CIRO serves as the governing body responsible for supervising investment dealers, mutual fund dealers, and trading operations within Canada’s debt and equity markets.

It is dedicated to safeguarding investors, ensuring effective and uniform regulation, and fostering confidence among Canadians in financial oversight and the individuals overseeing their investments.

Licensing and Regulation

The British Columbia Securities Commission, together with other securities regulators in Canada, has officially recognized the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO). CIRO handles two existing regulatory bodies,Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and

Supervision and Compliance

CIRO exercises regulatory oversight over both mutual fund dealers and investment dealers. Additionally, it offers regulatory services to marketplaces that have chosen to retain its services.

This includes monitoring trading activities on those marketplaces to ensure compliance with CIRO rules and securities legislation.


CIRO serves as the national self-regulatory organisation responsible for regulating and overseeing mutual fund dealers and investment dealers in Canada. It fulfils its mandate by promoting the public interest and ensuring compliance with CIRO rules and securities legislation.

Through efficient monitoring of trading activities and the provision of consistent regulation, CIRO plays a vital role in safeguarding investors and building trust in financial regulation.