A Complete Guide To Stock Trading Strategy

Stock Trading Strategy

Investing in the financial markets has always scared every beginner, and you are not alone in this; there are many. Traders begin their trade with small investments in the markets that they feel comfortable with. However, most of them go for either the stock market or the forex market. Here, we are going to understand stock market trading and the stock trading strategy that helps traders invest successfully. 

The stock market is the traditional trading manner where traders buy and sell the shares of a company to make money. Investors trade in the stock market in a disciplined manner to have an efficient trading experience. The stock market traders get the ownership of shares with voting rights and residual claims on their earnings which are in the form of dividends and capital gains. The most strategy traders use is day trading. It is the most following strategy among the stock traders. Day trading has the huge potential to serve the traders. 

Investors buy and sell the shares in the stock market, which works through a stock exchange. The market demand and supply move the prices of the shares, with other fundamental factors impacting the company’s market position. Companies are listed on the stock exchanges and have liquidity along with capital fluctuations. 

Stock Market 

The financial instrument that traders hold and represent the company’s stock’s ownership, providing traders with a proportional claim on the assets and earnings generated, are called stocks. Stocks of a company are also referred to as shares or equity and are of various types to trade. 

In the stock market, traders purchase the shares of a company when the company issues the Initial Public Offering (IPO) at a certain price. The company issues the shares in order to expand their business, produce more products, or for other reasons of business growth. 

Traders then purchase the shares in units like $10 per share and hold them till they find a good market opportunity to sell. A trader uses various methods to have a profitable investment. For this, they analyze the market, research and study, take the help of online brokers such as investBY and ABIvesting. They are proved to be great trading platforms. The trading platform help traders earn from investing in shares. Moreover, traders enjoy dividends provided by the company as extra income. Thus, investing in stocks is a good idea if done with proper risk management and research. 

Types of Stock Market

The stock market is basically divided into two types of shares, equity and preferred. Traders invest in the two types of shares to get good market returns. However, knowing their trade and the benefits traders can enjoy is essential. As this impacts the plan and stock trading strategy that a trader is going to apply. 

Equity Shares are also known as common shares as they have a combined market value and trade volume, which is higher than the preferred shares for trade. The shares have many advantages for the investors as they can have voting rights; thus, the shareholder can attend the corporate meetings of the firm. 

In addition, traders get dividends over the shares purchased from the company. The company gives a dividend to the shareholders from the revenue they had earned from the shares trading in the stock market. But, equity shareholders do not receive a fixed dividend and are therefore termed as residual shareholders. 

However, they do have a drawback compared to preferred shares; the shareholders of equity shares are considered the last ones to be paid in case of liquidity of the company. 

Preference shares are the opposite of equity shares and do not offer the shareholders the right to vote in meetings of any kind, such as the annual meeting or the auditor’s meetings. 

Although, preference shareholders are paid on a priority basis in case of the company’s liquidity. They are therefore termed as preference shares as they are preferred over equity shares. Moreover, the dividend paid to preference shareholders is fixed. Thus, having some major advantages of stock trading. 

Why do Companies issue Shares to trade?

Starting with giant companies altogether is not easy; traders have to begin small to reach the heights. We have noticed several companies that have introduced themselves in markets with a small financial investment and within a few years become the largest companies. 

For example, if we talk about Facebook, the company was an idea that Mark Zuckerberg had, and he designed the software in his Harvard University in 2004. The company has grown and reached every corner of the world by now and even changed its name to Meta recently.

Thus, the company used various sources such as stock markets to create money. Today the market value of the company is high with an increased share market. The amount of capital that the company required was generated from selling the shares or debt financing. 

Traders find debt financing problematic due to the fact that they have to pledge their assets. So, to avoid this, the companies go for stock trading, which is a convenient way of creating capital. 

How Stock Market Operate?

Trading in the stock market requires funds and market understanding as there are risks associated with the financial trades. To have a successful stock trade, investors analyse the market and set their strategy. But, before having all these understood, a trader has to know how the market works to use the right stock trading strategy

In the stock market, the companies issue their shares via listing their shares in the stock exchanges. The stock exchanges are the secondary market where the shareholder’s bargain or deal with other potential investors. However, they do not buy or sell the shares on a daily basis. 

So, the traders buy the shares from exchanges that are sold by other investors and not from the company directly. Similarly, the sell also takes place from other share buyers and not from the company. 

In addition, traders can also go to the over-the-counter market where they can buy and sell shares without involving any exchange. Although, these are not regulated and have the risk of trading. The companies listed are those which are rejected by authentic exchanges and do not meet the criteria mentioned. 

The shares, once traded, are then monitored by the investor using a stock trading strategy. But how do traders know the price set for the stocks in the market for trading using strategies? 

The prices of shares are set in several ways, the most common being the auction process. In this process, the buyers and sellers place the bid and the ask price to trade. Here, the bid is the buying price, and the ask is the selling price that the investors want to go with. When both the prices collide, a trade takes place. 

Similarly, there are many other ways to trade stocks at the price of the market. Demand and supply play an important role in stock trading. 

Stock Trading Strategy

Trading in the stock market requires the use of several stock trading strategies that enhance the trade and give a better prospect of the market. There are many popular stock trading strategies that are used together or one to achieve the desired goals. Depending totally upon the shareholders which they would prefer for trading. 

However, shareholders should consider their lifestyle, personality, resources available, and stocks traded before selecting the stock trading strategies. Here, we have discussed some of the essential stock trading strategy that is most commonly used in the stock market. 

News Stock Trading Strategy

The news trading strategy of the stock market involves reading news and market information before it is published or released in the market. For the use of this strategy, traders need to be skilled and aware of their environment. They can go through social media platforms, follow the market movements, companies’ market position that traders are interested in, etc. are significant for news trading strategy. 

Based on which traders have to make quick decisions and take action to be successful stock traders. 

Investors of the stock market can keep the given points in mind for proper use of new trading strategy: 

  • The markets and their news are different for each entity 
  • The impact of news is different on the companies of the market 
  • There should be a specific stock trading strategy for news releases of the market
  • Market changes and expectations are necessary than the news 

End-of-day Stock Trading Strategy

When the shareholder’s trade near the closing timing of the stock market, it is called end-of-day stock trading. Near the end of the day, such shareholders become active, and they have an idea about the price of the stock being settled or closed at the end. To use such a strategy, shareholders have to study the price action compared to the previous day’s price. 

Traders of end-of-day strategy usually speculate on the rise and fall of the stock price. Thus, deciding which indicators to use for the trade, they should have risk management using the stop-loss, limit order, etc. 

The strategy requires less time for the day traders as they only have to study the charts for this. 

Swing Trading

Swing means the movement of the trade instrument being traded on both sides in the financial markets. The traders of such a strategy buy the stocks when they see a rise in the market price of the stocks. In contrast, they sell stocks when there is a downfall in the market. 

Swing trading strategy is a popular stock trading strategy through which traders take market advantages using oscillators. The price swings back and forth, making overbought and oversold situations which help swing traders make their decisions. This swing trading strategy is technical and analyses the price movement of the stocks. 

It uses charts, patterns, and analyses of the movements of price, providing a bigger market view of the stock. In addition, these give traders an idea about the support and resistance level, identify the market trends and momentum of increase and decrease within the swings. 

Day Trading 

A day trading strategy is a trade where the shareholders invest in the stock market for a few hours or minutes. Traders of such stock trading strategies may hold multiple market positions. Shareholders, however, in day trading mostly speculate on the price increase and decrease of the stocks. 

The day trading is short-term and can generate high profits if utilised properly. The investors begin the trade with the start of the stock market and close with the same. 

There is no overnight risk involved, and day traders can invest as per their wishes. 

However, it is highly risky as well; therefore is used by professionals and experts of the stock markets. Day trading needs quick decisions made by the day traders to not miss the opportunity and earn from the stock market. 

Trend Trading 

A famous stock trading strategy where the shareholders follow the market trend for investment. It is a technical strategy that helps traders study the price movements of the stocks similar to day trading. Traders analyse the market and do not have a fixed view; they determine the market direction first by research and tools and then invest in the increasing trend. 

However, traders should be alert as the trends change quickly and may have the risk of loss. For this, they can use the stop-loss and limit order techniques to avoid uncertainties of the stock market. 

There are many trend trading tools that can be used for analysing the market and have desired profits. 


A short-term trade strategy where the investors have to hold the market position for a minute or an hour maximum. It is similar to day trading but does not hold a single position throughout the day. Instead, scalpers speculate on the stock prices and quickly gain small profits. 

In scalping, traders have small trades and profits, which at the last turn out good market profits with so many trades placed in a day. The scalpers are really quick with their decisions and study the market thoroughly before trading. A professional with years of market expertise uses the scalping strategy

However, traders should know that it also has a high risk as traders can lose if not taken the right decisions. 


Stock markets have volatility and risks that make it difficult to trade for beginners and professionals. For which the shareholders use a stock trading strategy along with analysis tools and market indicators to have a profitable investment. There are many strategies like scalping and day trading that could be used in the stock market in daily life. 

In the article, readers will find the best stock trading strategies they can apply after the market research and analysis. However, there are other strategies as well which are not mentioned above and could be used for earning from the stock market by day traders or others.