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T1Markets Review 2021:  The broker is one of the fastest emerging online brokerage firms providing the best financial services to users paying a visit to its website. It takes pride in empowering traders, enhancing investors’ experience and self-fulfillment. CySEC is the authorised body that regulates the broker.

It is pushing the boundaries of competitiveness and investments in online trading, which are drawing traders toward it. Besides, it is living up to beginners’ aims for veterans to make some profits. Here are some of the performance activities and services it is offering to boost the morale of traders:-

Summary: T1Markets broker is endowing some of the sufficient opportunities and trading

  • Commission charges:- Zero per cent
  • Spreads:- 0.3 minimum pips
  • Support:- 24/5
  • Markets to choose from:- Over 10000+
  • Assets:- 300+
  • Maximum leverage:- 1:500

History: General Capital Brokers Limited (GCB) is the owner of T1Markets, renowned for its immaculate services in the financial service markets. The company’s mission established in 2017 is to help clients bag the best possible execution while trading in sundry instruments and assets.

T1Markets Review: Scam or Safe?

The broker is a legitimate online trading place. CySec regulates it

  • License number:- 333/17
  • Registration number:-  HE345774

Trading Accounts Types 

The online broker is exhibiting three types of accounts for users to select as per their choices and comfortability factor. Here are the features one can explore in different accounts:-

Silver Trading Account:- 

  • Deposit commission:– Zero per cent
  • Maximum Leverage:- 1: 200
  • Available base currencies:- AUD/USD, USD/JPY
  •  USD/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, and more
  • Starting of spreads:- 0.07pips

Services by Silver Account in T1Markets:

  • The Silver account has been handcrafted with the aim of making the novice feel good about the trading experience. It has a dedicated account manager and it can be used as an Islamic account and for hedging purposes. It offers a news alert option too.

The stock market offers leverage of more than 1:50 while the forex market is subject to leverage of 1:500. Similarly, commodities workaround with 1:125 leverage.

Spreads chart

  • Crude Oil:- 250
  • EUR/USD:- 28
  • Gold:- 80

Gold Trading Account:

  • Deposit commission:– Zero per cent
  • Maximum Leverage:- 1: 400
  • Available base currencies:- AUD/USD, USD/JPY
  •  USD/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/USD and many more
  • Starting of spreads:- 0.05 pips

Services by Gold Account in T1Markets

  • News alert
  • Free VPS
  • Islamic Account
  • Fifth Decimal
  • Hedging
  • Swap Discount is 25 per cent
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/5 support
  • The withdrawal process takes five days
  • Webinars and videos

Leverages by Gold Account in T1Markets

  • Stocks/Equities:- 1:50
  • FX:- 1:500
  • Commodities: 1:125
  • Indices:- 1:125

Spreads by Gold Account in T1Markets

  • Crude Oil:- 200
  • EUR/USD:- 20
  • Gold:- 70

Platinum Account:- 

  • Deposit commission:– Zero per cent
  • Maximum Leverage:- 1: 500
  • Available base currencies:- AUD/USD, USD/JPY
  •  USD/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/USD and many more
  • Starting of spreads:- 0.03 pips

Services by Platinum Account in T1Markets

  • News alert
  • Platinum deposit commission 0
  • Free VPS
  • Islamic Account
  • Fifth Decimal
  • Hedging
  • Swap Discount is 50 per cent
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/5 support
  • The withdrawal process takes five days
  • Webinars and videos

Leverages by Platinum Account in T1Markets

  • Stocks/Equities:- 1:50
  • FX:- 1:500
  • Commodities: 1:125
  • Indices:- 1:125

Spreads by Gold Account in T1Markets

  • Crude Oil:- 200
  • EUR/USD:- 18
  • Gold:- 60

Save money on T1Markets

Trade on silver, gold, and platinum accounts and earn money with T1Markets. The trading experience is superb here due to the high leverage facility, security trading, and enabling of Cyprus securities and exchange.

Demo Account

The demo account helps in recognising a broker’s ability, and people can know about retail investor accounts through it. Factors like time zone do not work here.

T1Markets Review: Trading Platforms 

The online broker primarily sports two types of platforms: WebTrader and Mobile app. Both infuse power in trading and offer traders to diversify their portfolio with an effort of a few clicks. Every trading platform has specific features and

Trading platform WebTrader

The platform does not need any preliminary downloads and gives away access to the global markets. It punches above the weight and packs equivalent to better than its native platforms in terms of performance and service. T1markets is highly reliable and dependable for new users with explicit compatibility. It comes with MT4 system concordance and hiked data secured with encryption technology.

Some of its features:-

  • Trading history:- It takes note and saves reports of trading history, details of transactions and tradings, number of operations, and types of lots. The feature assists in controlling finances.
  • Analytical instruments:- It offers thirty technical indicators, including moving averages and Fibonacci retracements, to acknowledge and analyse trading conditions.
  • Sundry modes of trade executions:- The platforms take no time in executing bids, which plays a significant role in drawing profits. Furthermore, it has two stop orders, two markets, and four pending.
  • Customised synchronisation:-  It gets synced seamlessly with other Metaquotes in no time. The software pushes for reliable and quick performance.

 Features of MT4 Web Trader in T1Markets

  • Built-in platform support
  • There is a secure sockets layer (SSL)
  • Real-time balance level
  • One tap account switching.
  • Multiple chart windows
  • Conducive for all account types
  • Trading conditions are top class here.
  • Live chat with customer care executive.
  • Price alert notifications
  • Trading condition updates

Trading platform Mobile app

It is a great trading app from Cyprus broker for seasoned traders who can trade and check their instruments and assets even on the move. It is available on Apple iOS and Google’s Android and runs on MetaTrader4, allowing investors to reap the market’s harvests 24 hours a day. The mobiletrader trading app powers smartphone or tablets to function like any desktop and laptop, offering similar options and features to choose and trade in the financial market. It takes the user to new peaks providing self-realising fulfilment coming from making profits. A mobile trader can avail of the following features:-

Some top features

  • Nine timeframes:- It helps in meeting any short or long trading planning or strategies.
  • One-click management:-  Investors can close-open, place limit-stop-loss and perform trades in just one click.
  • Trade notifications:-  Receive all the latest information and updates into the mobile phone or any device.
  • Technical indicators:- There are Elliot Tools, bars, channels, Gann, Geometric shapes, Lines, Fibonacci, etc.

So, the mobile platform provides all ingredients that an investor needs for earning money.

Markets and Products for trading in T1Markets Review

It opens gates for more than ten thousand markets with three hundred assets to trade in the financial market. The brand offers cryptocurrency tradings, forex markets, stock markets, indices markets, commodity trading, and metal tradings.

Forex Markets in T1Markets Review:-

It is offering a significant market space for foreign currency exchange admirers. There are the following benefits:-

  • 45 plus CFDs on Forex pairs in:- Anyone who registers T1Markets for investments on foreign currency exchanges gets driven by full diversification of currency pairs.
  • Technology:- It fancies the latest and advanced software with solutions like never before.
  • Zero commission and flexible spreads
  • Advanced support of 24/5

The cryptocurrency market in T1Markets:-

It is where the future lies, the blockchain technology coupled with digital currencies. These chains are highly secured through cryptography, negating any counterfeit activity or attempt.

  • It has more than 30 crypto CFDs
  • Flexible spreads
  • Diversification
  • Blockchain technology and security
  • 24/5 advanced support

Commodity Trading in T1Markets

The market draws its origin from times immemorial. It has several modes and sectors, which include edible to non-edible goods required in daily lifestyle. The broker allows an advanced quality of analytical toolkit and whole-day access to users for trading commodities.

  • It has twenty-plus commodity assets.
  • The broker has fifty major markets on its website, where around 100 commodities trade daily.
  • Zero commission with flexible spreads.

CFD trading products in T1Markets:

Stock trading in T1Markets:- 

With the help of CFDs, one can dive into the world of stock or equity trading. The brokerage firm has listed Google, British Petroleum, Mercedes, Sony, Microsoft, and other bigger conglomerates as trading stocks. Thus, traders can earn more frequent money.

  • Forty-five stocks assets for trading through CFDs
  • Management & control
  • Multiple companies
  • Sixty major stock markets for dealing
  • Zero commission packed with flexible spreads
  • Lightning-fast market analysis
  • Multi-device trading terminals

Indices Trading in T1Markets 

The arena is defined by its fluctuations and volatility in the market. Users can trade on it using CFD. More than 20 indices for a trader are selected, including Nasdaq 100, DAX30, FTSE 100 etc.

  • It has 20 plus indices CFDs for trading.
  • Fifty major markets to choose for trading.
  • Index CFDs are profitable.

Metal trading in T1Markets:- 

Precious metals are always in demand and remain subtle during high or low inflation. People invest in gold, platinum, and silver as safe-haven place.

  • Variety in metal CFDs
  • 50 plus metal markets
  • Advanced technological solutions
  • Trading signals

Account Opening in T1Markets

For opening an account, a trader needs to offer important information, email, phone number, and password. After that, click on create account to complete the registration. Required fields are marked for clients.

Commission and Fee by T1Markets

 The broker charges no commission.

Deposit and Withdrawal on T1Markets Review:

Minimum deposit criteria: $ 250, and it happens instantly.

Withdrawal: It takes five days for withdrawing money.

Payment modes:-  SafeCharge, Neteller, MIR Limited, Skrill, Wirecard, OrangePay, Decta, Payvision, Emerchantpay, PaySafe, Trustly, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard

Besides, the inactivity fee is lesser here.

NZD USD EUR GBP as currencies

The top currencies like these are not only used for trading. Deposit commission 0 also assists in spending different forex currencies.

Leverage offered by T1Markets

It is offering maximum leverage of 1:500.

Research T1Markets

  • It offers an Economic calendar.
  • Report season calendar

Customer service by T1Markets

The customer service is worth mentioning here. A trader finds several options for trading.

  • Live chat support
  • The customer service Phone number
  • Email
  • Correspondence through address

T1Markets Review: Education Resources

Knowledge places a trader on top of profit-making. The broker is offering information through the following ways:-

  • Articles
  • Ebooks
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • VOD

T1Markets Customer care service

The review is incomplete without speaking about the features. For getting in touch with the higher authority, a trader can leave a reply in the message box. The call facility is available for a prolonged time and on weekdays for every client. The customer care staffs reply to your email address. They review the query and come up with an apt reply. You can seek several replies, including about trading instruments. These are the traits of a good broker like T1Markets.

Besides, trading on a cell phone also allows live chat features and works well with the other trading platform.

Why join T1 Markets?

Joining T1 Markets is a boon for all traders. Securities and exchange commission Cyprus looks after different trading platforms. It catapults trading experience for every client, which helps in earning money. Silver, gold, and platinum accounts here enhance T1Markets and its customers. The efficiency knows no bounds while trading with the accounts. The derivatives like commodity CFDs, an investor, can explore an array of world.

Get a callback from a trusted broker today.

Conclusion broker review:- 

T1Markets is growing rapidly and attracting several buyers and sellers of all sectors and age groups. It is offering 300+ assets and six trading instruments—deposit commission 0 scheme factors in investors’ benefitsT1Markets does not charge an inactivity fee either. There’s no chance that trade can lose money when trading.

An investor can have a great trading experience with one of the best brokers and its super agency services. The demo account is a lifeline for every type of investor. Different account types help in trading in distinct markets with various features. Also, you don’t lose money when trading CFDs.

Top currencies like EUR USD GBP are lit for the forex broker and its clients. The registration process is simple on T1Markets. Hence, a good broker type is suitable for everyone.


What is General Capital Brokers Ltd?

It is the owner of the brokerage firm and the trading name of the online broker.

Can investor accounts lose money on T1Markets?

No, they cannot due to the kind of services they offer. T1Markets is a trading giant that does not have any high risk of losing.

Can retail investor accounts lose money?

The possibility is negligible if you are trading with the best tools and guidelines of the broker.

What is the trading name of General Capital Limited?

It is T1Markets.

What are CDFs?

CFDs are complex instruments.

What browser does the broker support?

The broker works around almost every browser.

What Amount of money do I need when trading CFDs?

You need a fair amount of funds for trading CFDs.

How to search for the best broker?

Searching for the best broker is simple. Read the reviews on fxreviews. Best website.

Is T1Markets broker for every person?

Yes, it is.

What is the specialty of the Web Trader platform?

The platform is different from various other platforms in good ways. It provides updates on trading conditions, real-time balance level, trading history, customised synchronisation etc.

What are the account types on T1Markets?

Every account type, be its silver, platinum, and gold, has its specialties.

What are the best things that attract a trader to a broker?

T1Markets offers several risk-free opportunities that negate the possibility of losing money rapidly due to trading. It works on the phenomenon approved by the world trade center. Every web page of the website is authentic to its core and helps traders.

Can an investor trade ethereum or a share on T1Markets?

Yes, with trading signals and other tools, a trader can trade several assets and instruments with the brokerage firm.

Is the US dollar tradeable on T1Markets?

Yes, with forex pairs, you can trade it.

Is mobile trading allowed here?

Yes, investors are allowed to trade.

Is T1Markets regulated?

Yes, the broker is regulated by CySEC. Bing regulated with such regulatory authority is flexing in itself. The broker daunts honesty at the forefront

Which is the mother company of T1Markets?

General Capital Brokers Ltd (GCB)

Does T1Markets have any demo accounts?

Yes, it has one demo account.

What’s the address of T1Markets?

The physical address is situated at 359, 28th October Street, Neaopolis, WorldTrade Center, Cyprus, Trust Re Building, 1st Floor, Limassol, Cyprus.

How does T1Markets accept payments?

The broker accepts payments through a credit card, a debit card, Master Card, Maestro, bank transfers, e-wallets, and others.

What are the unique benefits of trading on T1Markets?

You can find many benefits.

  • Many trading products
  • The broker gives a massive swap discount
  • Require minimum money when trading CFDs
  • Amazing trading platforms
  • Currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, etc are available
  • Free VPS facility
  • No high risk of losing funds
  • Incredible customer service
  • Trading signals are valuable
  • Start trading in share market, forex market, commodity market, index market and cryptocurrency market.
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