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TradedWell is a new and expansive online trading platform helping you to attain greater heights in the arena of trading. Also, the broker offers trading on more than 170 cfds (cfds are complex instruments) with fast execution speed. Its ultramodern trading platforms are compatible with both web and mobile.

TradedWell is a trading brand of the renowned iTrade Global Cy Ltd. The entire website of the broker is operated by itrade global cy ltd. It is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The broker has license number 298 16. The headquarters of the firm is located at Limassol, Cyprus.

The financial service provider is an excellent gateway. The broker is offering many attractive services in an affordable range. Let’s look at the brief information on the overall deposit charges, additional money required, features, and basics of the brokerage firm in the tradedwell review.

Basic information related to broker

  • Headquarter: Isiodou, Andrea Laskaratou Emanuel Roides street 10-12, 2nd floor, Ayia Zoni, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus
  • Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • License Number: 298/16

Features offered by TradedWell

  • One-click trading execution
  • Speedy mobile trading
  • Education courses including articles, VODs, webinars
  • The regulated financial provider
  • Customized trading terminals
  • Not a scam as exchange commission CySEC monitors the firm’s activities
  • Advanced trading analytics
  • Free demo account
  •  Intuitive interface
  • Automatic stop-loss
  • Multilingual support
  • dedicated account manager
  • leverage: 1:400/500
  • live chat feature
  • Automated trading
  • More than 170 cfds (cfds are complex instruments) for trading
  • Minimum deposit $250

Trading Account Types

Tradedwell is a new brokerage firm, still, it offers are retail and professional account types in platinum, gold, and silver accounts. Let us look at the account types in detail.


  • Firstly, the maximum leverage offered for the retail account is 1:30
  • Secondly, the maximum leverage offered for the professional account is 1:400/1:500
  • Hedging
  • Swap discount 50%
  • Customized investment news
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fifth decimal
  • Free VPS
  • Available currencies: GBP/EUR/USD


  • The maximum leverage offered for the retail account is 1:30
  • The maximum leverage offered for the professional account is 1:400/1:500
  • Hedging
  • Swap discount 25%
  • Customized investment news
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fifth decimal
  • Free VPS
  • Available currencies: GBP/EUR/USD


  • The maximum leverage offered for the retail account is 1:30
  • The maximum leverage offered for the professional account is 1:200
  • Hedging
  • Customized investment news
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Available forex currencies: GBP/EUR/USD

Professional Account

The professional account provided by the broker offers more opportunities and a large-view trading experience for professional traders and investors. Priority access to services and products is rendered in the pro account for clients. Significantly higher leverage is offered for CFD trading (cfds are complex instruments) in all kinds of assets.


  • Hiked up flexibility: For every trade order in forex, the broker offers leverage up to 1:500 and low stop-outs.
  • The broker provides consistent and rapid execution of orders.
  • Professional clients and traders get expert support and assistance from the personal service account manager.
  • A tradedWell professional client gets access to the VIP education section, covering the newest and most authentic education material for traders. This education section will help professional clients get an edge in the market.
  • One can also enroll in contests with a professional trading account.

Free Demo Account

The forex broker renders a free demo account for traders to practice their skills and strategies before going live in the market. The free demo account of the broker offers the same features like the live market and lets traders place trades without loss of any actual money or capital.

Trading platform 

Access the entire financial market with just one click through advanced, efficient, and secured trading platforms offered by the broker. The desktop trading software can work with any browser. Meanwhile, the two primary platforms provided are:

1) Web Trader

2) Mobile apps

1) Web Trader platform

Key characteristics of Web Trader

1) Firstly, Full synchronization

2) Secondly, a wide selection of charts

3) Moreover, Trade mode alternatives

4) Furthermore, Dynamic analytics

Application features of Web Trader

1) Real-time balance level

2) Multilingual support

3) Inherent platform support

4) Automatic Stop Loss/Take Profit functions

5) Live chat

6) One-click account switching

7) The full history of trades

2) Mobile app

It includes the efficient and globally accepted MetaTrader 4 mobile app.

Key characteristics of MetaTrader 4 Mobile trading app

1) Trading on just one-click

2) Seven different timeframes

3) Wide choice of technical indicators

4) Market events and news

5) Automated trading along with manual

Application features of MetaTrader 4 Mobile app

1) Firstly, customize your online trading habits

2) Secondly, get Real-time information on your trading account balance

3) In addition, it includes multilingual support

4) Furthermore, trade complex financial derivative on more than 170 assets

5) Moreover, more than 60 professional analytical tools available on MetaTrader 4

3) Similarly, set up Stop Loss

4) Meanwhile, take Profit functions

The whole user interface of the trading platform seems to be smooth and systemically placed. This makes it easy for new clients and traders to get equipped with the broker’s trading nuances.

Markets and Products for trading

Meanwhile, the trading platform is a technically secured, fast, and firm gateway to the vast international financial market. Furthermore, the broker allows trading cfds on stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, precious metals, and commodities. You can earn good money when trading cfds, you just need to stay vigilant. Subsequently, the tables below will give you about the trading timing, spread, and leverage. In other words, the broker on some important financial assets sent it.

Symbol Description  Leverage offered  Spread up to Trading hours
BSVUSD Crypto 1:2 Floating 00:00-23:59
BABUSD Crypto 1:2 Floating 00:00-23:59
BTCGBP Crypto 1:2 Floating 00:00-23:59
BTCEUR Crypto 1:2 Floating 00:00-23:59
Symbol Description  Leverage offered  Spread up to Trading hours
Cocoa Cocoa (ICE-US) 125 30 11:45 – 20:30
Brent Oil Brent Crude Oil (ICE-EUR) 125 0.03 03:00 – 01:00
Corn Corn (CME) 125 0.45 03:00 – 15:45 & 16:30 – 21:25
Copper Copper (CME) 125 0.0041 01:00 – 00:15
Coffee Coffee (ICE-US) 125 0.3 11:25 – 20:30
Symbol Description Leverage offered Spread up to Trading hours
ADOBE Adobe Systems Incorporated, NYSE(USA) 50 0.21 16:30-23:00
3M 3M Company. NYSE (USA) 50 0.21 16:30-23:00
Alcoa Alcoa Inc. NYSE (USA) 50 0.21 16:30-23:00
AIG American International Group Inc. NYSE (USA) 50 0.21 16:30-23:00
Symbol Description Leverage offered Spread up to Trading hours
DOW 30 MINI-SIZE DOW Index Future (CME) 125 1.45 01:00 – 23:15 & 23:30 – 00:15
DAX 30 DAX 30 Index Future (Eurex) 125 1 09:00 – 23:00
FTSE 100 FTSE 100 Index Future (ICE-EU) 125 1 09:00 – 23:00
ASX 200 ASX SPI 200 Index Future (ASX) 125 1.3 01:50 – 08:30 & 09:10 – 23:00
Symbol Description Leverage offered Spread up to
XAUUSD Gold vs. US Dollar 60 01:00-24:00
XAGUSD Silver vs. US Dollar 60 01:00-24:00
PALLAD Palladium 75 01:00-24:00
PLAT Platinum 75 01:00-24:00
Symbol Description Leverage offered Spread up to Trading hours
GBPUSD Great Britain Pound vs. US Dollar 1.3 500 24H
EURUSD Euro vs. US Dollar 0.7 500 24H
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs. US Dollar 1.1 500 24H
USDJPY US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen 0.8 500 24H

How to open an account with Tradedwell?

Login and Account opening requires just four simple steps. These steps are:

1) Firstly, get yourself registered with the broker (open account tab on the official website) by providing the necessary details such as your full name, code of county, email id, and phone number

2) Likewise, the next step is filling the questionnaire with the information regarding your account that the broker will require.

4) Further, once the questionnaire is completed, you need to upload the desired document for verifying the information given by you in step one.

5) Subsequently, deposit the fee for a trading account and start trading. The minimum deposit of the broker $250.

The entire account opening process of the broker is smooth and effortless. The broker facilitates this five-step process to create a full-proof, authentic, and transparent trading community. This is one way that the broker keeps the security and verification of traders in mind before letting them be part of the trading community.

Commissions and fee

This forex Broker does not charge any commission money on the trade. It earns through spreads and swaps. Swaps refer to the penalty amount charged by the broker for inactivity and overnight trading. Moreover, there are swap discounts offered by the broker in gold platinum trading accounts the broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The broker’s deposit is instant, whereas withdrawal takes about three to five working days to process the request. No money is charged by the broker on deposits. However, for withdrawal, the broker requires a small fee. The various methods for deposit and withdrawal of funds offered by the broker are:

1) Debit and credit card


3) Verified by VISA


5) Maestro

6) Mastercard

7) Skrill

8) Mastercard

9) SecureCode

10) SSL



Most importantly, with this tool, you can trade a large portion of shares by paying a small amount, and the broker pays the rest amount for the trade. However, the maximum leverage offered by TradedWell is 1:500, and that enhances prospects for profit booking. For retail accounts such as gold accounts, silver account, and platinum account, the leverages are 1:400 or 1:500, 1:200, and 1:400 or 1:500, respectively.

Note: The trader may experience losses and high risk due to leverage trading. The data says that more than 70% of traders lose money when trading on high leverage. So, you must take care, monitor, and manage risks due to leverage. Tradedwell offers different leverage for different accounts. For voice the leverage is low and for professional forex traders, the leverage is a bit high. Remember that firms offering extremely high leverage falls under scam. So, stay away from these scam firms.

Regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission

Yes, Tradedwell is not a scam. It is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission – CySEC, under license number 298 16. The broker is Headquartered at Isiodou, Andrea Laskaratou Emanouel Roides street 10-12, 2nd floor, Ayia Zoni, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus. Moreover, this registered firm is operated by itrade global cy ltd.

Is TradedWell legit?

Moreover, TradedWell takes all the measures essential to keep your funds safe and eliminate any kind of scam. The technique broker uses for the privacy of your fund is SSL technology. Therefore, all your transactions and data are safe with the broker and are not shared with any third party.

Advantages of TradedWell

  • The tradedwell offers one-click trading execution for investors and traders
  • Moreover, you get Speedy mobile trading with Tradedewell
  • Most importantly, a trader receives education courses including articles, VODs, and certainly webinars
  • CFDs on forex, cryptocurrency, commodity, indices, forex etc
  • the brokerage firm offers an expansive range of trading instruments
  • The broker is highly regulated by top-tier authorities
  • Customized trading terminals
  • TradedWell offers advanced trading analytics
  •  Intuitive interface rendered by the broker
  • Automatic stop-loss and take-profit on all accounts of TradedWell
  • Multilingual support of the TradedWell customer service provides flexibility and quick redressal of problem
  • Tradedwell regulated by CySEC
  • the trading app offers a smooth interface
  • fair leverage is rendered in retail count d professional account by the broker

Research tools 

Research tools are a crucial part of the trading process and help traders make profitable trading decisions and choices. At the same time, one can find precise and entry and exit points to their trading positions via research and analytical tools. It is, therefore, essential that traders have access to a fair range of such tools.

Most importantly, tradedwell offers some upgraded tools for research and development for traders and investors, such as:

1) Firstly, daily news updates

2) Secondly, the economic calendar

3) Thirdly, report season calendar

Customer Support and Service

Firstly, the broker’s dedicated customer support service team is efficient and effective in solving clients’ and investors’ queries. Meanwhile, it resolves all problems while trading. For example, the response time for receiving the call is less than one minute. So, you can contact the executive and seek an address for your problems.

1) Customer support available: Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 16:00 GMT

2) Phone Number: +448000318499

3) Email id: [email protected]

4) Live chat option 

5) Contact form: Above all, the last option is filling the contact form in case the methods mentioned above did not work out

6) Headquarter: Isiodou, Andrea Laskaratou Emanouel Roides street 10-12, second floor, Ayia Zoni, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus

Education: Platform Demo, Video, and Tutorial

Education material helps traders enhance their skills and learn about various strategies that they can apply in their trading. At the same time, learning is the key and foremost step to trade in the market.

That is to say, TradedWell offers a wide variety of educational courses designed for all levels of traders. Moreover, it includes:

1) Firstly, VOD

2) Secondly, EBooks

3) Moreover, Courses

4) Furthermore, Tutorials

5) Most importantly, Daily news

Get a callback from a trusted broker today.


In conclusion, by looking at the TradedWell review, above all, you must have got that the broker is not a scam broker as it is regulated by the exchange commission CySEC. Most importantly, it is a safe platform regulated by a trusted regulatory authority. Moreover, its excellent and advanced features allow you to dive into the large international market and grab massive trading opportunities from the market. The broker, TradedWell is a topmost forex broker that is best suited for beginner traders and fresh investors who want to get a hold of trading and grow as they learn. The leverage offered by brokers helps traders with low funds open large trading positions. The cfd broker is one of the best in the league.


What trading platform is offered by TradedWell?

As already mentioned above in the tradedwell review, the broker offers MetaTrader 4 for mobile and web trading.

Does the Tradedwell provide trade-in cfd?

Yes, one can trade CFDs with this broker. It offers trading instruments like stocks, CFDs, indices, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, metals, and more.

Is TradedWell regulated?

Yes, the financial service provider is regulated with a top-tier regulatory authority, CySEC.

Why do most investors lose money when trading cfds?

Most investors lose money when trading on cfds because they use high leverage. Leverage is a double-ended sword it surges losses along with profits.

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