Securities Commission of Bahamas

The main role of the Securities Commission of Bahamas is to regulate and monitor financial activities. This includes enforcing acts such as the Financial and Corporate Service Providers Act, the Digital Assets and Registered Exchanges Act, and the Carbon Credits Trading Act.

Licensing and Regulation

The main duty of SCB is to licence and register individuals and companies involved in the financial market. The ones who operate in the securities industry meet the required criteria for honesty, expertise, and financial stability through a tough evaluation process.

By maintaining a thorough registry, they offer investors access to trustworthy information about licensed market participants, empowering clients to make well-informed choices when it comes to investing.

Supervision and Compliance

In order to uphold market integrity and safeguard investors, SCB diligently oversees market operations. The team of skilled experts regularly carries out inspections and audits to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

By encouraging the adoption of best practices and proactively addressing potential risks, SCB contributes to the overall stability of the financial markets in the Bahamas.


The Securities Commission of the Bahamas plays a crucial role as a cornerstone of the Bahamian financial system, promoting growth, stability, and investor trust.

Through our robust regulatory framework, commitment to market development, and unwavering dedication to protecting investors, we strive to create an environment that attracts both domestic and international investors.