Cayman Island Monetary Authority

CIMA acts as the principal governing body overseeing and regulating financial services in the Cayman Islands. Established in 1997, CIMA holds the critical responsibility of preserving the Cayman Islands’ position as a respected global financial centre.

Licensing and Regulation

Under the guidance of CIMA, the licensing and regulation of financial services entities in the Cayman Islands are conducted with meticulous care. CIMA sets forth rigorous licensing criteria, including comprehensive due diligence assessments and ongoing monitoring of licensed entities.

Through a commitment to rigorous scrutiny and transparency, CIMA guarantees that only reputable and capable organisations are granted permission to operate within the jurisdiction.

Supervision and Compliance

CIMA aims to identify and resolve vulnerabilities or instances of non-compliance. It also ensures the protection of investors and the overall economy.


The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority plays a pivotal role in maintaining stability of the financial sector.

CIMA has established itself as a trusted authority in the global financial community, through its robust regulatory framework and commitment to international cooperation.