International Finance Service Commission

The International Financial Services Commission is an autonomous regulatory authority responsible for supervising the delivery of financial services in Belize.

It was established in accordance with the International Financial Services Commission Act of 1999 and has evolved into a strong regulatory entity, contributing to the development of Belize as a recognized international financial hub.

Licensing and Regulation

The IFSC grants licences to  individuals and businesses who are eligible to engage in a range of financial activities such as banking, insurance, mutual funds, and more.

Through the enforcement of rigorous licensing criteria, the IFSC guarantees that only trustworthy and capable entities operate within Belize’s financial industry.

Supervision and Compliance

Adopting a proactive stance towards supervision and compliance, the IFSC diligently oversees the operations of licensed entities to ensure compliance with regulatory norms.

By conducting regular inspections, audits, and imposing reporting obligations, the IFSC effectively manages risks and protects the welfare of consumers and investors.


The International Financial Services Commission  of Belize is a reputable institution in financial regulation, offering a strong and comprehensive regulatory framework.

With its primary responsibilities of licensing, supervision, and compliance, the IFSC safeguards the integrity and stability of Belize’s financial services sector.