Top 6 best Forex Brokers in South Africa 2022

best Forex Brokers in South Africa

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt. The triggered job losses have triggered people of South Africa to turn traders and earn their livelihood. The proteas have always been intelligent traders, and more so after the outbreak of the deadly virus. They know the right usage of brokers and strategies can get great money in return for small investments. Finding the best forex brokers in South Africa might be a critical task for traders amongst the thousands of brokerage firms in the market. Brokers like Global TradeATF, HFTrading, and ETFinance are ahead in shaping up their legacy. 

Find out some of the best brokerage companies below and start trading in 2022 and beyond. 

Best Forex Brokers In South Africa

1. HFTrading

Any broker that gives you vibes of profits by looking at the website itself is HFTrading. When you land here, you know profits are lurking. The anticipation stands true by going through its records that have an immense number of happy clients. The broker stormed into the market in 2019 and, ever since, climbed the ladders up. Thousands of clients are witnesses of the upsurge. 

The broker is technically sound and visibly equipped to provide all features that can benefit customers. It is offering myriad opportunities/ You can reach the new trading pinnacle by aligning with CFD assets with HFTrading. From the foundation of the EU to the frontiers of NASDAQ, you can benefit from various markets and processes. 

Specifications of HFTrading

CTRL is the parent company of the broker. Moreover, the broker is registered in both New Zealand and Australia, regulated by top authorities in respective countries. A trader can access accounts like Silver, Gold, and Platinum as per the requirements and demand of the time. 

Various types of trading on HFTrading

The broker is accessible through a few gateways, including web browsers, desktop trading, and mobile trading. All these afford you speedy connection, intuitive interface, customized asset selection, and trading terminal. 

These handy characteristics are the soul of HFTrading. 

Best features on HFTrading

You can discover top horizons by trading on 300+ CFDs on vast assets. The highly functional terminal and dedicated support team add up to the trading experience. 

  • Spreads start from 2 pips. 
  • Execution is high speed 
  • Maximum FX leverage is 1:200
  • The process of registration takes only 3 steps, which is time-saving. 

Award-winning financial broker

Awards won by the broker substantiate its potential in the trading market. It is among the best service providers that you can find in the financial world. 

  • World finance forex awards 2020
  • World transparent broker 2020

These are the few awards. 

Education arena:

Knowledge works to strengthen your workforce and show you the light of success. HFTrading has several options and materials that enlighten you and give you a reason to succeed in the market. 

  • Articles 
  • Courses
  • VODs
  • Ebooks
  • Tutorials 

These are some beacons of hope for traders from different walks of life. 

Trading platforms

The broker has three trading platforms that can help market players in conquering the financial market. 

  • MetaTrader4
  • WebTrader
  • Mobile App

Best features

  • Data security and operation transparency
  • Accessibility 
  • Ample market range and approach
  • Trade automation
  • Analytical tools

2. ETFinance: Best Forex Brokers In South Africa

If you are keen to find a broker that walks the talks, then ETFinance is one for you. It delivers on your expectations and fulfils your desires to earn quick gains in the market, mitigating the risk of losses.  The broker is the official sponsor of the BC Real Madrid, and that goes to show the responsibility it has mended so far for its clients. The association with such a big club is testimony to the truthful accordance. 

The broker came into existence to provide ambitious people with the benefit of financial markets. It envisions creating a firm foundation that can help clients through its cutting-edge technology in investment. 

Key specifications of ETFinance

  • Magnum FX LTD is the parent company of the broker. 
  • The registration number of the broker is HE 360548
  • It works under license number 359/18.
  • CySEC is the regulatory body that looks after all its activities and averts undue risks related to traders. 

Products offered by ETFinance

The brokerage company takes an interest in multiple assets and instruments like metals, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, indices, and ETFs. Each of them has a graph that requires deep study and the online web portal assists you in hitting the nail. That’s the beauty of the brokerage firm, and these characteristics are drawing traders like magnets to it. 

The broker guides you with expert advice and tells you which asset to sell and buy. 

Education material on ETFinance

The broker is perfectly on point when it comes to adoring the education part. It is a superlative feature of the ETFinance that gets wealth coming without a drop of a hat. 

You can enrich your financial trading information by reading articles that snoop on daily changes in the market. There are videos, webinars and tutorials, and much more material that hinges on daily news and updates for graphical interpretation. Also, they are designed for everyone. From a veteran to a newcomer, everybody can seek advantage from it. 

Different account tiers

Irrespective of the experience you have in the financial market industry, ETFinance has all remedies to your trading skills. There are around five account types, including Professional and Islamic. The primary accounts are Silver. Gold and Platinum. They all render features that are painted with hues of profits and gather the attention of clients

Customer care support

You can reach executives whenever stuck and without any time delay. The broker has an extensive network and team that relentlessly work for you to resolve all query with a satisfactory answer. That’s how it keeps everyone happy and on their toes. You can contact them through email id [email protected] 

Phone Number: ‍+8006 003 7004

Live Chat 

Message option 

So, you can contact the online web portal in more than one way, which opens doors of communication. 

Trading platforms

The broker banks upon three fine trading platforms, namely, MetaTrader4, WebTrader, and Mobile App. All accounts and conditions support them all. So, it eases stress and creates an environment of relaxation.

  • One-click trading
  • Multiple technical indicators 
  • Security and safety implementations 

3. Global TradeATF: Best Forex Brokers In South Africa

The broker is a shining star in the dark sky. It is keeping the faith alive in these pandemic times for South African buyers and sellers. How seldom does it happen that a brokerage company works so closely with its subscribers and goes to any length to profit them. 

The trading platform is in your favor highly and supports the needs. 

Specifications of Global TradeATF

  • Bayline Global LTD is the parent company.
  • The registration number is SC517838.
  • The license number is 000188/91
  • The regulatory body is IFSC (International Financial Service Commission)

Best education system on Global TradeATF

The broker sees no ends when it comes to delivering the best information coupled with the latest doses of bulletins. You never miss out on knowledge of trading. That’s where the broker Global TradeATF steps in and empowers all its subscribers. You find a plethora of options surrounding it like articles, tutorials, VODs, webinars and other courses and ebooks from veterans and trade pundits. 

You get updated all the time and learn things that are not usually available to normal traders. Hence, there’s always an extra edge above competitors. Also, you have the power to speculate and know the trend. Hence, prediction becomes easy, and you can invest in the market at the right time. So, that’s the biggest benefit you can read through it. 

Trading accounts on Global TradeATF

You can start your journey through the Silver Account, and after gaining some experience, move on to the Gold Account followed by the Platinum Account later on. The transition should be seamless and must cover all your requirements. If you know that, then profits are a formality. 

Trading platform on Global TradeATF

As one of the best brokers, it uses three top trading platforms, which are MetaTrader4, WebTrader and Mobile App. Their features are enough to assist you to make most of your investments. You can find several analytical tools and then succeed in the market. 

Customer support of Global TradeATF

The broker provides some of the best executives for resolving the issues of all traders. You can call them, chat, message and email. These options are relevant for all market players. 

4. Saxo Bank: Best Forex Brokers In South Africa

The broker is one of the fastest-growing and leading brokers. Currently, it is trading in around 120 countries and catering to thousands of traders worldwide. The broker is offering thousands of financial trading markets, several instruments and assets for all traders. 

The broker has been continuing its innings since 1992 in the market and going strong. However, barring a few interruptions, it has shown good growth. 

Trading Accounts of Saxo Bank

The broker primarily has three trading accounts that are Classic, Platinum and VIP. Besides, there’s a demo account on which you can practice your moves before going for real-time trading. It assists in knowing more about the broker and market theatrics.

Commission on Saxo Bank

The broker does not charge any commission. However, there may be some hidden charges later on. So, a trader must look into that matter. 

Trading fee

You can pay it through spreads, and there are other ways available as well to traders. So, as per convenience, people can choose their method. 

Minimum deposit 

The minimum deposit is USD 10,000. So, it makes for only rich folks or traders. Thus, beginners will have to stay away from trading.

Trading platforms on Saxo Bank

It might slightly disappoint you that the broker uses in-house platforms; SaxoTraderGo and SaxoTraderPro. Both are not easy to use. You’ll have to learn them with precision. 

Education and customer support

Both education and customer support are satisfactory with aids to your knowledge bank. 

5. Pepperstone: Best Forex Brokers In South Africa

The brokerage firm is the trading portal belonging to Pepperstone Group LTD. The broker comes with the feature of ready-to-trade. Hence, it does not consume much time and delves deeper into your thought process by delivering what you want from the market. The broker trades CFDs, global shares, cryptos, forex, and many more to say the least. 

You can check the live prices of all assets and strategize before pitching your bet on any assets. 

Account opening on Pepperstone

You have to follow a three-step process for giving yourself an opportunity to trade in one of the most prolific arena of financial markets. 

Minimum deposit

You have to make a minimum of USD 150 and start trading. That’s quite less compared to several competitors. 

Trading Platform on Pepperstone

The online trader has some of the finest platforms, including MetaTrader5, MetaTrader4, and CTrader, along with Mobile App. 

Customer support and education

You get immense information through articles, VODs, webinars, ebooks, and other materials that help in exercising the manifestation of your trading skills. It enhances them. So, does the customer care system here. Executives are well-spoken and have good information to impart through phone, live chat, email id, and messages. 

Specifications of Pepperstone

  • The broker got into trading in 2010. 
  • ASIC regulates it
  • Address:- Level 16, Tower One, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3008, Australia. 

6. IC Markets: Best Forex Brokers In South Africa

The broker is prominent for its innovative trading offerings and is equipped with some of the most advanced trading tools. It is an online trading hub with more than 14 years of experience in the market. A trader can start quickly on it and make money in the nick of seconds by listening to the ideas of experts on the brokerage company. 

Account opening on IC Markets

The broker takes lesser time in creating accounts for its traders. All you need is a few documents, and work is done. 

Trading accounts on IC Markets

It has some of the best trading accounts like cTrader, Standard, and many others. Also, you can seek the services of a demo account and check how can you better your experience in the market. 

Trading commission

Surprisingly, you have to pay commission here. However, some of the best brokers do not ask from their subscribers these days. 


A professional trader has the luxury of 1: 500 leverage on trades. Thus, the magnification of profits is inevitable. 


The broker is registered in several countries, including Seychelles and Cyprus.  Hence, it has multiple registrations and license numbers. Also, several regulatory bodies are keeping a tab on its activities. The broker found its inception in 2007. 


These are some best forex brokers in South Africa. If you want to trade in the market, it is essential to pick up brokers that are suitable in South African markets. The brokers like Global TradeATF, ETFinance, and HFTrading, investBy are the best in the market because they offer optimum safety and security on every move you make. Plus, they comply with multiple regulatory authorities, have license and registration numbers. Features are characteristics that are highly conducive to traders. So, you can choose them for trading.