Vault Markets Account types

Vault Markets Account Types


VaultMarkets (Pty) Ltd is a platform provided by 1st Fintech Capital (Pty) Ltd, designed for clients who wish to engage in derivative trading.

These derivatives are offered by Karibu FX Financial Consultant Services Pty Ltd, a company incorporated and operating in the Republic of Namibia, with registration number 2019/0459. 

Vault markets offer various types of accounts to the clients for safe and reasonable trading, according to their trading needs and benefits. 

Vault Markets Account Types

Account Vault 200 Vault 100 Vault Swap-Free Vault Zero Vault-No Bonus Vault 1000 Vault Micro Vault 250 Vault Micro 100% Vault Micro 200% Vault 24/7
Minimum Deposit $5 $5 $100 $100 $5 $100 R10 $5 R50 R50 $5
Spreads 1 pip 1 pip 1 pip 0 pips 1 pip 1 pip 1 pip 1 pip 1 pip
Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:1000 1:500 1:500
Bonus Included Included Included
Withdrawals Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant

How To Open Account at Vault Markets

STEP 1: Visit the Vault Markets Website. You can either Register or LogIn to your existing Account, to the icons located on the top right corner of the website.
STEP 2: Fill in the basic information of the form required. This includes information such as, Name, Email address, Country. 

STEP 3: After filling the information, you need to click on the gold button of “Register”.

STEP 4: To complete the registration, you need to fill in other personal information required on the next page.
STEP 5: Upload your concerned documents.
STEP 6: A confirmation email will be sent to your email id.

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The VAULT 200 account presents a favorable option for traders with its unique features. With a minimum deposit requirement of only $5, it offers accessibility to a wide range of traders. 

The spread is set at a competitive 1 Pip, ensuring competitive trading conditions. Traders can engage in Forex and Indices trading, providing ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios. The account operates on the reliable MT4 platform, known for its advanced trading capabilities and user-friendly interface.  

VAULT 200 account includes a bonus, adding value to traders’ deposits. Withdrawals from this account are processed instantly, offering convenience and efficiency to traders.


With a minimum deposit requirement of just $5, it ensures accessibility to a wide range of traders. The leverage available for this account is set at 1:500, allowing traders to increase their trading positions. The spreads start from as low as 1 pip, offering competitive trading conditions for optimal profitability. 

Traders can engage in a diverse range of instruments, including Forex and Indices, enabling them to explore various market opportunities. It includes a bonus of 100%, providing traders with additional trading power. Withdrawals from this account are processed instantly.


The minimum deposit requirement on Vault50 is only $5. The account supports trading in Forex and Indices, allowing traders to explore diverse market opportunities. VAULT 50 account includes a bonus, enhancing the trading potential

However, it is important to note that hedging is not permitted with this account. Traders should consider this restriction while implementing their trading strategies. Withdrawals are processed instantly.


To open this account, a minimum deposit of $100 is required. With a leverage ratio of 1:500, traders have the opportunity to enhance their trading positions and amplify their profits. The spreads on the VAULT ZERO account start from an impressively low 0 pips, providing traders with highly competitive pricing. 

This account focuses on trading in Indices. The account operates on the widely recognized MT4 platform, renowned for its advanced charting tools and order execution capabilities. 


The VAULT NO BONUS account offers a minimum deposit requirement of $5, it provides accessibility to a wide range of traders. The leverage available for this account is set at 1:500. The spreads start from as low as 1 pip. 

Traders can engage in Forex and Indices, providing high opportunities to diversify the portfolios. The account operates on the MT4 platform. The withdrawals are processed instantly. 


A minimum deposit of $100 is required to open a Vault1000 account, providing access to a more exclusive trading environment. The broker offers a generous leverage of 1:1000.

The spreads on the VAULT 1000 account start from a competitive 1 pip. 

The account operates on the renowned MT4 platform, known for its powerful charting tools and seamless order execution capabilities. 

VAULT 1000 account offers enhanced trading capabilities and convenient withdrawals.

Vault 24/7

Minimum deposit of $5 is required. Traders can engage in the Forex and Indices markets, with the added advantage of trading instruments such as VIX75 and VIX100. 

With instant withdrawals, traders can conveniently access their funds whenever needed. 


Vault Micro is tailored for traders looking to start with a small investment.

With a minimum deposit requirement of R10, it provides an affordable entry point for traders of all levels. The account operates on the popular MT4 platform, known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Withdrawals from the VAULT MICRO account are processed instantly.

Islamic Account

Vault Markets provides the option of swap-free Islamic trading at an individual account level. Vault Markets grants Extended Swap-free status to all eligible trading accounts established by clients residing in non-Islamic nations.


Account Islamic-Swap Free
Minimum Deposit $100
Spreads 1 pip
Leverage 1:500
Trading Platform MetaTrader4
Instruments Forex, Shares, Indices

Demo Account

VaultMarkets lacks the services for DemoAccount. No virtual funds to practise and analyse trading for novice traders.


Vault Markets offers eight types of trading accounts and each of them having their specific benefits, such as high leverage, low spreads, low minimum deposit. 

The broker should also look into providing Demo Account for learning and virtually trading for the new traders, who recently got into trading.



What does the Vault 200 account entail?

There are no tiers or scaling involved; instead, it offers a substantial 200% bonus on ALL deposits, up to R280 000 or the equivalent in USD! This bonus is applicable to any deposits made through mobile app or online portal. The bonuses are automatically applied and will be allocated to the trading account once deposit has been transferred.

What is the minimum amount needed to deposit in Vault Markets?

To open an account with Vault Markets, a minimum deposit of $5 USD is required.

Are micro accounts available at Vault Markets?

Vault Markets offers a range of live trading accounts, including Vault 200, Vault 100, Vault Swap-Free, Vault Zero, Vault No Bonus, Vault 1000, Vault 24/7, and Vault Micro.

Is there a demo account available at Vault Markets?

Unfortunately, Vault Markets does not currently provide a demo account, which is a drawback compared to competitors such as Trade245 and Veracity Markets.

Does Vault Markets support ZAR account denomination?

Indeed, Vault Markets offers account denominations in ZAR, along with USD and TZS.

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