engraved in history forever. The pseudonym Nakomato himself rewarded him with ten bitcoins as the maiden transaction on 12th January 2009. 

Comparing it with today’s scenario, Finney would have had enough money. The cost of a single bitcoin on March 18, 2021, reached USD 58,715. 

In 2010

If we look closely, the involvement of Nakomoto remained only until mid-2010. After that, there’s no documentation available. Also, owing to the conflict of interest, the creator left the stake and surrendered all bitcoins in public view. 

In 2011

Satoshi allegedly told one of the contributors to have moved from contributing to bitcoins. Interestingly, it gave hopes to other creators, and several cryptocurrencies started emerging during the year. A non-profit organisation and group like the Electronic Frontier Foundation started to accept the digital currency for exchange in January 2011. However, it did not continue for too long, and the procedure got terminated in June 2011. That was disheartening but a learning curve for the creators and contributors.  The citation was the legal acceptance of the currency.

The legality turned it down several times. However, the growth and popularity remained unprecedented. 

Notably, in June 2011, renowned organisations like WikiLeaks came in support of bitcoin. It gave it the required boost. They accepted it for seeking donations from the public. 

In 2012

Bitcoin got featured in one of the shows of CBS legal drama that garnered eyeballs. For accelerating the growth of bitcoin and its transactions, Bitcoin Foundation got a launching pad. The intent was to promote and protect the open-source protocol. The effort materialised as folks soon started finding solace in trading. It was the time of September 2012. 

The high point was when BitPay reported that around a thousand traders or merchants started accepting bitcoins for transactions. It was a winning situation for bitcoin. It was the breakthrough moment when WordPress, a leading website builder, started validating and transacting with bitcoins. 

In 2013

This was the breakthrough year when a reputed exchange like Global TradeATF reported that USD 1 million worth of bitcoins were sold in a month. That sent a ray of hope among millions of financial traders globally. The cost of it was the US dollar 22/ unit. Suppose anyone who bought several during that time and didn’t sell any until now is a billionaire. The past eight years have seen a lot of ups and downs, and looking at the current day and age, no asset in the world has climbed so high. 

And it is not that bitcoin did not have its shares of controversies. The year 2013 so several of them. However, it edged past those limitations and went ahead to make a mark for itself, undeterred by issues and facing challenges right, left and the centre. 

In the same year, the University of Nicosia started accepting bitcoin as their fee for tuition. Along with that, other financial institutions came along and started doing the same. It further boosted the confidence of other traders and investors. 

In 2014

Gaming development company Zynga started accepting bitcoins, looking at the technology boost and benefits oozing out of it. Several hotels and casinos joined the caravan in the US. Thus, bitcoin’s popularity snowballed, and it was just a matter of time. 

In 2015

Shattering the previous records, bitcoin amassed a record of USD 75 million worth of sell on an exchange. Not just that, the number of merchants accepting the best digital currency crossed a hundred thousand. 

In 2016 

Interestingly, it was a high point when the Japanese cabinet accepted bitcoin for transactions in their parliament. 

In 2017 

Now, it was a remarkable year that witnessed a record high in bitcoins. The number of businesses worldwide transacting through digital currency increased manifolds. Even Mexican exchange saw a sound 1500 per cent hike in the bitcoin sale. The demand of cryptocurrency sprouted. The active traders online jumped quite high, which left some experts gasping for breath. 

In 2018

The year wasn’t helpful for bitcoin traders as several countries like South Korea imposed sanctions on its usage due to anonymous trading. Even online payment app like Stripe put a hold on transaction bitcoins following the dip in demand. So, the entire year did not go well as per investors’ choice. Several cited the rising fees and slow speed as the reason for non-acceptance. 

In 2019

Notably, in 2019, there were around 5,457 ATMs for bitcoins, and traders could transact through them. Spain, the USA, Austria, the UK, and Canada were the countries with the highest number of ATMs. 

In 2020

This remained the most unforgettable year in the history of bitcoin. Something unprecedented happened. When the globe was battling the menace of COVID-19, bitcoin aimed at the highest peak ever. When all stocks, commodities, currencies and other financial market domains were failing, companies were halting, and operations ceased, bitcoin emerged stronger and displayed its might. 

On March 18, 2020, the price of bitcoin was USD 5413.34. It touched USD 59,047.70 a year after, on March 18, 2021. See exponential growth. It is more than 10 times. That is the capacity. And it is showing a continuous surge. Going by its gigs and theatrics, it will soon touch USD 100,000. 

Even on December 31, 2020, bitcoin was at USD 28,990. So, it has more than doubled in less than three months. So, you cannot predict how much is it going to inflate or rise. 

In 2021

Right from the commencement of the year 2021, bitcoin cast its spell and continued the surging spree. There’s no stopping it, and the way several nations are modifying their policies regarding the acceptance, it is the best go-getter that can buy and become wealthier. If not the whole bitcoin, they can invest in small amounts. 

Best Brokers For Bitcoin Trading 

Brokers pave the direction to reach and transact bitcoins. However, picking the right brokerage company is a headache. However, there are some terms, conditions and situations that require mindedness by a trader. 

A broker should comply with investors’ needs, and if it does not do that, it is not the correct choice. However, ETFinance, Global TradeATF, InvestLite, 101investing, ROinvesting and PrimeFin are the best brokers that are ruling the chart as far as cryptocurrency trading is concerned. 


Interestingly, you do not need blockchain wallets to trade in bitcoin with ETFinance; that’s the biggest advantage of trading with the brokerage company. You can easily trade CFDs and enter the cryptocurrency market. Also, regulations are tight here, and the safety measures are uptight. 


The broker offers you a customisable profile, which is a fit for every trader. You can decide on your tools, features and characteristics before trading in the cryptocurrency market. The availability of CFDs and great platforms enable you to trade bitcoins easily. 


Without losing your trading speed, you can trade on bitcoins. It is a massive bonus. Also, you can get real market experience by trading on demo accounts. The broker charges no commission, and spreads are also low here. 

Global TradeATF

The brokerage company provides advanced technology tools, global charts, real-time breaking news, trading maps all in one place for bitcoin traders and admirers. You can own the opportunity by grabbing the best deals in the cryptocurrency market. 


It is one brokerage firm that is laced with cutting edge technology as far as cryptocurrency trading is concerned. You can trade bitcoins through CFDs. Also, the trading account is a perfect match for any buyer who has some funds and is willing to earn.


The broker is the official partner of renowned football club AC Milan, and that establishes as one of the classy cryptocurrency brokers. It is enticing to trade with it. You only need a verified account to trade here. So, there’s no question of late trading. 

What are the Best Tips for Bitcoin Trading? 

Trading bitcoin requires patience and understanding of the market, and you cannot succeed in the market without applying strategies. 

Learn about the bitcoin market 

The bitcoin market is rich with fluctuations and volumes. You can check the history and see how trading bitcoin changed in the past year. So, do not step into it without learning and grabbing the required information. 

Do not invest larger amount initially 

Enthusiasm is good, but you must tone it down and take small steps with meagre investments when trading bitcoin. Investing more funds without garnering knowledge amount to losing them. So, take your time and trader wisely. 

Hold for a little while 

Patience and perseverance are the biggest virtues of a trader. Thus, do not rush if you are a newbie trader. Hold your asset and see how the market reacts to certain factors. You will learn the nuances and then proceed. 

Create a strategy 

Going without the plan will call for risks and losses. So, create plans. Follow the bitcoin market closely and see when is the best time for investment.  

Apply stop-loss

For averting perils related to funds, use a stop-loss. It prevents you from paying attention to the market activity. Moreover, you can get the target when the time arrives. 


Bitcoin trading is not about intuitive trading but intelligent one. You should be aware of the market theatrics, features of brokers like ABinvesting and others, transformation and volumes in the cryptocurrency for starting it. Focus on the market and see how things are changing with the digital currency, factors influencing it and reaction of market players to it. These are essential traits.


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