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When trading in the market with more than $6.6 trillion of transactions daily, the frame of mind is usually fragile. You see different strategies floating, but do not know how and which one to use. Such guidance is primarily essential. IGM FX review 2021 tells you about these finances’ nature, especially in the forex or the currency market.

Trading in the forex market is not a one-way scheme. International trade depends entirely on how a few currencies behave and their valuation. 

IGM FX Review 2021: Going the Extra Mile

The broker is catching up with the market stalwarts with its services and features. It is augmenting itself to becoming favourite of investors through premium offers and affordable circumstances. 

IGM FX believes in allowing and sprouting new horizons and opportunities for every trader and investor (experienced or newbie). The business model, the broker, carries is beneficial for all market players alike. 

IGM FX  Scam or Safe?

‘IGM FX scam or not’ queries are uncanny considering the legit works and ideas the company is putting behind its reputation. It is primarily a forex broker with the license number 309/16. The brokerage firm obtained it in the year 2016. Hence, it is proactive in its approach, which wins the hearts of traders and investors. 

CySEC is regulating every activity that IGM FX performs. Hence, people can remain reassured of their funds. Whatever amount you deposit in the broker’s wallet lies secured. 

Anything which has the covering of an authorised entity gets more investors. So, it explains why IGM FX is one of the fastest-growing brokers. And the high volumes on its platforms is the barometer of its demand and success.  

Hence, IGM FX is safe and sound for every user. 

IGM FX Review 2021:  Part of the Investor Compensation Fund

The biggest worry that a trader carries in mind is losing funds. The brokerage firm does it away in a classic way. In the tight supervision of CySEC any client who deposits up to EUR, 20,000 does not have to care about funds.

Every EU member is entitled to operate through the same guidelines of insurance funds. If in any case, a forex trader finds it impossible to meet the financial obligation, they get compensated. How often do you see any broker stepping out of its zone to garner gains for its clients? 

Why use IGM FX?

If you want to craft your own identity in the competitive market of investment, then it is imperative that you join a broker like IGM FX that leads you up to prosperity. It guides people through its multiple features and offers that are brilliant when used. 

The broker joins hands with people to provide luxurious experience and trading conditions for your career. It is open to all types of customisations and adaptations that deliver to the expectations of people. You can use different analytical tools, distinguishing devices, and educational hubs that can exalt your skills for trading. 

It enables you to conquer the market from any direction using distinct instruments and assets. The services here are all-inclusive and created to accommodate the need for market players. 

IGM FX Review 2021: Liberty in Market Arenas

It is the free mind that blossoms more than one living in a closed corridor. The freedom that IGM FX renders its traders help them generate a different perspective of the financial market. They get the best fitting type of account, instantly access several markets, trade internationally and across various regions of the world. 

The open positions are limitless.

  • The data security here is optimum and touches the requirements of people. 
  • The withdrawal rate is superbly quick, and you can get your refunds in the nick of time compared to many brokers. 
  • Moreover, the cutting edge technology keeps you on your toes because gains are around the corner. 
  • More important, you can channelize CFDs on more than 160 assets that the broker offers people. 
  • Cross-platform trading is a feature that expands your ability to trade on different platforms at the same time. 
  • Top data security is the forte of IGM FX. It knows how traders objectively yearn for secured platforms. 
  • Above all, the execution speed is instant here, which prompts more people to join hands with and earn money. 
  • There are servers supporting SAS 70 certified data centers.
  • The data encryption is impeccable and noteworthy. 

IGM FX Review 2021:Types of Account in IGM FX

You get an option of a variety of accounts on IGM FX which provides you with the opportunity of trading on thousands of markets across the globe. It helps in brightening up your perspective towards trading.  

Each account corresponds to services, leverage and spreads. It is groundbreaking along with tells the tale of its might in public. The broker sees that you meet with your trading expectations and trade hundreds of assets and instruments available on it. 

By using different account types, you can surge your property and experience of trading. 

Furthermore, after developing the individual trading path, you can excel in the financial market business. 

Primarily, there are four types of accounts:- 

IGM FX Review 2021: Silver Account  

If you are a beginner and do not know the theatrics of the financial market; as per the recommendations of experts, a silver account fits well to your needs. It may not have several options, but enough to teach you the important details of trading and how to commit to the market’s needs. 

Silver Account Features
  • The minimum volume per trade here is 0.01 for all assets, which is beneficial for every novice trader. 
  • Moreover, the margin call is 100 per cent. Considering the size of the account, it is indeed a perfect bargain you can receive from any broker. 
  • The leverage here is abiding the guidelines of authorities. Hence, it is 1:30.
  • The stop out per cent you get is fifty here. 
  • Additionally, you get the function of negative protection balance. It is helpful when you might invest more than you have that may break you financially. Therefore, this feature does not let that happen. 
  • The customer care support is free. Whenever you get stuck in your work, call or get in touch with the experienced executives and troubleshoot your problems. 
  • Education in every sector of business is important. IGM FX knows this. Thus, the broker enhances the bag of your knowledge and let you know more about how trading happens. 

Silver Account Spreads 

  • $0.10 Crude Oil
  • 2.8 GBP/USD
  • 2.8 USD/JPY
  • 2.5 EUR/USD

IGM FX Review 2021 : Gold Account  

If you know every corner of the silver account and wish to get better of the world of financial markets, then gold account registration steps in and accords you with that luxury. The number of benefits you get increases along here. The experience you receive is better in terms of options and trading. 

And who wants to miss out on it? None. So, graduate to the level of gold standards when you become learned, and there’s no looking back. 

Features of Gold Account 
  • The negative balance protection helps you with averting any loss that might occur due to overt greed. Hence, when you accept the terms for subscribing the account, you have the protection coming your way to assist you. 
  • The maximum volume per trade is fifty here, which is reasonably good on various levels. 
  • The minimum volume per trade is 0.01. Hence, a trader irrespective of funds can trade with the broker. 
  • You get educational webinars with it. So, whenever you need extra knowledge or information or wish to update yourself with changes in the market, then get it at your disposal. 
  • The stop-out you receive is fifty per cent. 
  • The margin call is a hundred per cent. 
  • For trading, you need to pack yourself with education. Therefore, you can charge your battery of education through free trading education options. 
  • Customer care support is there for resolving your queries at certain timings and via various means. If you cannot operate the broker, then it is mindful to connect with one of the operatives and learn how to do things. 
Spreads on Gold Account 
  • 2.8 GBP/USD
  • 2.5 EUR/USD
  • 2.8 USD/JPY
  • $0.10 Crude Oil 

Platinum Account 

When a trader knows that it is time to mature and make better earnings, platinum account is among the finest resorts he can take a route. The variety gets bigger, chances of making money are better, and returns for every penny spent are mind-blowing. What else would any investor require?

The value for money concept draws traders who wish to trade like a learned person. 

Features of Platinum Account 
  • Full account review is one of the options that a trader gets after post graduating to the platinum account. These are the perks which only a handful of people avail. One has to put up well with silver and gold accounts to reach here. It happens every month. 
  • The VIP webinars is an exquisite service available to trained traders and investors who know about the market inside and out. They can predict the trend and the movement after a single glance. 
  • The dedicated account manager is a service which not only takes half the burden of a trader but also sees through everything is in balance and benefits the investor. 
  • Trading signals are intricate and crucial parts of a traders life. They let you know how, when and where to invest in fetching better benefits. Moreover, the timing of investment, positioning and selling is vital. The signals help in it. You receive it via SMS from MTE. 
  • The margin call on all assets is 100 per cent, similar to the previous accounts. 
  • You receive a stop-out of 50 per cent. 
  • The minimum volume per trade is yet again 0.01, which is great. 
  • The minimum volume per trade is yet again 50. It does not require a change, because that suffices the need of every investor or a trader. 
  • Educational webinars in the platinum account are like water to a thirsty person. It soothes them with pivotal direction and quenches the need for knowledge. 
  • The free trading education tools are designed for accommodating the pre-requisite of trading strategies. 
  • Connect with the call Centre guys for the resolution of your problems. 
  • Leverage has a cap of 1:30. But it is sufficient considering you are trading at a higher level and elevating benefits with more deposits. 

IGM FX Review 2021: VIP Account 

How often do we get to see a VIP Account? There is no reply to it because there’s hardly any. But IGM FX is trying to please its traders with something innovative, more incredible and unheard. It is providing you with a huge chance to earn massive bucks in the direction of your fingertips. Isn’t that amazing? You receive a distinction of a significant person (VIP). 

It is a giant trading account that opens the floodgates of extra celestial capacity. Learning about it would make you crave to try your luck on it too. It is about knowing about a superior experience. 

Features of VIP Account 
  • A dedicated senior account manager can do wonders to your portfolio. You can imagine how your account would be handled by a professional of immaculate order. That’s level up compared to the regular account manager that you see often. 
  • The dedicated account manager is always there up for extra assistance. That’s how you may feel more special because of the VIP account. So, use it, save excess time and focus on other important tasks. 
  • Full account review showing the bureau of your performance and the market can take the VIP account holder to places with some terrific ideas. You can keep a check on your pattern and then align it with the market. Anyone using the feature is on the next level and equipped with the market more than anyone—basically an expert. 
  • VIP webinars are perfect for these traders. Joining it, they can accumulate more feathers to the knowledge hat and replicate in the market of volatilities when the time arrives. 
  • Educational webinars are a blend of what a VIP trader may require and gain for making more wealth. 
  • Margin call is 100 per cent.
  • Stop Out is 50 per cent.
  • The minimum volume per trade is 0.01.
  • The maximum volume per trade is 50.
  • Additionally, customer care support is always at your service. However, anyone using the account would know how to resolve minuscule troubles due to past experience. 
  • Trading signals add to the advantage—every signal of the market matters when there is an involvement of huge stakes. 
  • Rest of the features are similar or superior to other trading accounts. 

Kinds of Products 

Overall, you get to pick from six sensational products, and each of them can make your dreams come true with exceptional supremacy in the market. 

The features packed by the assets are reliable and incredible. 

Trading Features Cryptocurrency

  • You can receive access to any device from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. MAC, PC, smartphone, tablet etc. Select any one of them and start trading. 
  • You’ve got an option of the most popular coins like Ethereum, Ripple. Bitcoin, and many others for transacting in the cryptocurrency market. 
  • IGM FX does not have any hidden fees or charges for people trading on the digital currency. It supports traders who choose cryptocurrencies with the best possible ways and make their trading journey comfortable and exciting. 
  • Through the brilliant professionals in the team, if you get stuck while trading, seek help from the executive and get them resolved in the nick of time. 
  • The bustling opportunities of the dynamic market pose splendid pathways to earn money in quick time. So, join the bandwagon and exhibit your prowess of trading in the market by emerging victorious. 
  • You can invest via means of CFDs and make better gains than anticipated. 

Trading Features Metals 

Metals get influenced and then influence back the market. The potential draws the attention of traders. Gold is one metal that can change the financial market’s movement and is considered one of the most reliable and safe haven investment places when the global economy is in tatters. 

Likewise, a trader can invest in silver, platinum, copper, zinc and other metals for making significant gains. 

For example, if the prices of any of the metals tend to go up, you can invest and increase wealth. 

  • You get more than fifteen assets for investment through CFDs. 
  • The accessibility is high through ultramodern equipment and technique. Additionally, it allows exposure to bigger markets and significant gains.
  • A trader gets access to extra flexible spreads and optimal trading conditions for trading various metals.
  • One can explore more than fifty plus metal markets for selling and buying assets. The turnover of these markets is more than $ 600 billion a month. 
  • IGM FX provides the support of executives when a trader trades in the metal. So, continue with diversifying your portfolio. 

Trading Features Stock Market 

You have to set up your goals before trading in the stock market. It is a place where a fraction of hike or plunge can determine how much a trader can lose or gain in the volatility. Analytical signals, economic calendars, trading environment updates and other tools and features can impact your benefits in the stock trading. 

  • Avail more than thirty stock assets for trading through the contract for differences. The motive is to empower a trader. 
  • You can invest in several multinational companies through IGM FX and its CFDs.
  • Take control of your trading and choose where you want to invest. 
  • The diversification of investment in different companies enables you to garner gains. 
  • Scale your portfolio by investing in shares that have trillions of dollars transactions every year. 
  • The spreads are flexible here.

Trading Features Indices Market 

Interestingly, it is a less perilous market compared to other existing financial markets. An exchange measures the health of all stocks in an aggregate way. It helps in speculating the market and earn. 

You can reach greater trading levels by risking less. 

  • Get global market opportunities and diversify the ability to invest. Explore the chances of diving deeper in the world of Euro 50 Cash Index, France 40 Cash Index, JPN 225, Australia 200 Cash Index and many more.
  •  Cross trading platforms empowers you to trade in different markets. 
  • There are more than 10 CFDs in the indices market. 
  • You’re not required to pay fees or hidden charges. So, a trader does not have to worry about getting tricked for paying more than anticipation. 
  • Receive dedicated customer care support.
  • You get a golden ticket to become a global citizen by trading through various indices. 
  • The success in price movement is higher than any other market.
  • Services you receive are premium. 

Trading Features Forex 

IGM FX identifies itself as a leading forex broker and rightly so. The features it offers for the currency markets are impeccable. You do not need to say more about the qualities it inherits. 

  • A trader receives more than forty CFDs forex pairs for trading. 
  • Depending on your ability and requirement, it presents different markets and opportunities.
  • Exotics, major or cross, you can conquer any of the markets through the help of IGM FIGMX. 
  • The multilingual support is the spirit of the broker. The advanced customer care resolves your queries in quickly and in your preferred language. So, you do not have to hold back your words due to lack of not knowing English. 
  • The most liquid market can make your life better if you choose tools from IGM FX. 
  • The broker anchors you up with its features and ability to access the financial market through Android and iOS operating systems. You can control your deals via PC, MAC, Tablets or Smartphones. 
  • The market is volatile, and so are the chances to make more significant gains. You can convert the fluctuations into opportunities for becoming richer. 

Commodity Market Trading 

You can set off commodities without owning the sacks of rice, wheat or beans and make millions of dollars. The agriculture market is a hit for it stems from the requirement of livelihood. We need grains to sustain. Hence, the market would remain intact and kicking. Thus, you will have options for earning come what may. 

The assets it includes are crude oil, gold, cocoa, energies, precious metals, and agricultural entities. 

  • You get more than fifteen assets for trading through CFDs. It can help you achieve market-oriented targets. 
  • An investor trading with IGM FX broker gets the flexibility of optimising the trade in various assets like corn, gas etc. 
  • A trader has access to over fifty best-trading markets, where more than a hundred commodities get traded daily. 
  • The scope is magnanimous with a wide variety of agricultural and other products available for trading and enlarging the portfolio. 
  • Irrespective of the market is bull or bear; you get a chance to hop upon commodity trading. 
  • The rails of technological advancements connect you with blockchain techniques that enhance the ability to trade. 

IGM FX Review 2021 : Conclusion

 This was the unbiased IGM FX Review 2021.  IGM FX is a safe broker for those who ask whether it’s “scam or not”? The features are elaborative, and the brokerage firm is genuine, so investors prefer trading on it. The withdrawals are quick; security is optimum, technology is cutting edge, and you receive more than 160 assets for trading. 

Furthermore, you can execute your assets instantly, and the commission is zero. Additionally, you get exposed to international markets. 

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