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TradeATF is an online trading broker quickly taking over the world of existing brokerage companies. One of the reasons for the success is innovative ideas and the ability to adjust to the changing norms. It is still in the infantry steps and finding the grounds of loyalty and trust. And now, it has the challenge to exhibit to its contemporaries. Interestingly, the online trading portal is among the top forex brokers globally. Also, it is one of the best offshore brokers in the financial market.

Some Parameters

In any trading market, the importance of a broker is incredibly high because its services help in profit-making. One with excellent instruments, tools, features, lesser fee, pieces of advice, and exceptional hold top slot in the market. It is the responsibility of a broker to generate revenue for its clients through comprehensive guidance. The article will answer and review matters like how to trade forex with Global TradeATF? And how to trade stocks with Global TradeATF?

What is TradeATF?

The brokerage platform finds its establishment in the year 2013, and since then it is witnessing an upward trend. It is operating in European countries. It is a regulated broker by regulatory authorityBelize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) license No. The firm is registered with the financial body under license number 60/322/TS/19.

The firm operates under Bayline Global World Ltd. and Bayline Trading Limited. The former one is based in the UK, and the latter one is headquartered in Belize City. The minimum deposit scheme by the regulated broker lets even people with less investment put their money in the market.

A summary of TradeATF Trading Platform

  • HQ: Cyprus
  • Regulation: IFSC, CySEC
  • Trading products: Indices, currencies, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies
  • Spread start from 0.6 pips
  • Trading Platform: MT4
  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Minimum Deposit: 100 Dollars
  • Customer Support: 24/5, multilingual
  • Account Types: Silver, gold, and platinum
  • commission: Zero
  • Leverage: 1:500

Is Trade ATF Scam? 

The question is valid and appropriate when people are putting their money on a stock, commodity or forex exchange. They are relying on a brokerage platform to justify their faith. And given the hacking and cheating, such scams can play the spoilsport. One must always check legalities, registration address, and licenses. It is crucial that the broker is regulated by at least one top-tier authority to facilitate safe and secure trade.

Is Global TradeATF legit?

 The broker is regulated by two top authorities; the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). It also operates as Bayline Global World LTD.

The company has its license number (60/322/TS/19) and is operated under the trading name of Bayline Trading Limited. A license substantiates the authenticity of a firm and a website. To verify it, one can visit the official website and check it himself/herself. After this, there is no stress and the question of scam remains.

Global TradeATF Review:  Trading Account Types

The broker offers three types of accounts primarily that take care of traders need. They categorise investors in different parts as per their experience and capacity of investments. Silver Account, Gold Account and Platinum Account are the following categories. All have respective advantages and features. Moreover, there’s an Islamic Account specifically designed for Muslims. Also, a Professional Account fulfilling the needs of traders with adequate funds to supply in the market.

Also, the categorisation will happen based on investment and requirements. Traders with the Platinum category will get better facility as they are professionals and veterans in the field. They can manoeuvre during the restless hours of the market. Tips, hedging, leverage, learning and options to investments are higher in it.

The trading account types makes trading CFDs easy for market players.

While in Gold and Silver choices are lesser. Gold still has some original features that of Platinum, but the Silver has little less. With such discrimination, some traders feel disheartened. It steals the measurement of equal platform and opportunity for traders. Hence, those with better financial prospects will always be at the end of the fortune. All accounts come with the account manager.

How to Open an account?

The account opening process of TradeATF forex broker involves a three-step process:

  1. Sign-up: Here, one has to provide some personal details like name, email, and create a password for the account.
  2. Minimum Deposit: This step included depositing funds via the most convenient deposit method.
  3. Trade: right after verification of the account, start trading!

The process of registration should be comfortable so that any interested candidate. A platform should not ask unnecessary questions that delay the proceedings and put pressure on people. It should only ask for personal details like Name, address, bank account, email id, driving license or passport for verification. Besides phone number or landline number verifies the integrity of a person. The broker does the same and quickly creates an account for trading. TradeATF login and account opening process seems pretty quick and easy to facilitate.

So, it scores high points in this regard and becoming a favourite of investors who want to start trading.

Demo Account 

Before starting a new thing, everyone is susceptible to changes that come with it. Also, in stock trading, commodities and other trading mean spending a hefty amount of money. Not everyone can afford that. On the other hand, without preparation or knowledge, chances are more people losing money.

A demo account on this platform prevents any harm. Beginners or even veterans can try their hands on it. The space has similar features and tools compared to the original one. However, one cannot deposit the funds. Else, one can practice all characteristics and achieve mastery on all of them. And then subsequently switch over to the main account. One can spend as much time he/she wants to for gaining the information. One can also learn about the Islamic account here.


For competing, some exciting options and offers are always rewarding. The reach explodes exponentially, and investors get revitalising experience. Both parties agree, and it pushes the business, bringing in the investment. But the platform does not boast of any such opportunities. It seems a little disappointing considering it is a new space.

The theatrics of bonuses help in popularising the game of trading among people last in a queue. Incorporation of the idea can help the company in the long run.

What is the minimum deposit of TradeATF? 

When people try a new thing, the minimum deposit for investment is a way forward. In that sense, the platform is seeking a minimum deposit of 100 dollars. For a beginner, deposit requirement seems slightly more of a task. Someone who is trying to step into unknown territory, that amount can deny them access. So, keeping it around Euro 50 would help newbies to delve into it and allow the economy to grow.

TradeATF Review: Good Leverage

Leverage gives proof of concept about a platform’s empowerment. the broker has that in plenty. The leverage ratio goes up to 1:400 and suffices European laws. Clients who leverage have a bigger chance of minting colossal money. With the least of the investments, they can put a stake on a more considerable asset. The leverage can make or break the fortune of an investor in moments. If paid attention minutely, this risk is worth taking. Again, the importance of brokers plays an important role here. A mistake can swipe all the hard-earned money without any intimation.

TradeATF Review : Trading platforms

The broker offers similar to several popular financial service providers, the broker is using MT4 and Web Trader platforms to offer the best services. More user-friendly are the working spaces, and better are the chances of traders sticking to them. So, in that case, TradeATF is getting things right in place. Besides, Webtrader is another option that is pushing the agenda. It enables to optimise as per the customer’s need. It honours the receiver, and they do not look for other servers. The company passes the test with flying colours. The broker offers exceptional trading software.

The common trading platforms have immense software support that aids in trading.

Pros of trading platforms: 

  • Core MT4 functionalities
  • User-friendly interface and smooth navigation
  • No limitation on strategies
  • Instant market notifications and price alerts
  • Multiple language support
  • Supporting trading tools
  • Social Trading
  • Works on mobile, desktop, and web

Global TradeATF: Web Trading Platforms

The MT4 offered by the broker is a web trading platform while one can also install it for desktop trading. Web Trading with the broker si relatively smooth and flexible. You do not need any high-end technical and computer skills. All you would require is fair internet connectivity and a browser. There are excellent charting functions, effortless navigation and interface.

Global TradeATF: Mobile App Trading Platforms

The mobile app platform is available for both Android and iOS. The application offers highly personalised and customised trading options with multiple timeframes, charting options, and a wide range of analytical tools and educational material. TradeATF app download is free. It serves all professional traders.

Global TradeATF: Customer Support

Any elite class forex service provider is well aware of how important the set-up of the call centre is. Getting someone on board is vividly simple, but sustaining that client for a while is too tricky. People have plenty of options, and the internet is making it possible. So, a mistake is not a mistake but a twitch in a relationship of a giver and the taker. The excuse takes the user to another place. It is all due to poor service or the call centre experience.

Also, mere a reply or solution is not the thing, but swift resolution and the on-point response is quintessential. A product has become as good as the guarantee or warranty that comes with it.

Thankfully, a broker has significant customer care services where executives work relentlessly. Traders can connect them through email id, chatbot or live chat and via call. All options are viable and troubleshooters. However, preferably, one must choose chat options above anyone. The technicians are smarter and give quick solutions. Also, the waiting time is nothing or lesser. Here are the contact details of the broker available on the website:

Global TradeATF: Digital Sponsorship with Argentina FA

A company becomes famous when renowned brands associate with them. The collaboration with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) is a big deal. To crack dealings with 127-year-old and one of the world’s top soccer teams is an achievement. It got felicitated by Fifa on 1st July 1912. Since then several famous footballers have represented them including Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Both are a jewel in the crown of the soccer federation and enjoy a fantastic fan following.

The digital sponsorship furthers the criteria and standard of the site. It establishes faith among traders. The Global TradeATF trading platform by Bayline Trading LTD

Global TradeATF: Commission and Fees

The trading costs associated with broker are pretty low. The broker renders commission-free trading and earns majorly via spreads. There are high discounts on rollover fees and swap charges.

Global TradeATF: Zero commission

Traders look for ways to save their money, and a zero commission scheme suits their business. Any platform that lends them the support gets lots of traction. TradeATF is one of them. It does not charge any commission from its clients and let them do a transaction, bidding and selling freely.

It helps in cost-cutting and traders do not have to get tensed about spending on extra charges.

Global TradeATF: Low Spreads

The lower spreads are a key for minting huge money in a short duration. The idea sprouts from allowing people to make huge profits through low investments and minimum risks. The company provides 0.03 low spreads.

Global TradeATF: Trading Assets

The Global TradeATF broker offers a wide range of trading assets in the different market like forex trading and CFD on Currency pairs, Stocks, Cryptocurrency and different assets in the different financial markets. The broker’s website provides all information regarding all the different trading markets. The assets offered by the platform from different financial markets. CFD trading offered by the broker is the best trading experience. The leverage offered by the broker on Forex Trading is the best in the market.

The following trading assets come with tremendous features:-


  • It allows CFDs for bitcoins and thirty other digital currencies
  • There is no commission
  • Receive real-time breaking news
  • Do not need to mine cryptos
  • Rely on global maps and trading charts


  • CFDs for corn, oil and twenty other commodities
  • Cross-platform trading allowed
  • Full twenty-four hours access to the market
  • No commission charges applied

Metals :-

  • CFDs for gold, silver and other precious metals
  • Full 24-hour access
  • No commission charged
  • Keep track of the latest updates and news
  • Extremely market resistant


  • Access more than 45 currency pairs for trading
  • Opt for global forex charting packages in financial markets
  • Trading foreign exchange is conducive
  • The forex broker lets you use CFDs for trading
  • There’s protection available for your account balance
  • High leverage facility
  • Trading conditions are better than any other forex brokers

Stocks: –

  • CFDs applicable for stock markets
  • Trading conditions are supportive to trading instruments
  • Automated trades while trading stocks
  • Beneficial for experienced traders
  • Involvement of bigger companies like Amazon and Apple
  • Available on various devices like desktop,

 Global TradeATF: Education and Research

One of the major advantages of trading with the broker is that it offers a wide range of research and educational material. There are various learning tools and material regarding forex trading and other trading markets. The courses are based on the trading level you opt for. The utterly customised educational material help traders enhance their knowledge and skills righteously. The material includes:

  • VODs
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars

For research purposes, more than 90 analytical tools are rendered by the broker. Apart from the tools, there are other essential elements like Economic Calendar, Report Season Calendar, Trading Signals, and Daily News. Research tools comprise an essential part of trading as they help traders make the most profitable trading decisions and at the same time, decipher the precise entry and exit points in each trade.

Global TradeATF: Deposit and Withdrawal

Since the broker is regulated, it directly complies with the money management rules. This means that the funds of the clients are safe and are always rendered protective measures. The broker offers a wide range of payment methods. The forex brokers take utter consideration of facilitating trade and transactions with safety. The broker charges no fees in both deposit and withdrawal of funds. At the same, the withdrawal is pretty quick too.

Major Currency pairs

For trading into the forex world, TradeATF offers GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, CHF, JPY and other currencies. These come with investment advice from experts of the trade. Also, the brokerage company reminds you of the trending pairs without charging any trading fees.

Pros of deposit and withdrawal mechanisms: 

  • No withdrawal or deposit fees
  • Easy and swift transfers
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Encrypted and safe payments

The Payment methods for funding and withdrawing run the business of trading. Multiple channels exhibit the ability to transact and leaves an impression about a platform. In those terms, the brokerage firm is above average.

Bayline Trading Limited: Among leading forex brokers

The broker is a sublime part of the top financial company Bayline Trading Limited.

Here are some payment platforms options of deposit and withdrawal available with the broker:

  • Bank Wire transfer
  • Netteller
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Skrill

Why go with TradeATF Trading Platform? 

There are various ways in which TradeATF stands out in the market. Here is a summarised list about every reason why you should choose the trading this platform as your financial service provider:

  • We mentioned that the broker id highly regulated. Brokers regulations are rendered from top-tier authorities like CySEC and IFSC. High regulations help in the facilitation of safe trade with the safety of funds.
  • Apart from high regulations, the broker renders high-end security features like Firewalls and SSL to encrypt data and transactions at every level of the trading process.
  • “TradeATF global”, as the name suggests, offers trade in various regions around the world. It is one of the top-most choices of many traders in various countries. Looking at the stern laws and regulations in countries like South Africa, TradeATF South Africa complies with the laws in the most obedient way offering lawful trading services.
  • The broker provides commission-free trading and charges the trader via spreads. Spreads start as low as 0.03 pips. Moreover, there are withdrawal and deposit fee imbibed by the broker. We can say that broker offers low-cost trading.
  • The broker renders an advanced set of educational and research material that is regularly updated. One can access the tools and material without any extra costs or charges.
  • The broker exclusively believes in enhancing the profits and skills of its clients. That is the reason, it provides a free demo/practise account that lets traders trade and apply strategies without losing any money. This way, one can prepare and practise before going live in the market. The broker also provides an account manager with every account type.
    Get a callback from a trusted broker today.


This was a detailed Global TradeATF review. All in all, TradeATF is a forex broker with advanced and updated trading services at low costs. The quality trading offered by the broker can be seen in its expansive range of analytical tools, education material, and a wide range of assets. The broker obliges to the regulation with supervision from top-tier regulatory authorities like IFSC and CySEC for safely trading instruments.

It also debunks the myth of scam brokers. The maximum leverage option gives liberty to express in a broader market. Also, the customer support system guides in every sequence of trading.

The main highlight of the broker’s service is its swift and smooth functioning on both the web and mobile trading. Even inexperienced traders have only exact matches. Every account type serves the requirement of market players. That is what many famous brokers still lack. But TradeATF proved out to be an exception. The broker offers the best trading to all the investors and traders in the fx market. So, invest money with the help of the online portal in different realms of markets.


What is the parent company of Global TradeATF called?

Bayline Trading Ltd is the name of the parent company.

Is there any relation with the Hoch Capital LTD?

There’s no relation wth any trading trading platform or account.

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