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Sensibull is India’s largest options trading platform developed for advanced traders looking for diverse portfolio alternatives beyond bonds, stocks, or mutual funds. Options trading offers significant profit potential, yet it also carries substantial risk. Achieving profitability in this field necessitates adopting an effective options trading strategy and thorough analysis.

If you’re considering using the platform for your options trading needs, it’s worth reading a comprehensive Sensibull Review 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

The platform simplifies the trading strategy by suggesting numerous ways for a detailed market view and presenting all crucial information such as volatility, risk, and profit or loss before starting on options trading.

To alleviate any doubts surrounding the platform, we present a comprehensive Sensibull review 2023 that will provide a clear overview of the services & features of this options trading platform.

What is Sensibull?

Semsibull Homepage

Sensibull is an India-based options trading platform regulated by The Securities and Exchange Board of India and was established in August 2017 in Bangalore, Karnataka, by Abid Hassan, Balajee Ramachandran, and Sidharth Reddy.

Sensibull, officially known as Riskilla Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers various features and capabilities for traders of all levels.

It provides a user-friendly interface allowing traders to execute complex options and strategies easily. The platform also offers a number of educational resources and tools to help traders learn about options trading and improve their skills.

What does Sensibull do?

As an options trading platform, Sensibull provides users with a comprehensive set of tools and features to make informed trading decisions.

It offers a wide range of features, such as

  • Options Trading Strategies
  • Options Chain Analysis
  • Option Greeks
  • Virtual Trading Simulator

This is to help users understand the mechanics of options trading without risking real money. Sensibull also provides real-time market data, news updates, and alerts to inform users about market movements and events that could impact their trading decisions.

The platform offers a customisable dashboard that allows users to monitor their favourite stocks, options, and strategies in real-time.

Moreover, Sensibull allows users to create and save their trading strategies, which can be backtested to analyse their historical performance. The platform also provides users with various tools to manage their risk, such as stop-loss orders and position-sizing calculators.

Sensibull and Zerodha

Sensibull is the foremost and most extensive option trading platform in India. Zerodha has seamlessly integrated the third-party Sensibull platform to support option traders, offering users a comprehensive suite of options trading features.

The Sensibull by Zerodha platform empowers traders with the capability to both purchase and sell options contracts. One must establish a Zerodha Demat and trading account to access this platform. Once your accounts are set up, you can utilise the platform by logging in with your Kite credentials.

What is the use of Sensibull?

After a thorough evaluation of Sensibull, it can be concluded that the platform is useful for various purposes. Here is a brief overview of some of the key features:

  • Virtual Trading: Also known as Sensibull Paper Trading, the virtual trading features allow traders to simulate trades without risking real money. This is a great way to test out new strategies and ideas.
  • Easy Options: It simplifies options trading by providing easy-to-use tools and interfaces that make it easy to place trades, manage positions, and analyse market data.
  • Analyse Trades and Positions: The platform allows traders to easily analyse their trades and positions using advanced analytics tools. This helps traders understand their performance and make better decisions in the future.
  • Strategy Groups: It also provides a range of pre-built strategy groups that traders can use to quickly build and execute trading strategies.
  • Research: Sensibull offers a wealth of research and analysis tools that traders can use to stay on top of market trends and identify new trading opportunities.
  • Strategy Wizard: Sensibull’s strategy wizard allows traders to easily build and customise trading strategies using various options and parameters.
  • Basket Orders: The options trading platform supports basket orders, allowing traders to place multiple trades simultaneously. This is a great way to execute complex trading strategies quickly and efficiently.
  • Custom Strategy Builder: Sensibull custom strategy builder allows traders to create unique trading strategies using a range of parameters and conditions. This gives traders complete control over their trading strategies and helps them achieve their financial goals.

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Our recommendation: Trading at Sensibull

  • Acquire knowledge of option strategies through Sensibull.
  • User-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
  • Presents a range of features, including Futures Conversion and Options Analyser.
  • Integration with the broker eliminates the need to switch to a trading account.
  • Regulated by SEBI for ensured compliance and security.

Advantages and disadvantages of Sensibull

  • Learn Optional Strategies on Sensibull
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • It offers several features, such as Futures Conversion, Options Analyser etc.
  • No need to switch to a trading account as it is integrated with the broker
  • Regulated By SEBI
  • Supports few brokers only
  • There are no options to short-sell or any futures contract


How To Open an Account on Sensibull

The Sensibull platform is quite easy to use. It suggests the best options trading strategies and allows traders to place a trade order and buy or sell options. Below, we have listed a few simple steps to get started.

Create Or Log In To Your Account

Sensibull Login Page

First, create an account with the Sensibull option platform or log in to your existing account with your Sensibull login credentials. Now, open a Sensibull app and enter the following details-

  • STEP 1: Select Index: The platform suggests Options strategies for BANKNIFTY and NIFTY. Choose the Index you want to trade in.
  • STEP 2: View- Choose the most appropriate market view from the list.
  • STEP 3: Target Price- Enter our predicted price
  • STEP 4: Target Date- Enter the date by which the asset will achieve the price target.
  • STEP 5: Hit The Go Button: Enter your market view data in Sensibull and press the “GO” button.

If you don’t have a broker account, you can sign up with Google, where no real trades and only virtual portfolios are offered.

Choose The Appropriate Strategy

It will offer a list of Options trading strategies you might employ based on your viewpoint and all the relevant information for each plan, such as breakeven points, maximum profit or loss, ROI, profit potential, capital required, return percentage etc.

You can further learn about each strategy building by clicking the ‘Expand’ button. Alternatively, you can filter the recommended strategies based on Actions- Buy or Sell and the instrument’s Expiry Date. In addition, four advanced filters are available on the platform: Exclude ITM, Protection Strike Distance, ATM IV and Under The Hood.

You can also compare suggested strategies and assess the P&L in various scenarios. Then, you can change each strategy’s spots, dates, IVs, etc., to pick the best one for your trade.

Compare Options And Place An Order

The platform allows traders to place a BUY or SELL order directly from individual strategy or comparison pages. Here’s how to place an order in Sensibull-

You’ll need a lot size and order type to place an order. And then hit on the trade button. Of course, you can also modify your order before placing a trade.

The order will be sent to Zerodha’s Kite when you click the place button. Next, you will be redirected to the ‘Your Order’ page, where you can track the status of your orders.

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Our recommendation: Trading at Sensibull

  • Acquire knowledge of option strategies through Sensibull.
  • User-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
  • Presents a range of features, including Futures Conversion and Options Analyser.
  • Integration with the broker eliminates the need to switch to a trading account.
  • Regulated by SEBI for ensured compliance and security.

How Does Sensibull Help Options Traders?

Apart from the features mentioned above, Sensibull offers a variety of analysis tools to help traders make informed decisions.

These tools provide users with valuable information and insights into the stock market and help them make informed decisions. So, let’s discuss them in brief with Sensibull Review 2024:

  • Stock Data: Provides useful information about the stock’s historical performance.
  • FII DII Data: Offers in-depth information regarding the FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) and DII (Domestic Institutional Investors) for better insights.
  • IV Chart: Provides the NIFTY IV Chart/BANKNIFTY IV Chart, clearly showing how volatile stocks could be.
  • Technical Signals: Helps traders formulate the right strategy.
  • Open Interest Charts: This shows the open interest charts, which signify the bearish or bullish trends.
  • Options Screener: Provides a list of shares with the best strike price.
  • Real-time P&L & Greeks: Sensibull option chain analysis provides real-time charts with information on Greeks that help analyse and choose the best stock.
  • Option Chain: Provides real-time option chain data with various filters like strike price, expiry date, and more.
  • Strategy Builder: Helps users build custom trading strategies based on their risk appetite, market view, and available capital.
  • Options Greeks: Provides options such as Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega, which help traders analyse the risk and reward of their trades.
  • Option Calculator: Helps traders calculate their trades’ theoretical value and other parameters.
  • Trade Dashboard: Helps traders track their trades, including open positions, realised and unrealised profits and losses, and more.
  • AI-Based Trade Ideas: Helps traders identify potential trading opportunities based on various parameters.

Auto ATM Straddle

Sensibull has introduced a new feature called Auto ATM Straddle. This chart assists in monitoring the price fluctuations of At-The-Money (ATM) straddles in relation to market shifts.

Sensibull Partnered With

Sensibull has integrated with several Indian brokers, these are:

  • Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • Angel One
  • ICICI Direct
  • 5paisa
  • IIFL

Fees and Commission

Sensibull is not entirely free but offers a free trial period for new users. During the trial period, users can access some of the platform’s features, but certain features may be restricted. Sensibull does not charge any brokerage fees for trading.

After the trial period, users can subscribe to a paid plan to continue accessing the full range of features.  The platform offers different subscription plans with different pricing and features, so users can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

Here’s a breakdown of all plans and Sensibull pricing:

Features Free Plan Lite (Rs 800 Per Month) Pro (Rs 1300 Per Month)
Option Chain Yes Yes Yes
Event Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Research Yes Yes Yes
Basket Orders Yes Yes Yes
Buy-Sell Data Yes Yes
Multileg Strategy Generator Yes Yes
Compare Options Yes Yes
Options Central Yes Yes
Real-time Profit and Loss + greeks of the strategies and positions Yes Yes
Black Scholes Analyser Yes Yes
Custom strategy builder Yes
Analyse trades and positions Yes
Stock Data Yes
Nifty IV Chart/Banknifty IV Chart Yes
Virtual Option Trading Yes

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Customer Service

Sensibull Logo

Our recommendation: Trading at Sensibull

  • Acquire knowledge of option strategies through Sensibull.
  • User-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
  • Presents a range of features, including Futures Conversion and Options Analyser.
  • Integration with the broker eliminates the need to switch to a trading account.
  • Regulated by SEBI for ensured compliance and security.

Sensibull Mobile App & User Interface

Sensibull offers an intuitive and easy-to-understand mobile application for traders who enjoy trading on the go. The app is available on the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You can start trading on the app using the Sensibull login Zerodha credentials.

Customer Support

The Sensibull Website lack different section for customer support. It has a “Help” section to raise a support ticket if you face trading problems. They offer an FAQ section where you can get solutions for a general problem you have.

The only good thing about the customer support of Sensibull is the LiveChat. The response time is optimal and quick. For efficient customer support, you can look for Tradeeu.


After deeply analysing this Sensibull review, we consider it the best app for Options trading in India. Considering the advanced features like virtual trading, Sensbull opinion chain and compare options, the platform can be an ideal fit for advanced options traders.

As options trading is a tricky segment, understanding the market and other factors is crucial to success. On the other hand, the major drawback of the platform remains its sophisticated user interface, which might not suit beginners.

So, if you’re searching for a simple, easily understandable and more regulated trading platform, Capitalix can be a perfect fit for you. The platform offers commission-free trading and a range of trading instruments, including Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and Indices.


How To Use Sensibull?

First, download the Sensibull app and follow the on-screen instructions to start trading on the platform.

How Much Does Sensibull Plan Cost?

Sensibull offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. The plans start at Rs. 499 per month for the Lite plan, which offers access to basic features, and go up to Rs. 1,999 per month for the Ultimate plan, which includes all features and tools.

Is There Any Sensibull Subscription Offer?

Yes, the platform often runs subscription offers and promotions for new users. These offers can provide discounts on the subscription price or extended free trial periods. Check their website or social media channels for the latest offers.

What Is Sensibull App Used For?

Sensibull is an options trading platform with tools and features to help traders make informed trading decisions. The app is used to access the platform and its various tools, including strategy builders, real-time options chain analysis, and more.

How To Use Sensibull For Free?

Sensibull offers a 7-day free trial for new users, which allows access to all the features of the Ultimate plan. After the trial period, users can choose to subscribe to a plan or use the Lite version for free, which provides access to basic features.

Can I Trade Directly From Sensibull?

No, Sensibull is not a trading platform itself. Instead, it provides tools and features to help traders make informed trading decisions. Users can link their trading account to Sensibull to execute trades, but the actual trading takes place on the trading platform of their broker.

Which Is Better Tradingview Or Sensibull?

Tradingview and Sensibull are two different platforms that serve different purposes. Tradingview is a charting and analysis platform for stocks, forex, and other securities, while Sensibull is an options trading platform that provides tools and features specifically for options trading. The choice between the two depends on the individual trader’s needs and preferences.

Is Sensibull By Zerodha Free?

Yes, the platform is free to use. However, you may have to upgrade your plan to unlock more features.

Does Zerodha Own Sensibull?

Zerodha doesn’t own Sensibull; however, it provided the company with a seed investment of 2.5 crores INR.

Is Sensibull SEBI Registered?

Yes, the platform is well-regulated by SEBI.

Is Sensibull Backtesting Available?

Yes, you can do backtesting on the Sensibull platform.

What Should I Do If I’m Having Trouble With Sensibull Login?

If you’re having trouble with Sensibull Login, first double-check that you’re entering your login credentials correctly. If you’re still having trouble, try resetting your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. If you continue to experience issues, contact support for further assistance.

What Is Sensibull Upstox Partnership?

Upstox has partnered with Sensibull to offer trading access to 6.5 million users.


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Yes, you can learn about options trading through any source, whether it is books or paper trading features Sensibull offers. 

You can learn options trading through the Sensibull virtual trading account. 

You’ll first need an options trading platform like the Sensibull option chain to start options trading in India. 

Option Volatility and Pricing,” by Sheldon Natenberg and “Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets,” by John Hull, are the best option strategy books for the Indian market.

You can check your Securities /Mutual Funds/ Bonds in the consolidated account statement issued by NSDL/CDSL every month.

NSE is short for the National Stock Exchange, and BSE is short for the Bombay Stock Exchange. Both are India’s largest securities markets.

As India’s biggest options trading platform, Sensibull offers low-risk Options Strategies for beginners – Options Strategy Builder for Experts to build and analyse Advanced Option Strategies – NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, and NSE Stocks Options.

  • USD/INR (Dollar) Options – NSE Option Chain, NIFTY option chain
  • Open Interest Analysis,
  • FII DII Analysis
  • Free Options for learning videos
  • Implied Volatility (IV) Charts
  • Futures Data. – Options Data such as Option Greeks
  • Option price calculators
  • Ready-Made Options Strategies such as put spreads call spreads, strangles, straddles, iron condors, iron butterflies, ratio spreads, etc
  • Intraday F&O Charts
  • Put Call Ratio (PCR)
  • IndiaVix – Real-time price and P&L alerts on Whatsapp

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