MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is an online trading platform tailored for both Forex and stock traders seeking automation capabilities via trading robots, signals, and fundamental analysis. It boasts essential features like web-based trading, algorithmic trading, mobile accessibility, and advanced technical analysis tools.

With MetaTrader 5, teams have the capacity to forecast future market shifts through comprehensive price analysis. The platform empowers users to track a wide range of financial instruments, scrutinize short-term price variations, and evaluate long-term trends effectively.

How do you trade on MetaTrader 5?

  • Register with a broker like Blueberry Markets and access our free MT5 extension.
  • Download MT5 onto your device and log in using your registration credentials.
  • Initiate your first position in the Order window. You can choose from various order types or utilize automated orders.
  • Keep track of your positions through the Terminal window.
  • Adjust stops, limits, and orders in line with your trading goals via the Terminal window.
  • Personalize charts and indicators and set up price alerts for real-time market updates.
  • Access your trade history and obtain detailed trade reports from the Terminal window, offering insights into your trades and account summary.

Top features of MetaTrader5

  • Anticipates market trends
  • Employs advanced Market Depth functionality
  • Precise fundamental and technical analysis
  • Enables automated trading