The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s primary role is to oversee and regulate the derivatives markets within the country.

This includes the regulation of futures contracts, swaps, and specific types of options. Through its regulatory efforts, the CFTC strives to protect market participants, promote market stability, and foster confidence in the derivatives trading industry.

Licensing and Regulation

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission encompasses the regulation of various markets, including commodity futures, options, swaps, and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. Through its regulatory framework, the CFTC ensures compliance and fosters transparency within these important segments of the derivatives market.

Supervision and Compliance

The CFTC mandates the registration and adherence to its rules for various market participants, including futures exchanges, clearinghouses, and intermediaries. It closely supervises these organisations to ensure their compliance with regulations and fair, transparent conduct.

This oversight plays a vital role in maintaining the stability and efficiency of the commodity futures and options markets.


Through its market surveillance, enforcement efforts, and regulatory functions, the CFTC actively promotes market integrity, transparency, and fairness. By overseeing the operations of traders, investors, futures exchanges, clearinghouses, intermediaries, and other market participants, the agency ensures a secure and regulated environment for engaging in commodity trading activities.

The CFTC’s vigilant oversight contributes to the establishment of a level playing field, protecting the interests of all stakeholders involved. By upholding high standards and enforcing regulations, the CFTC fosters trust and confidence in the commodities market, facilitating a transparent and equitable trading environment.