How to Use Trend Lines in Forex? Best Trading Guide 2021

Trend lines

The financial markets are of various types and are huge in themselves, so for a trader to invest their capital in such markets is full of risk. They have to study, analyse, plan and use several strategies to have a successful trading experience. The forex market is part of the financial markets, which is wide […]

Oil Prices turns down as China intervenes to tame soaring coal prices

Oil Prices turns down as China intervenes to tame soaring coal prices

Oil prices fell after China’s government said it was looking for methods to bring down record-high coal costs and that it would ensure coal mines were operating at total capacity as Beijing sought to alleviate a power deficit. Brent crude settled at $85.08 a barrel, up 75 cents from its previous close. West Texas Intermediate […]

Growth investing : A Step-by-Step Guide for growth investing 2021

Growth investing A Step-by-Step Guide for growth investing 2021

Growth Investing is the way of investing in which traders target stocks of new companies. These stocks will perform well in the future. If you’re ready to bear risk, you can purchase growth stocks. Here we provide you with the complete details about growth investing and how to perform that. In addition, you can learn […]

China Evergrande pays some due of bonds to people

China Evergrande pays some due of bonds to people

The onshore bond coupon due on China Evergrande Group was paid on Tuesday. Sources on the pretext of anonymity said that. It has come during the possible offshore default that would have taken place due to the cash-strapper developer. Evergrande’s flagship unit Henga Real Estate Group, has paid the funds required to pay. It was […]

How to Trade Divergence to Earn Money in Forex 2021

Trade divergence

Divergence is an important part of forex trading. Traders who want to become the expert of forex trading need to learn how to identify and trade divergence. This should be one of your essential tools due to their individual momentum, which comes into the prime trend and shows a chance of trade reversal while the […]

Dow Jones futures drop 23 points after a winning week for most U.S. index futures

Dow Jones futures drop 23 points after a winning week for most U.S. index futures

The U.S. stock index futures remained almost unchanged due to overnight trading on Sunday, ahead of the best week for major indices. The Dow Jones industrial average fell by 23 points. Nasdaq 100 futures lost around 0.2% and S&P 100 declined 0.1%. All major averages performed more than expected in the previous session but now […]

Learn To Invest Money In Small-Cap Stocks And Make Profit

Going to invest money in small-cap stocks? Learn how to invest in small-cap companies stocks. Check here the Advantages and features of Small-cap stocks. Click here.

To invest money in small-cap stocks, you need to learn how these stocks behave. And What factors affect them majorly. So here we discuss some major points which you have to keep in your mind while buying small-cap stocks. But before that, we will start from the beginning with What is small-cap stocks to clear […]

Dollar Set To Decline After 5 Weeks, Yen Hits Lowest In 3 Years

Dollar Set

The US dollar on Friday was heading toward its first fall in 5 weeks against its competitors. It will be declining from its one year high. The traders are looking at the decision of the US Federal Reserve to throw their hat in triggering the price raise.  The dollar index changed slightly on Friday, reaching […]

Top 10 Best Forex Brokers in Kenya 2021

Best Forex Brokers in Kenya

Forex trading requires brokers to execute your transaction as no one can directly deal with the foreign exchange market. Before we discuss the top 10 best forex brokers in Kenya, let us get an overview of what forex (FX) and how forex trading is done. Forex (FX): An Overview Forex is a global marketplace where […]

Oil prices hike amid expectations

Oil prices hike amid expectations

Oil prices hiked in the early morning of Thursday. It reversed all losses faced by traders during previous days. It happened following the expectations that the high demand for natural gas may drive its prices to reach higher, and people might switch to oil heating use during winters.  Brent crude reached USD 83.46 a barrel, […]

Technical Analysis and Chartism – Overview

Technical Analysis and Chartism - overview

The financial market is quite huge and requires traders to analyse the market well before investing. But is analyses and study of the market enough to trade, or are there other perspectives that would be required to be looked at?  Yes, is the answer: the massive trade market needs a handful of tools to be […]

Netflix sued by South Korean broadband over ‘Squid game’

Netflix sued by South Koren broadband over Squid game

One of the biggest blue-chip companies, Netflix, has been sued by an Internet Service Provider in South Korea. It is asking the entertainment company to pay for the costs of surged network traffic along with the increased maintenance caused by the US firm’s content ‘Squid Game’.  The matter has been escalated after the verdict by […]