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Forex is a network where buyers and sellers exchange currencies at an agreed-upon price. It acts as a mechanism for individuals, companies, and central banks to convert one currency into another. 

The majority of currency conversions are intended to generate profits. The large amount of currency traded daily leads to the high volatility of certain currencies. This volatility is what attracts traders to the forex market, as it directs towards substantial profits. However, it is important to note that the increased volatility leads to higher risk involved in forex trading.

What is PhoenixLtd?

Phoenix is managed by Phoenix Limited  regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles with licence number: SD113.Phoenix LTD’s registration number is 8430083-1. 

 It is owned by Phoenix Limited, an authorised financial services investment firm that delivers the greatest and safest quality services to its traders.

The WebTrader of Phoenix trading platforms provide infinite resources at your desk via desktop, mobile or tablet.

The account types at PhoenixLtd are customer centric and the five types of it can make trader’s trading needs easier.

Is PhoenixLtd A Scam or Safe?

PhoenixLtd is regulated by the Financial Service Authority of Seychelles which makes it less likely to be a scam. By operating within a regulated environment, Phoenix showcases their dedication to responsible practices and establishes safeguards that guarantee equitable treatment for investors. 

Their client service centre claims to provide exceptional support, ensuring the highest quality assistance with extended customer hours available to assist the trader whenever they require help.

Through strict adherence to regulations and the implementation of measures to safeguard client funds, Phoenix showcases their unwavering commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable trading environment.

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Our recommendation: Trading at Phoenix LTD

  •  Quick and easy to register
  • Range of assets to invest in
  • Regulated by FSA
  • Different Account types to choose from
  • Low minimum deposit

Advantages and disadvantages of Phoenix LTD

  • Regulated by FSA
  • A well defined client complaint procedure
  • 128-bit SSL encryption for privacy protection
  • Maximum Leverage of 1:400
  • Does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as the USA.

PhoenixLtd Account Types? 

Enhance your trading expertise by selecting the Phoenix trading account moulded according to your needs, and boost your trading ideas.

LEVERAGE 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:400
SPREADS 2.5 2.5 1.8 1.4 0.9
INSTRUMENT All Assets All Assets All Assets All Assets All Assets
SWAP DISCOUNT     NO   Available   Available   Available   Available
MARGIN CALL   100% 100% 100% 100%  100%

PhoenixLtd Markets: Account Opening Process

  1. Register your account on the website
  2. Fill in the details on the given form.
  3. Verify your account by answering some questions.
  4. Fund your account and start trading.

Deposit Methods & Minimum Requirements

PhoenixLtd enables traders to deposit funds in USD,EUR,and JPY. There are several methods provided by the broker, such as, Credit card, APMs and Wire transfers. The minimum deposit at PhoenixLtd is $250.

How Can You Withdraw Funds?  

When initiating a withdrawal, it is essential to note that the method chosen must align with the one used for the initial deposit. This means that if traders utilise Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for deposit, then they are required to employ APMs for withdrawal as well. 

It is important to note that the first withdrawal can only be processed once a trader’s account is successfully verified. In the scenario where traders aim to withdraw an amount exceeding initial deposit, the additional funds will be transferred via wire transfer. 

If traders made a deposit using a credit card and intend to withdraw an amount surpassing the initial deposit, the original deposited sum will be returned to the credit card, while the remaining amount will be transferred via wire transfer.


Our recommendation: Trading at Phoenix LTD

  •  Quick and easy to register
  • Range of assets to invest in
  • Regulated by FSA
  • Different Account types to choose from
  • Low minimum deposit

What Can Be Traded On PhoenixLtd?


Phoenix provides traders with over 50+ exotic currency pairs to trade in. With maximum leverage of 400 and a minimum of 200. Lower spreads are an attractive option while trading with foreign exchanges.


PhoenixLtd has incorporated cryptocurrency trading into its services. With a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, clients can leverage advanced trading tools and competitive pricing. PhoenixLtd recognizes the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic race of finance, and is dedicated to granting clients access to cutting-edge trading possibilities.


PhoenixLtd offers around 20+ commodities to trade from. Offering minimum trade size as low as 0.01 and a maximum 50.

Some of the commodities Phoenix deals in are coffee, cocoa, crude oil, cotton, soybean, etc.


PhoenixLtd provides traders with several reputed shares to trade in, such as Adidas, Amazon, Apple. 

These high liquidity shares and market interest due to their strong financial performance, increase the chances of profit to the traders. Their innovative services, and influential positions within their sectors is a feather in the cap.


Tackle your expertise in CFD trading by utilising upgraded trading tools, defining the path for an unparalleled trading experience. Empower your decision-making process by comprehending the intricacies of our product specifications, enabling you to make more informed and lucrative trading choices.

PhoenixLtd Markets Fees, Commissions & Spreads

          ACCOUNT TYPES               SPREADS
                CLASSIC                     2.5
                  SILVER                     2.5
                    GOLD                     1.8
                PLATINUM                       1.4
                VIP                       0.9


0 TO 1 MONTH           0
1 TO 2 MONTHS         80 USD/EURO
2 TO 6 MONTHS         120 USD/EURO
AFTER 6 MONTHS         200  USD/EURO


            METHOD           APPLICABLE FEES
    Debit Card

     Credit Card

     Prepaid Card


    Wire Transfer     30 USD/EUR
    E-Wallets           3.5%/2%

Available Trading Platforms

PhoenixLtd is a comprehensive broker that provides its traders with The WebTrader to trade on.

Web Trader

A web trader is an online platform designed for forex traders to open and close positions without the need to download any software.

 Through a web browser, traders can conveniently monitor Bid-Ask spreads, set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, and keep track of all executed positions, both historical and current. 

This streamlined approach allows traders to access essential trading functionalities directly through their browser, offering flexibility and convenience in managing their forex activities.

Company Details


  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Shares
  • Indices


  • Country: Seychelles
  • License:  SD113
  • Regulation: FSA

Customer Service

Phone number: +2484671919

Email id: [email protected]


Our recommendation: Trading at Phoenix LTD

  •  Quick and easy to register
  • Range of assets to invest in
  • Regulated by FSA
  • Different Account types to choose from
  • Low minimum deposit

Educational And Research Resources

The current website of PhoenixLtd lacks sufficient educational and research resources for learning purposes. To enhance the trading experience, it is recommended that traders opt for brokers who offer a comprehensive range of materials, including chart analysis, daily news updates, video lectures, and in-depth explanations of forex trading topics.

 Brokers such as XPro Markets and Elland Road Capital stand out as they provide extensive educational and research resources, catering to the needs of both beginner and seasoned traders, for smoother trading journeys.


PhoenixLtd is regulated by the Financial Service Authority of Seychelles, which makes it safer to trade on and invest your funds.

The broker provides 5 different types of accounts to trade on according to the trader’s wallet size and trading psychology.

Brokers offer large leverage of 400 and low spreads, more higher liquidity.  PhoenixLtd offers a minimum amount of $250 to open an account. 

It however lacks on the subject of education and research, which it needs to work on.


At FxReviews, our primary objective is to furnish you with impartial and objective assessments, commentary, and in-depth analysis. Our unwavering commitment to precision is maintained through meticulous data validation coupled with insights from industry authorities. It is essential to acknowledge that, albeit infrequent, minor fluctuations may occur. Please be assured that our dedication to delivering unbiased appraisals, exhaustive scrutiny, and well-informed viewpoints remains unwavering. 

We feel compelled to counsel you on the matter of investing in financial instruments, commodities, and other assets, which carry a significant degree of risk. There exists the potential for a complete depletion of your deposited funds. We recommend engaging in such undertakings exclusively if you possess an exhaustive comprehension of the associated hazards. It should be noted that FxReviews refrains from dispensing investment advice or any semblance of financial guidance.

Your financial security is of paramount significance to us, and we strongly advocate the exercise of due diligence and the pursuit of professional guidance when arriving at investment determinations.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor, a respected forex trader and expert from the United States, holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from a prestigious university. With over a decade of experience, his exceptional trading strategies and commitment to risk management have made him a trusted advisor to investors. Ryan’s analytical skills in technology have enabled him to develop sophisticated trading models and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Known for his clear communication and dedication to education, he actively shares his knowledge through seminars and articles. With a focus on transparency and innovation, Ryan continues to inspire and guide traders towards financial success in the dynamic forex market.


The maximum leverage provided by PhoenixLtd is 400.

The withdrawal process in PhoenixLtd takes around 24 hours.

Yes, there are different spread pips for different accounts

Yes, withdrawal can be cancelled as long as the transfer is not processed.

The information is secure and privacy protected. PhoenixLtd uses advanced security technologies and 128-bit SSL encryption.

 In order to trade with PhoenixLtd the trader has to be 18 years of age.

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