Israel Securities Authority

The Israel Securities Authority serves as the official national securities regulator in Israel. It was established by legislation in 1968 with the aim of fostering an efficient capital market built on principles of transparency and fairness.

The ISA combats securities fraud, insider trading and other activities that could undermine the integrity of Israel’s capital market and harm the investor community. Through its regulatory efforts, the ISA strives to maintain a secure and trustworthy investment environment in Israel, safeguarding the interests of both market participants and investors.

Licensing and Regulation

The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) is vested with substantial regulatory powers. These powers empower the ISA to effectively supervise and regulate multiple facets of the securities market.

Through its authority, the ISA ensures compliance with regulations, overseas market participants, and takes necessary measures to maintain the integrity and stability of the securities industry. The ISA’s regulatory role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities aimed at fostering transparency, fairness, and investor protection within the Israeli securities market.

Supervision and Compliance

The Israel Securities Authority is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of investors. The ISA seeks to strengthen investor confidence and provide protection against fraudulent activities. The ISA plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the Israeli securities market, ensuring a fair environment for all investors.


The stability and transparency of the market in Israel are supported by the Israel Securities Authority’s strong regulatory framework, effective enforcement mechanisms, and emphasis on safeguarding investors.

By gaining a clear understanding of the Israel Securities Authority’s role and responsibilities, investors and participants in the market can navigate the Israeli securities landscape with increased awareness and assurance.