China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is an official body with the power to regulate the establishment and operation of banking and insurance companies.

Its duties included keeping an eye on and controlling these institutions’ ongoing business operations as well as enforcing any regulatory standards that were broken with the proper sanctions.

Licensing and Regulation

The major duty of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is prudential supervision, which covers a range of areas of bank operations, including risk management, capital adequacy, liquidity, and legal and regulatory compliance.

The CBIRC thoroughly evaluates potential risks and conducts stress testing before taking the necessary actions to safeguard the stability of the banking system. The CBIRC is empowered with the authority to provide licence to new banks, promoting the expansion of the banking industry while ensuring the legitimacy and soundness of these recently founded companies.

Supervision and Compliance

The CBIRC assesses the qualifications, financial stability, and management capabilities of prospective banks, thereby safeguarding the interests of depositors and investors. Through its dual role of prudential supervision and licensing, the CBIRC plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity and reliability of the banking industry. This helps foster trust and confidence among stakeholders while promoting the overall development of the financial sector.


The China Banking Regulatory Commission holds a crucial position in ensuring stability, fostering growth, and protecting the interests of stakeholders within the banking sector of China.

Through its careful supervision, development of policies, and implementation of transformative initiatives, the CBRC has emerged as a prominent regulatory body.

By adhering to rigorous integrity standards and embracing technological advancements, the CBRC actively shapes a resilient and forward-thinking banking industry. Its efforts contribute significantly to the overall progress and advancement of China’s economy.