The Financial Markets Authority is a government agency in New Zealand entrusted with the task of financial regulation. Its primary role involves the regulation of various participants within the financial market, including exchanges, as well as the establishment and enforcement of financial regulations.

By effectively regulating financial market participants and enforcing regulations, the FMA contributes to the stability and proper functioning of the country’s financial sector.

Licensing and Regulation

The FMA possesses specific powers granted by legislation to monitor compliance, conduct investigations, and take enforcement action against any conduct that may potentially violate applicable legislation.

These powers extend to financial market firms and individuals. Through these authorised measures, the FMA diligently oversees adherence to regulatory requirements, investigates potential violations, and takes appropriate enforcement actions as necessary.

By exercising these powers, the FMA ensures the integrity, transparency, and accountability of financial market participants in New Zealand.

Supervision and Compliance

The FMA actively strives to ensure that market participants adhere to all relevant laws, codes of conduct, and licensing requirements through effective supervision. By closely monitoring compliance, the FMA endeavours to create a regulatory environment where market participants uphold the highest standards of conduct. In instances of non-compliance, the FMA possesses strong enforcement powers to address misconduct and preserve market integrity.

This approach cultivates a culture of accountability, reinforcing the trustworthiness and reliability of New Zealand’s financial markets. Through its vigilant supervision and robust enforcement measures, the FMA works towards maintaining a fair, transparent, and trustworthy financial ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders.


The Financial Markets Authority has powers granted by legislation, the FMA effectively monitors compliance, conducts investigations, and enforces regulations to ensure market participants adhere to applicable laws, codes of conduct, and licensing requirements.

Through its robust enforcement measures, the FMA addresses misconduct and upholds market integrity. This approach fosters a culture of accountability and reinforces the reliability of New Zealand’s financial markets.

By providing effective supervision and promoting a fair and transparent regulatory environment, the FMA contributes to the overall stability and confidence in the financial sector.