Gazprom Continues To Export Natural Gas To Europe Via Ukraine

Gazprom Continues To Export Natural Gas To Europe Via Ukraine

Gas producer in Russia On Sunday, Gazprom continued to deliver natural gas to Europe via Ukraine, as requested by European consumers.

For April 17, requests totaled 57 million cubic meters. When China’s economic expansion number falls short of the median estimate, it’s a highly rare occurrence.

Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s tweets claiming having secured money to take the business private were found to be false by a federal judge. According to the filing, the court found Musk’s tweets to be inaccurate and deceptive. The court found that he made the claims with reckless disregard for their untruth.

In the complaint, investors in the electric car company urged US District Court Judge Edward Chen to stop the celebrity entrepreneur from promoting a contradictory and deceptive narrative about Twitter.

Musk stated on Thursday that funding to take Tesla, private had been obtained. After resolving with US financial organizations over what the agency believed to be fraudulent representations, he paid penalties and agreed to have a lawyer examine certain of his tweets before posting them.

Musk is suing the Securities and Exchange Commission, saying that the agency has been bothering him with investigations.

Tata Steel ended the day with a share price of almost 1,320 rupees. Tata Steel Ltd’s board of directors will evaluate a proposal to split the stock and recommend a dividend, according to the Indian steelmaker. The regulatory and statutory authorization would be required for the split.

It claimed the meeting would examine a sub-division of shares having a value of 10 Indian rupees apiece without defining the stock split ratio.

According to the corporation, results for the quarter ended March 31 will also be released.

After two years of the epidemic, air travel has increased, and travelers have proved that they are prepared to spend more for tickets, a trend that is helping airlines handle rising fuel costs.

Carriers in the United States have hurried to staff up in order to manage the surge in travel. 

Airlines are experiencing a pilot shortage, particularly among smaller regional carriers, forcing them to cancel flights or limit expansion.

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