How to Make Money Online In South Africa For Free – Top 20 Tried, Tested and, Trusted Ways

How to Make Money Online In South Africa

If you are one of those who are in endless pursuit of ways to make money online in South Africa for free, then you have come to the right place. We have curated an article specially for you to give a kickstart to your online income with just an internet connection and a device.

The Covid pandemic and ongoing recession changed the employment landscape of South Africa, leaving companies no choice but to cut staff. The unemployment rates are through the roof, making people surf the internet in search of lucrative opportunities.

There­ are many ways to earn extra mone­y online in South Africa. This guide will show you 15 top options. Let’s ge­t started!

Best Ways to Earn Online in South Africa

Gain Financial Fre­edom: Top 15 Online Money-Making Ide­as for South Africans

Earning Money Online in South Africa: The Be­st 15 Options

Best Ways To Make Money Online in South Africa
Empowering Financial Independence: Best Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa

Best Ways To Make Money Online in South Africa

Here are some proven ways to make money online in South Africa:

Create Websites for Small Companies

1. Create Websites for Small Companies

If you are not technically qualified, then choose the web builder to create the websites for clients within your company. These platforms can help you build beautiful websites in a very short time. All technical aspects are managed through the Platform.

Your job primarily involves creating content for the website once you have collected information from your clients. It is also possible to add content from the Web Builder and modify the layout to suit clients’ needs. It’s essential to make sure to confirm with your clients beforehand if the website-building software is suitable for them.

Possible Earnings

Website building can easily help you make around ZAR 38,340 per month.

Start a YouTube Channel

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Most of us know about YouTube 🙂 This website is being used as a platform for videos, tutorials, and anything related to entertainment. You could also start by simply shooting or uploading videos from mobile phones with a stable internet connection, but if necessary, we suggest you use a camera that is more accurate.

Some famous YouTubers earn millions every year! I know. That’s the potential of creating good quality content. There is more money on YouTube than you can possibly imagine.

Possible Earnings

Income from YouTube is generally based on the total views you get on your videos. Per 1000 views,

Think of having many web addre­sses. You could buy them and sell the­m later. This is called domain name inve­sting.

Here’s a cool fact: Elon Musk bought in 2014. The­ cost was 11 million dollars!

Amazon Kindle Book Publishing - Sell ebooks

3. Amazon Kindle Book Publishing – Sell ebooks

Kindle makes writing and publishing an eBook simple. You could either create your own book or have somebody else write it. It is very easy to buy Kindle direct from because there is no publisher to help you with this.

Amazon provides a platform for writers looking to create their own identity. Kindles are an excellent way to create an additional income stream.

Possible Earnings

On average, authors get 13% of the retail price.

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Sell products through online marketplaces

4. Sell products through online marketplaces

In some cases, online markets have been used for successful brand development because they have incorporated consumers seeking specific items and services like Facebook marketplace or Amazon Marketplace. Amazon is an online marketplace where consumers can buy products from the world-known designers, makers and retailers for more than a thousand dollars.

It’s quick and easy because sellers don’t have to be pressured to drive their own business and develop a brand.

Possible Earnings

Your earnings will depend on the product you sell on Amazon. Per unit margin will decide the profit for you. But Selling products on Amazon is a very lucrative way of making money online in South Africa.

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affiliate marketing (1)

5. Affiliate Marketing

Having good traffic to your site will help you get started in affiliate marketing. With time, you can also write specific content to increase your affiliate link income. First, it’s necessary to choose the niche. Now, create a site. We suggest using web-building software to achieve the desired result. Now, find high-paying affiliate link and create content around that. Now, all you need to do is market your links and create conversions.

Possible Earnings

There are affiliate programs that give you up to 60% of a single sale. So find one and start earning

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Selling Videos and Stock Photos

6. Selling Videos and Stock Photos

Do you have an artist in you who likes to take pictures? If yes, then you can generate a decent income just by putting that interest of yours into work. The times we live in today have a power-packed camera in the back of our smartphones. If we know how to put that into work, we have one of the smartest ways to earn money online in South Africa.

There are a lot of websites that offer to sell stock photos. You can access platforms like iStock, Shutterstock and Getty to sell photos. Selling photos is a great idea to make extra money online in South Africa in 2024.

Possible earnings

You can potentially earn ZAR 1,000.00 per sale.

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Start a dropshipping business

7. Start a dropshipping business

Drop Shipping is an economical business model based on direct deliveries from manufacturers to consumers by direct suppliers to consumers. It is a common way of making money online for beginners, you don’t require inventory or transportation.

Possible Earnings

With a successful dropshipping venture, you can earn up to ZAR 10,000.

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Answer Online Surveys

8. Answer Online Surveys

Many people ignore other people’s opinions. Nevertheless, organisations such as brands and organisations want the opinions of people and always seek to know. You, as a brand, can use this information to determine the product decisions of consumers.

The pulses tell a company when it’s time for the product to be introduced, if not for the consumer. Websites that offer pay-for-its-as-a-service surveys include Swagbucks, BoxDollars and MyPoint. It has a good amount of time that can be spent on surveys that are simple.

Possible Earnings

With online surveys you can earn up to ZAR 1000 per online survey site done.


9. Transcribing

Try audio transcription if you speak English well and are a good listener.

Transcribing is the process of recording sounds. There are online transcription jobs that pay by the number of words or the length of the audio. Depending on your level of productivity, this will change. Transcribing is a great side hustle to make some extra money.

Possible Earnings

Potential fulltime income from transcription services ranges from ZAR 150 – ZAR 900.00 for each audio minute.

Review Websites

10. Review Websites

One of the best and easiest ways to make money is to review websites. It is like you give your feedback about the website, what you liked, what you didn’t etc. It is a great way to generate some extra income.

The websites of businesses throughout the world need user input. As you make money online, your ideas might affect how businesses improve their products. User testing is a common strategy used by many companies, such as HP, Samsung, CBS, Adobe, and others, to enhance their products.

Possible Earnings

With online reviews, you could easily make in the range if ZAR 10 – ZAR 1500 or more.

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Livestream on Twitch (or other platforms)

11. Livestream on Twitch (or other platforms)

While the most popular streaming site is Twitch which provides a variety of live streaming services, a number of other online services offer live streaming, such as YouTube. All of your favourite games can be watched live on YouTube. This niche is getting increasingly popular nowadays.

Hone your niche to build audiences around your special skills or interests. It’s possible to monetise your live stream through Twitch through many different methods. By reaching your audience, you will have high success rates. Intensive efforts to provide consistency for content creation. The time required to complete the order differs from the provider of streaming services.

Possible Earnings

Top Twitch streamers around ZAR 10,00,000 per month.


12. Selling Services on Fiverr

There is a new trend where people are more and more interested in freelance jobs. It’s free to open Fiverr accounts. So, you select the services you wish to promote, and you create ‘Gigs’ with images, descriptions, and prices. Wait until you get the order! A platform where you advertise your gigs is helpful for ranking higher in the market.

Possible Earnings

You can earn extra cash anywhere between ZAR 7500 – ZAR 50,000, depending upon the services you choose.


Buy and Sell Domain Names

13. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Domain names are simply an Internet address. These domain names registration can be done without paying hefty fees, but premium names can also be profitable when sold. The trick here involves using search engines and looking out for domain names available with commercial value. After you own website domain name, then comes selling these for use on relevant sites like or

Possible Earnings

A single domain can help you make money anywhere between ZAR 5000 to ZAR 1,00,000. Imagine owning multiple domain names and selling them.
Fun Fact: Tesla owner Elon Musk purchased in 2014 for $11 Million.

Sell Handmade Items Online in South Africa

14. Sell Handmade Items Online in South Africa

To start with, your task is to determine the types you want to create. You can begin with some easy ideas such as jewellery and cards. It’ll take some skill to use it! We suggest you promote the items on a website or other online platform in South Africa.

Once your business has become established, you can start establishing a website or eCommerce store to sell your goods directly to customers.

Selling things online is a great business model to create a steady flow of online money.

Possible Earnings

With a high-traffic website, you can earn ZAR 5000 per month easily.

Virtual Assistant

15. Virtual Assistant

Similar to freelancing online, freelancers are offered virtual assistants on freelancing sites such as Fiverr. In order for remote jobs to become more common, you must apply directly to employers. Becoming a virtual assistant is something you can easily start and start earning money.

Possible Earnings:

The average base salary of a virtual assistant works online in South Africa is ZAR 9,695.

16. Start Translating- Become a Translator

South Africa has many languages, which means there’s a big demand for people who can translate. With more and more things happening worldwide, the need for translation is growing. You can translate into local languages like Zulu, Xhosa, or Afrikaans or into international ones like French and Spanish. Doing translation work online is a flexible way to make money.

Possible earning

The earning of a translator in South Africa is around R 9 884 per month

17. Get into Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular in South Africa, providing a fresh opportunity for investing and making money. South Africa is even considered one of the top 50 places for crypto in the world. What’s great is you can start trading with just R100 using platforms like Yellow Card.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies have other uses beyond trading. With stablecoins like USDT, you can keep your money safe from inflation and even earn extra cash from changes in prices.

Possible earning

Depends on the trading volume.

18. Make Money by Listening to Music

Like watching videos, you can earn cash online in South Africa by simply listening to music.

There are websites and apps that will pay you to listen to music and give quick feedback on the songs. Some might even pay you just to spend time enjoying the music.

19. Investing Together in Real Estate

Crowdfunding me­ans collecting money from many people­. It helps finance real e­state projects. You revie­w project details first. Then you choose­ which ones to fund.

Different proje­cts need differe­nt money amounts. If you don’t have much to invest, you may not buy into many home­s.

Before investing in a crowdfunde­d real estate proje­ct, research thoroughly. Consider pote­ntial good and bad outcomes. Then decide­ if you should invest.

20. Blogging

Blogging changed from a fun hobby to a gre­at way to make money online. If you cre­ate cool content and get loyal re­aders, you can earn money from your blog through ads, working with brands, and affiliate­ marketing. Plus, using newslette­rs and eBooks can help you make more­ money.

Good Things About Making Money Online in South Africa

Good Things About Making Mone­y Online in South Africa

No Investment Ne­eded

You don’t nee­d money to start earning online in South Africa. All you ne­ed is an internet conne­ction and a plan to grow in you.

Advantages of Making Money Online in South Africa

Advantages of Making Money Online in South Africa


You don’t need any investment to start earning money online in South Africa. All you need is a strategy to grow in your respective field. Also, an Internet connection 😛


One of the perks of working and earning money online is that it provides you the flexibility to work. You can work according to your will.


Working online gives you the freedom to work from the comfort of your house. You don’t need to dress up and show up at your workplace. Dream of working in Pyjamas? No worries, you can work however you want. By following the right strategy, you can be your own boss.

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My Story to Generate Money Online in South Africa

After trying numerous ways of making money, I found my way to making money online by learning from successful entrepreneurs in South Africa. My goal was not to invest but also to create a sustainable income for myself, so I started with just a laptop and an internet connection. My interest always lies in different niches. I experimented with various niches like technology and sustainability.

My key to success was creating a strong social media presence and mastering SEO. I outperformed my competitors in search results, driving targeted traffic to my site. Ad revenue brought in steady cash.

Google updates were my nightmares. After their update in 2022, I had to adapt, rebuild, and start again with my online store (eCommerce store). One crucial lesson I learned in my journey of making money online was being consistent. Just be consistent without thinking much about the traffic numbers, profits or ad revenues.

You need energy, perseverance, and common sense to make money online. Combine these with quality content, and you can succeed in South Africa or anywhere else.


You have read the article, and now you know the ways to earn money online in South Africa. So coming back to the question that you had before reading this article. Is it possible to earn extra cash online in South Africa?

Definitely. But there is a catch.

People generally end up thinking that online income is some passive income generation gimmick. If you want to be a successful online entrepreneur, then you need to treat it like a real deal.

There is a lot of research that might go into the initial phase of your online income generation plan. But, once you have the idea and narrowed down on the work you want to start, then it’s all about momentum. You need to be consistent.

Note: There are a lot of internet scams and MLM schemes going on nowadays. Beware. Make sure you don’t put your hard-earned money in the hands of scammers.


How to make money online on Amazon in South Africa?

There are many ways to make money online on Amazon in South Africa. You can sell wholesale merchandise on Amazon FBA, Become Amazon affiliates and influence conversion.

How to make R2000 in a day?

You can make R2000 in a day by selling products online. These products can be purchased from websites such as eBay or Gumtree.

How to earn money from TikTok?

You can make money online from TikTok by:

  • Selling directly on TikTok
  • Earn money through a partner program.
  • Creating video promotional materials to showcase your business products.
  • Using TikTok ad campaigns to increase traffic.

How can I make money online in South Africa?

Online blogging and video trading in 2024 are the best ways to make money online in South Africa.

How can I make money fast online in South Africa?

Online blogging in 2024 is a great way to earn extra cash online or money online in South Africa.

How can I make money fast online legally in South Africa?

There are a lot of ways to earn money online legally in South Africa:

  • Use websites which offer a wide variety of ways to make cash online.
  • Make use of Affiliate Marketing
  • Make money online by watching videos
  • Earn through music
  • Freelancing online tutor

How can I make money online?

If you find a piece of trash lying around your property, you can sell that stuff for extra income. Take a look. Sell unused gifts. Make music and earn royalty.

How can a 15-year-old make free online money?

Ways to earn money online in South Africa for a 15-year-old:

  • Watch videos or advertisements for a profit.
  • Play video games and livestream them.
  • Get paid for reviewing music.
  • Tests of the product.
  • Selling items on an online ecommerce website.
  • Filling Online Surveys.
  • Be an online tutor

How can I make money online fast and easy in South Africa?

There are many ways to gain quick cash in South Africa. The service includes transcriptions of audio videos, analysis of mobile apps and websites and conducting your own online business e-commerce surveys or online tutoring. These can all start in just a few hours and allow you to earn quickly in few weeks.

Can you make money online with no money?

You have a lot of different options for money making. You can create an online business presence and make money by promoting affiliate products and services. You could also offer a consultancy or trainer and charge.

What is the best way to make money online in South Africa?

You can easily start earning money online by following ways:

  • Affiliate marketing Business.
  • Royalty through music.
  • Online tutoring
  • Create online course and sell it
  • Kindle Publishing
  • Blog Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online Surveys
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