Day Trading Guide 2022 : How to get started?

Day Trading Guide

Gone were the days when the only means of trading were stocks, traders held positions for the long term with the aim of generating good returns. But the time has changed now, millennial traders want everything fast and quick, even the profits. One such way to get quick profits is through day trading.

As this strategy is great for getting quick returns, but using it necessitates a good understanding and expertise. Once you have learned all these, you’re all good to start your trading journey by just opening an account with a good brokerage platform such as InvestBy.

What is Day Trading?

Day trading is the practice of buying and selling financial instruments within the same day. Day traders typically trade stocks, options, futures, and currencies. They do so using leverage, which is the practice of using borrowed money to increase one’s potential return on investment.

Day trading is a risky practice, and it is not suitable for everyone. Before deciding on day trade, it is important to understand the risks and potential rewards. Day trading can be a profitable activity, but it can also lead to losses.

Day trading requires knowledge and experience. It is important to have a solid understanding of the financial instruments you are trading, as well as the market conditions. Day traders also need to be disciplined and have the ability to control their emotions.

If you are thinking about day trading, it is important to speak with a financial advisor to ensure that it is the right decision for you.

How did Day Traders Operate?

It is not a simple task to earn high profits and needs a lot of background work, analysis, and research. Traders keep looking for the financial market activities, price changes, technical and fundamental factors to make the right prediction. For working in the market, day traders have to possess certain qualities to be experts in the trade. Here, we have them listed below for easy understanding: 

  • A significant quality that day traders need for working in the financial market is knowledge and expertise. Trades have to know the fundamentals of the market for a profitable trade. Moreover, they should keep researching of dynamics of the market with the technical factors. These help them manage market volatility.
  • The next essential thing for day trading is capital. A trader cannot do anything without funds to invest regularly. The day trade is for a day with multiple or even one market position, therefore, a huge amount of capital is required for investments. If a trader goes with small capital, they may end up losing or with fewer profits which won’t be satisfactory for a day trader.
  • The traders know their risk capital and have a high-risk tolerance level for trading. Day traders may even borrow money using the leverage option for high market positions. However, they need to be confident in their market analysis and decision.
  • Blueprint of the trade is vital for a day trade; this helps the traders know their risks. Traders should use day trading strategies for a correct and profitable investment. There are different types of strategies that day traders can use for a worthwhile investment.
  • The next important thing for day trading is the discipline of the trader. Any field needs traders to be disciplined with proper and regular investments. If a trader is not disciplined, then they may end up in losses.
  • Today traders have the best possible technical support for a good investment with technical advancement. There are online brokers such as InvestBy, trading tools, trading platforms, trading accounts, etc. 

With so many advances, a trader will definitely fail; however, they keep these points in mind when they go for a day trading

Prerequisites of Day Trading

Day traders need several inputs before going into the market; the paragraph discusses the main focus points of the trade for achieving the desired results. There are three essential things that we all need to know before we jump into trading: 

Day Trading Terminologies and Technical Analysis 

We have heard that day trading is a complicated task to master; no one can acquire the skills that easily. Traders have to be professionals with years of experience to make a change in the trade. A good day trader is someone who has the ability, education, and confidence to make money. 

For knowing the trading terminologies and technical analysis, traders can read articles, books, e-books, webinars, and videos that could be watched to enhance their knowledge and be updated with time. With technical knowledge, fundamental knowledge is necessary for an effect. 

The knowledge is possessed, but traders also need to practice, make strategies to execute the trade. So, they can use the demo account facilities of brokers for a favorable trade. 

Keeping the terminologies in mind and technical analysis on point day, traders can definitely earn from their market investments. A supportive trading account, spreads, commission, leverage, customer support, etc., add up for a confident broker. 

Day Trading Strategies 

The trading is incomplete without knowing the trading strategies.  They help traders have a flexible trade as the financial markets are highly volatile. Here are the best day trading strategies that traders can use: 


Scalping is the strategy that helps traders achieve more in little time. Traders use the trading style for getting quick profits from the small market fluctuations. The day trading strategy includes scalping for the traders who are good with their market understanding and are eager to make high-volume trades for small profits. 

The strategy of scalping has traders who have a disciplined and strict exit strategy. The scalpers are required to exit the market quickly as the fluctuations of the market can make the profits turn into a loss in no time. Thus, scalpers can be good at their trade if they use proper tools. 

The day trading strategy has several options such as live feed, direct access to the trading platforms via online brokers, and the stamina to trade frequently with multiple positions for a profitable trade. The trade lasts for a few minutes or an hour maximum. 

Swing Trading

A trader with the motive of small profits from the trade can use a swing trading strategy. The trading technique provides traders with small profits within a short-term trend of the market. These are frequent trades, and if done correctly, traders can have huge amounts of profit within less time. 

Swing trading is a short-term profit strategy that requires a lot of effort from the trader, background research, and analysis for achieving the goals. The traders hold the market position in swing trading for hours, weeks, or a month maximum. They study the charts and patterns that form the market swings and execute their trade. 

A profitable strategy if traders are quick and know the market well for proper entry and exit timings. 

Trend Trading

Trend trading strategy or trend following is the easiest day trading strategy that helps traders earn profits from the investment. The traders analyze the market to understand the trend of the instrument traded. The price direction that the instrument has and it will continue to have in the near future is what describes the trend. 

A trader can use the trend trading for small market investments or for the long term depending on the trader. With various trading tools, investors analyze the market and predict the prices of the instrument. This gives them an idea of the market movements in the future and what could be done for earning. 

If suppose, the market trend is in an upward direction, and traders feel this will continue for some time as they hold long-term market positions. Whereas in a downtrend, investors go for small investments with speculation. However, if the market is showing sideways movements traders can make an exit or trade in a small position if they want. 

The upward movement of the trend is called an uptrend, and the downward is called a downtrend. 

Range Trading

An active trading strategy where traders identify the range of the market to buy and sell the instrument. The range trading strategy of day traders is useful for earning good market profits within a short term or a long market position. The investors analyze the market and decide the range to invest in. 

The scale on which traders decide the range is from zero to a hundred. If the range shows the instrument at 20 or below, it is an oversold market position, whereas if the range has 70 or above, it is an overbought situation. According to the market situation, traders make their investments and can make good profits.  

In addition, traders can decide their entry and exit points in the trade. 

Skills and Practice Required For IntraDay Trader

Perfection is not something that could be achieved at once; traders need to practice and polish their skills for the end results they have thought of. Beginners of the trade should practice in the market with the facilities of the brokers; they cannot simply read and trade. Losing money is more painful than investment, so traders must practice. 

Traders can use their intellectual understanding of the market, day trading, and strategy for getting the correct reaction at the right time. Thus, traders are able to execute their trade in real-time with ample opportunity. 

Practicing is the key for day traders to be disciplined and successful traders. If the market, its components, and fluctuations are known, traders can have the experience they have been thinking of since the start of their trade journey. 


The market experts who want quick profits go with the day trading. They analyze the market, make strategies, do backtesting, and research for a profitable trade. It is a day’s financial trade with small investments and high profits. 

The trade is for minutes, hours, or a whole day sometimes depending on the strategy and instrument the trader is investing in. It is a risky process and requires experience, practice, and knowledge to be successful. With online brokers’ help, the trade could be simplified. They provide trading tools, trading platforms, and analysis tools that make it feasible. 

Day trading is a good market technique that we have discussed, and traders should consider the above points for a good and profitable trade.