Vodafone Shares Jump As e& Group Buys Almost 10% Stake

Vodafone Shares Jump As e& Group Buys Almost 10% Stake

Vodafone’s stock soared 4% in early trading on Monday after e&, a telecoms company located in the United Arab Emirates, announced it had purchased a 10% stake in the British mobile operator.

e&, previously known as Emirates Telecommunications Group, stated that it had no intention of making an all-cash offer for Vodafone and that it had invested $4.4 billion at a favorable value to gain from currency diversification.

The firm stated that it firmly supports Vodafone’s board of directors, which has come under fire from other investors after the business struggled in mature European regions where rivalry and legislation have forced prices lower.

Vodafone’s CEO has promised to spearhead a wave of European consolidation to rebuild markets and enhance returns, but he has recently turned down an offer for the company’s Italian assets and missed out on a merger with competitors in Spain.

The move will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows and may cause some friction with other shareholders who want to see Vodafone consolidate in important areas. Etisalat and Vodafone will now have more opportunities to collaborate in order to improve efficiencies and offer new products in more countries.

Riskier currencies were battered throughout the Asian session as unexpectedly bad economic data from China heightened fears of a halt in development. European stock indexes opened down on Monday.

Retail sales in China fell 11.1 percent in April. When economists expected a little uptick, industrial output fell by 2.9 percent.

Investors are concerned that rising interest rates due to inflation will harm the global economy. Because the events calendar for this week is relatively light, markets are more vulnerable than ever to stories about global growth prospects.

The European Central Bank will most likely decide to discontinue its stimulus programme in July and hike interest rates at its next meeting.

Casino, a French retailer, has started a sale process for its renewable energy company GreenYellow, with a potential deal by the end of the year, sending its stock up 3.6 percent. 

Adani’s group proposes to pay $10.5 billion for Holcim (HOLN) AG’s cement companies operating in India.

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