What is Swing Trading in Forex? A Detailed Overview 2022

Swing Trading

Swing trading in Forex refers to a short to medium-term trading strategy that a swing trader can use to gain returns from the price swings of Forex currency pairs. Typically, positions are held more than a day in this trading style.

However, swing trading requires patience as the trader wants maximum gains when the swing in price occurs. Therefore, one has to put heavy emphasis on various trading strategies while approaching this trading style. 

The reason why swing trading is grabbing attention today is that traders are taking advantage of short-term differences to make money. As a result, swing trading is becoming a new niche as a non-conventional trading career.  

What is Swing Trader in Forex?

A swing trader holds the position overnight for several weeks to gain on the short to mid-term speculation. Swing traders seek trading opportunities using technical analysis. Technical analysis is a preliminary step for the individual who is looking to adopt a swing trading style. 

To analyze market trends and price patterns, swing traders should better utilize the fundamental analysis. By doing so, a swing trader equips herself/himself for better execution of trades in the future. Swing trading clears means you have to analyze the market in and out so that your move is not exposed to high risks.  

A swing trader does not care about the long-term currency value. Instead, they always look to profit from highs and lows in the prices of the currency pairs. 

Rather than playing on an intraday trading game, swing trading involves positions held overnight or for weeks as traders seek a huge price movement to make money out of it. A swing trader always seeks such significant price movements.  

Finally, if you are a novice, you can understand swing trading as a trading style somewhere between intraday Forex trading and long-term investing in currencies because traders can hold positions for weeks to seek the large shift in the currency’s price.  

Swing Trading vs Day Trading

The major difference is holding time for positions in between swing trading and day trading. A day trader has to square off his position before the market closes. But in swing trading, positions generally are held overnight or more than that. 

Swing trading and day trading are two different sources of income for traders who make their living through trading only. They generate regular income in both trading styles because one has to closely watch the market conditions and take a painstaking approach to minimize the risks and make the deal in their favorable conditions. Stop-losses are typically wider in swing trading to match the proportionate profit aim.

Individuals, rather than large institutions, frequently execute swing trade setups and approaches. As there is the possibility of certain risks like gaps emerging up or down against the position, swing traders generally keep their position size smaller than day trading. This is due to the fact that huge corporations typically trade in volumes that make it difficult to quickly enter and leave securities.

The usage of stop-loss tactics is one final difference in swing trading vs day trading.

Is Swing Trading In Forex Profitable?

A swing trader is inclined towards multiple technical indicators like multi-day chart patterns. There are various trading patterns used by swing traders, like moving average crossovers, head and shoulders patterns, cup-and-handle patterns, flags, and triangles. Swing traders will notice their profits in a matter of days, which will keep their drive high. 

After that, you’ll need a brokerage account and some capital, but you can get all the support you need from online gurus to try to make money. Swing trading can also be profitable in a wide range of markets. You can check out ABInvesting to open your brokerage account without a minimum deposit. The online forex brokerage ranks as the best platform for swing traders.

Swing trading profits are solely dependent on the trader. You can increase your profits in a number of ways. Retracement trading is one of them. Looking for a price to temporarily reverse inside a wider trend is what retracement trading is all about. Price retraces to an earlier price point for a brief period before continuing to move in the same direction.

Things to Remember for A Swing Trader

The news may assist you in identifying prospective options and dividend stocks to monitor your entries and exits. Markets are constantly reacting to breaking news. Using price activity and weekly charts, many finance television networks will present market analysis and commentary. 

Swing trading’s purpose is to profit from a portion of a potential price move. Swing trades can happen during a trading session. However, this is an uncommon occurrence caused by exceptionally volatile market conditions. There will be highs and lows in the markets since that is the nature of buying and selling. 

Allow the numbers to determine the ups and downs, and don’t let your emotions get in the way. When your entire week’s earnings are on the line, deciding when to sell can rapidly become an emotional issue. So, come up with a plan and follow it religiously. 

Too many swing traders are preoccupied with the previous or subsequent trade. Don’t be concerned if you recently lost money on gold futures. Consider your long-term profit percentage and calculator instead. Everyone’s risk appetite is different. As a result, find risk factors that are appropriate for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing a mentor can educate you about this. Only by putting in countless hours of practice will you discover your boundaries. 

Trading Strategies Swing Traders Can Follow 

Generally, swing traders hold their position for not more than a few weeks. Therefore, they have to gain from their investments in less time. So relatively, risks are quite high. That is why swing traders spend their most of time learning the required trading strategies to lower the risks in the first place. So here are the best trading strategies you can pick if you are interested in swing trading.

Best trading straetegies:

Reversal trading

Price momentum plays a huge role in reversal trading. The specific variation in the trend’s direction of the Forex currency pair is called a reversal. This is because the price moves against the trends and loses momentum. A reversal can be both positive and negative. 

Fibonacci retracement

A swing trader must understand support and resistance levels as they play a vital role in Fibonacci retracements. This indicator helps a swing trader to identify the support and resistance levels. And it is linked with the above strategy also which is reversal trading. Reversals can easily be found by using Fibonacci retracements. 

T-Line trading

T-line helps the swing traders to identify entry and exit points. Suppose the relative price of a currency pair closes above the T-line means that the price will keep increasing. And if the price closes below the line, then it will keep decreasing. T-line is one of the best strategies that are flexible enough for swing traders. It is is the tool that indicates the 8-day exponential moving average.

Japanese Candlesticks

There are specific candlestick patterns that are popular among swing traders. Japanese candlesticks tell you about the price points, entry, and exit points. If there is an upward movement, you will see the green candlesticks. And if there is a downward price movement, the color will be red.       

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Jumping between sessions is a possibility, but so is simply day trading. Swing trading is adaptable to your trading preferences, regardless of when you prefer to trade. By capturing the majority of market movements, it optimizes short-term profit potential. Trading takes less time than day trading. Swing trading works across a wide range of marketplaces and instruments.
  • Swing trading is a unique method that provides traders with a great deal of flexibility. You have a lot of trading freedom because you aren’t aiming to hold anything for a long time and instead rely on price swings. Traders can heavily rely on technical analysis, making the trading process easier. Swing trading allows you to take large bets rather than those with low leverage, frequent in longer-term trends.
  • Swing trading is more controllable because it is largely reliant on technical analysis. Swing trading has several distinct benefits that may give it an edge over other popular trading strategies. There are numerous internet tools available to assist you in becoming one of the success stories. They can offer forex strategy suggestions, basic trade plans, and helpful hints for spotting patterns.
  • Join the Discord conversation to participate in a lively swing trading club. Trading within defined borders is recommended, while some trading tactics may introduce grey areas. Swing trading has small stop-losses, especially when compared to longer-term trades.
  • Candlestick charts and other strategies can be used to swing trade on a variety of platforms, from Webtrader to MetaTrader. There’s also the possibility of using expert adviser software and automated bots. There is no permanent upward or negative trend that exists. The partnership tends to appreciate in value when the global investment market is strong. These, when used appropriately, can let you execute considerably more swing trades than you could manually.
  • You need many qualities to conduct swing trading. Like how much risk you are willing to take? As a swing trader, you do not have to think much about the big stop losses. If you believe the currency will resume its downward trend, you may want to consider shorting the pair in order to profit on both sides of the price movement.
  • There will be indications of a forming pattern on almost any financial chart, but swing traders will be looking for support and resistance. Swing trading allows you to dip in and out of the market quickly and easily, allowing you to spot more trading chances. Once the currency pair reaches a level of resistance, you can cash out your profits.
  • Though it may not appear so, the currency market has a natural ebb and flow. Depressed investing attitudes, on the other hand, are reflected in the pair’s price movement. This allows you to profit from ebbs and flows regardless of how the market reacts.


  • Overnight and weekend market risk affect trade positions. Its real-time trading and successful tactics necessitate constant monitoring. Despite the fact that some have made it appear simple, any errors will be felt where it hurts the most when you lose your money. A price could gap and open at a considerably different price than it closed due to market fluctuations.
  • Regrettably, due to the nature of market speculation, many lessons are only learned the hard way. Swing trading also exposes traders to market volatility, particularly because swing trades are designed to profit from pullbacks and other short-term price fluctuations. Market reversals that occur suddenly might result in significant losses. The biggest danger is when the currency market is closed on weekends.
  • Swing traders are prone to overlooking longer-term patterns in favour of short-term market fluctuations. Swing trading isn’t one of those sorts of trading where you can open a position and forget about it for a week or two. Furthermore, trading on margin and employing leverage may result in you losing more money than you put in.
  • Although volatility can provide profit opportunities for experienced traders, it can also increase the risk associated with swing trading. As a result, balancing swing trading with full-time work may be difficult.

Bottom Line

Hope you understand what is swing trading in forex? Technical patterns such as the head-and-shoulders and cup-and-handle are also popular among swing traders. Day trading aims to make tiny profits many times throughout the day before ending holdings overnight.

Swing traders don’t close their positions every day; instead, they may keep them open for weeks, months, or even years. Swing traders are more likely to combine technical and fundamental analysis. ABInvesting is one of the best forex brokers that serve the purpose of swing trading in favorable conditions.

Swing trading strategies use fundamental or technical analysis to predict whether a specific currency pair will rise or fall in price in the near future.

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