Most Important Guidelines For Stock Trading


The formulation of the stock market and stock exchanges came into existence to fuel money in industries and businesses. In other words, people call it equity or share market. It is a place where traders, investors, buyers, and sellers come together for transactions and stock trading.

Public from different backgrounds and scope claim stake as per their status. It is the people’s participation in companies listed as stocks that drive the economy.

Let us know more about stock trading, its characteristics, and its features.

The stock trading starting point

As per records, the Amsterdam Stock exchange is where it all started. This exchange found its space in the year 1602 and became the trailblazer. The Dutch East India Company was behind its establishment. As per beliefs, it imparted a whooping dividend averaging sixteen percent to everyone who traded and invested in it until 1650. Taking a cue, Paris, Milan, London, Philadelphia, Madrid, Bombay, New York, and many others came into existence.

Total Market Cap

There are around forty-five thousand plus companies listed across the stock exchanges in the world. They have a collective market cap of across U$ 80 trillion. 

Here is the list of best companies in 2019 as per Forbes:-

Apple, ICBC, Bank of China, Royal Dutch Shell, JP Morgan Chase, China Construction Bank, Ping an Insurance Group, Bank of America.

Global 2000 industries and companies

Oil & gas:- Hundred and ten

Diverse financials & Banks:- Four hundred and three

Construction:- One hundred and twenty-three

Insurance:- Hundred and two

Technology:- One hundred and fifty-four

Quintessential tips to learn stock trading:- 

Trading in any commodity or market needs knowledge. So, take baby steps and start by opening a Demat account.

  1. Open an account:-Before you start trading in the market, you need to open an account with a brokerage firm. It is a mechanism that enables us to take a ride in the world of share market. One can do it through the online medium also.
  2. Keep a tab on stocks:-  If you want to remain in line with the stock trading, then read newspapers, books and watch news channels. Look at the fundamentals of the stock you wish to trade.
  3. Financial News channels:-Minute updates are essential to make the most of the market’s situation and profit-making. To keep it away, watch top business news channels that have a significant imprint in Europe. Bloomberg, CNBC, Sky News, Euro News, DW are some of the leading media houses that display captivating information. Watch analysis by well-read experts and trade pundits to get hold of the market genuinely.
  4. Read articles and books:-Reading gives you the pulse of the market. Go through the balance sheets, thorough analysed copies and company’s performance book which get delivered every financial year. Those books tell you the entirety, business decisions, and profit-loss-making during the period. You can grasp the mood and decide on investing. Articles by prominent economic advisors and experts also shed light on the market’s performance. Read them carefully and make up your mind.

Dynamics of online stock trading:-

Some simple rules are chalked out to associate you with the effects of online trading. Follow the instructions below concerning all:-

  •  Mind make-up:-  You should have clarity on holding and selling of a share. Intra-day or inter-day trading may make a difference in your profit booking. Good stocks give a better profit only if held for a more extended period. Select the option.
  • Look at the price:-  You should know the targeted stock is well within your limits of finance. Decide the sell and purchase of quantity on it.
  • Type the quantity:-Once you know which way to go, insert the number of stocks, you need to purchase as per the amount in your bank account.
  • Select order type:-It is an important aspect considering this helps you to plan your schedule. If you want to put a stop loss to avoid losses or buy it for a longer period or put a limitation.
  • Look again:-After filling all the essential details, please check to avert any misunderstanding. Go through every step and then trigger buying a stock.

Stock trading for beginners

Beginners have a task in hand before they jump in the business of stock trading, which comes with a resolution. It is a dicey situation where each step can alter their destiny. The guidelines below can be helpful for newbies.

A humble beginning: –

A new trader should take some time. They can settle for less while starting. A small investment is essential for them in the initial phase. Once you put your bets, then wait for the market for a few days. See which way it settles day by day by analyzing the stock.

Gain resourceful information:-

Knowledge is power. Gather it wherever you can. It is your money that goes into buying or selling equities. You should know the necessary information of trading, the process of filling the form, billing the amount, and selling it.

Keep up funds:- 

A fresher is also a learner. So, you should know the risk factors involving the gamble. After all, the market is a volatile place that comes with a fair amount of ups and downs. If you have kept an emergency fund aside, then it can help you recover initial losses. Also, during the time of market correction, a little investment can aid you with terrific profitable chances.

Blue-chip trading:-

Haste makes waste. It is sensible to trade blue-chip stocks or top shares. They are fundamentally strong and less vulnerable to the market blows. The lesser-known stocks may seem profitable for a short period, but they can cause havoc when the market plunges.


As a shareholder of a company, you have to be a partner in gains and losses. That may require nerves of steel to comply with the unpredictability.

Work on planning: –

Proper planning is half the job done. Check the volumes while taking a call on a stock. See the year-by-year trends of stock and strategise. You can speculate the pricing based on past performance. If you see the steady growth or slip, form your plan that way. One cannot apply the same tricks and formulas to every company. The firms listed have different business prospects and products. The algorithm of the market favors what is strong, so decide accordingly.

Time is money:-

Sweating out while practicing saves your blood during a war. Likewise, more the time you invest in your formation years to the stock exchange initially, it’s better. The fruits of your patience will show up once you command the nature of stock trading.

Online stock trading 

In the world of digitalisation, technicalities in varied domain work through the network of computers. Here, people beget the assistance of customised software. We are helping you with the most trending websites and platforms for online trading. Let us analyse them below:-

a). Robinhood:-

It is the rescue ranger platform that changed the ways of transactions in the world of the stock exchange. Since its foundation in the year 2013, the focus has remained to render the optimum service to youngsters. The platform has kept the fees reasonable, to get maximum newcomers taking up the trading.

Good points:-It has a user-friendly interface for the website on desktop, and mobile. The design is appealing, and you will find it easy to navigate from one option to the other. The mobile application doesn’t need much space and installs easily. The availability of essential options lets your transaction process smoothly. There are no hidden charges or brokerage, but a regulation fee. Given the idea, it has no competition from other platforms. It entertains stocks and ETF.

b). Vanguard:-

It features in the good books of all the veteran investors for its plans addressing their concerns. As the biggest mutual fund provider in the world, this platform is an expensive place for stock traders. For people trading in low-volume, it is a no-no deal.

Good Points:-It is an explicitly great place for those trying to play long-term innings. For those investors, the outcome also quantifies with time. With high volumes, the profits rise in the same proportions.

c). E*Trade:-

Like other sites and platforms, it packs some exciting offers for every investor of every group. It is an enlightening experience for those who associate with the firm for trading purposes.

Good Points:-You have an opportunity to gather abundant knowledge while you earn profits. The platform has a set of videos, audio, and reading material that helps a non-specialist to become an expert of the domain. The intensely curated library from learned analysts can pave a curve of mastery in your life. They have 24*7 support services to assist people from across the corners of the globe.

d). Ally Invest:-

With an affectionate environment for people, it charges zilch for remaining inactive for a prolonged period. It has set up a mobile application and a responsive website to groom the traffic.

Good Points:-You can begin trade with zero account balance. And people who are regular get a stimulating discount for remaining loyal to the firm. Their capacity for research aid online traders with underlying information which translates into profit booking. The accessibility of tools is an added asset for transacting deals better. Some of the noted traders and analysts rate it as top-notch.

Summarise:-The stock market trading market looks glamorised from the outside. But like showbiz, lots go inside of it. If you lack the talent of learning the nitty-gritty of the market, then you can’t survive the change.

If you want to remain immune to the ups and downs, losses and benefits, quality and quantity, then research is the best tool. Moreover, people with a knack for adjustment and patience survive here. However, if we talk about online trading, it does not necessarily warrant a broker service. But if you want to remain wary about market gimmicks, then seeking help from a knowledgeable person is good.

Important Advice:– Never trade in stocks that fall in unknown territory. Plus, keep enough money in your hands for a break-even duration.