What Is Swap In Forex Trading? Detailed Overview

What is Swap in Forex

Trading in financial markets incorporates several terminologies that have great weightage for traders. The most common one of them includes Swap in Forex, and most novice traders often search for What is Swap in forex?

To have successful and smooth trading, traders keep updating themselves with news and happenings around the world. The forex market is a huge part of the financial markets having several aspects to study and research for profitable trading.

It has currency pair, base and quote prices, bid and ask, spreads, leverage, lots, swaps, and many more. As we know, the market is wide, and so are the terms associated with it. But, with the article, we’ll be focusing on a major terminology called forex swap, foreign swap, or FX swap.

The forex swap rate or Forex rollover rates are significant for traders as it is a part of the earnings. Readers with the article get a deep understanding of what is a swap in forex trading and how does it work? Moreover, it will help readers to know how they can use it to make money from them.

Swap In Forex Trading?

Wondering what swap in forex means? Here’s a detailed overview. A Swap in forex is like the interest being paid or received on the trade that has a position open overnight. With the foreign exchange swap, traders simultaneously buy and sell the currencies of identical amounts with other legal tender having different value dates.

The traders do not acquire the risks involved in the FX market but are allowed to use the sum of a legal tender to fund charges with another. Forex traders can manage their currencies efficiently and have a favourable trade, sell, swap, etc.

It is an agreement between two forex parties to exchange the currency, consisting of swapping principles and the interest payments on the loan taken on them in respect to the other currency of equal value.

The party of the trade borrows currency from the second party that at the same time lends another currency pair to the party.

The currency swaps are divided into fixed-for-fixed and fixed-for-floating swaps. Traders can use any of the two to use swaps in forex trading, carry trade and make profitable investments. Now that you probably understand what’s Swap in forex? Let’s move forward.

Forex Swaps: The Basics

Knowing the fundamentals of Swap in forex will make it easy for readers to understand what is swap in forex trading. The forex swap trading has two legs that support the trade, the spot and the forward transaction. The trade is executed for the same amount or quantity; thus, it offsets each other.

In forward contracts, the trade occurs when both the parties have the same legal tender to carry trade. Thus, reducing the forex risks for either party. In spot trading, the trade is based on the foreign exchange transactions and what are the terms of the contract.

Although, these have certain dates in the near future to execute the trade, usually two days or a week. It is similar to the forward contract but different as well.

The reason why a trader uses swaps in the market is to procure loans at appropriate interest rates. The direct market interest rates are higher for the traders, which takes them to the choice of swap rates forex.

The swap on the forex market was introduced in 1981 by the World Bank to excess the German marks and Swiss francs. The swap was then executed with ten years of maturity, and the currency swap is different from the interest rate swaps. The interest rate swaps have principal exchanges.

The currency swap allows the party of trade to pay interest as per the swapped principal amounts to the time loan continues. The time when the swap is over, the principal amounts are exchanged one more time at a pre-approved rate avoiding the transaction risks. The pre-approved rate is also termed the spot rate.

How Does The Forex Swap Work?

Forex swap trading does not take place within a day of the trade; when a trader opens a market position in the morning and closes the same by evening, they won’t have any charge or swap fee forex. So now, if you’re wondering – What are swap fees in forex? Here’s a quick definition.

When a trader opens a position in the morning and decides to keep it open for a few days, then there would be an interest rate that is being charged as forex swap fees, or it is the answer to what is Swap in forex trading or forex overnight fees.

The swap becomes active in overnight trade and, therefore, is also referred to as overnight charge or overnight interest rate.

The swap could be of long and short duration; when a Swap trader opens a position for the long term, it will have a swap rate, while when a trader decides to sell a forex pair for more than a day, then the trader will have a short swap rate.

When the trade is open for more than a day, then traders incur weekend swaps if the next day of trade is the weekend. The risks involved in swap trading depend on the market conditions and require traders to keep a market watch.

The swap rate forex depends on the central banks and their decisions. The policies adopted by the authorities make them have different interest rates, and thus the swap rate is also different.

Other than this, the swap being charged or credited has an impact on the following factors:

  • The difference in interest rates of currencies
  • Brokers commission rate
  • The day when a Swap trader opens a market position
  • Price movements of currencies
  • Swap indicators of other market brokers

What Are The Types of Forex Swaps?

Earlier in the article, the two significant types of the swap have been mentioned. Here, we’ll be discussing what the two are and what differentiates them in forex market trading.

The fixed-for-fixed swap relates to exchanging of fixed interest payments on financial instruments that is the currency for fixed interest payments on the other currency.

The fixed-for-floating swap is having a fixed interest payment for one currency exchange for the floating interest payment on another currency. The swap in floating swap has a principal amount for the underlying loan that is not exchanged in the trade.

The two are different from one another and could be used by currency traders as per the market conditions and instrument of trade.

Forex Swap Calculation

When a trader opens a market position, they have their trading strategy and plan ready, which decides the holding period of the instruments. The short-term traders will have trading positions for a day or week, whereas the long-term traders can go for months of trading.

However, there are scalpers who hold the position for a few seconds. The traders of currencies then, as per their holding period, watch the price of the currencies and their market fluctuations.

But, other than this, traders also look for funding or swap charges Forex. The interest rate corresponding influences the swap to the forex pair traded. The swap interest or rollover interest is calculated by first understanding the interest rate differentials.

In this, the difference between the interest rate of the base and the quote currency is considered. The two have different interest rates, so when these are net off and analysed the difference, the traders may have a charge or even receive payment in an interest form.

The interest rate of the currencies is impacted by the size of the lot, market price, and the difference between the two interest rates at the same time. Alternatively, you can make use of a forex swap calculator for Swap calculations.

Pros & Cons Of Forex Swap Trading:

Trading in the currency market is full of risks and opportunities at the same time. Traders can make money if they trade with complete trade knowledge or can have a loss of funds if done randomly.

It has various ways available for traders to earn high profits, and one among them is the swap charge. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Swap in Forex Trading.


  • Swap is a cheaper technique to earn money from forex trading.
  • It does not have any premium and even reduces the transaction cost of the trader.
  • Swap hedges the risk of the market in long-term trading.
  • It is flexible and has informational advantages for traders.
  • The term of a swap in the currency market is longer than the futures or options.
  • It is useful for companies to match the liabilities and the revenues better.


  • Breakage cost due to early termination of swap.
  • It lacks liquidity.
  • Carries default risk in the market trade.


When a trader invests in the market, they open their trading account to trade. It could be a broker or financial service provider they register with to make money. However, generally, traders go with the best forex broker or swap-free forex broker, such as ABinvesting. So, open a swap-free account forex today!

Swap is a part of the forex trade when traders hold positions open overnight. It could help traders make money using the carry trade manner provided by forex brokers at different rates.

The broker offers equally or could have different forex swap rates as per the account selected; for example, the basic account has a 25% swap rate, whereas the professional could have a 50% swap rate.

With the article, readers would have got what is Swap in forex and how they can use it to earn high market profits.


What Is Swap Trading?

Swap Trading refers to a contract to exchange two financial liabilities for each other. For instance, swapping fixed interest-rate debts for variable-rate debts. They are commonly used to allow a borrower to exchange the basis of interest payments and will often incur a fee called a Forex Swap fee.

What Is Swap Forex Trading?

A swap in forex refers to the interest rate or overnight rollover rate that you either earn or pay for a position that you keep open overnight.

Is Forex Swap Trading Available With The ABInvesting Broker?

Yes, traders can go for swap trading with various financial instruments at the ABInvesting trading platform.

Is There A Swap Calculator Available Online?

Traders use a swap calculator forex to calculate the interest rates or swap in forex applicable on the currency traded. These are available with brokers online and could be used easily.

What Is Swap Forex Meaning?

Looking for the exact forex swap meaning, we are here to help you. An FX swap is a contract in which one trader borrows one currency and simultaneously lends another to the second party.

How To Avoid Swap Forex?

To avoid Swap in forex, traders have to follow the given points:

  • Trade in the direction of positive interest, so currency with a positive swap should be selected for investment.
  • Traders should go for intraday trading and close their position by the end of the day.
  • Lastly, traders can have a swap-free Islamic account available with the brokers.

What Is A Swap Trade?

A swap is a rollover interest that you earn or pay for holding overnight positions. The Forex swap charge depends on the underlying interest rates of the currencies involved

What Causes Swap Loss In Forex?

Swap loss occurs in the trade when the interest rate of the sold currency is higher than the bought currency.

What Does Swap Means In Forex?

A Forex swap is an agreement between two parties to swap interest rate payments on their respective currencies.

What Is A Swap Fee In Forex?

A swap or rollover fee is a type of fee which is charged when a trader keeps a position open overnight.

What Is Swap In MT4?

Wondering – what is Swap MT4 or MT4 swap fee? Swap fee is generally referred to as rollover fees in MT4.

What Is Selling Swap?

A selling swap refers to a transaction that ends one counterparty’s role in an interest rate swap by substituting a new counterparty whose credit is acceptable to the other original counterparty.

What Are Swaps And Trades?

Swap in Forex refers to a contract to exchange two financial liabilities for each other, while trades mean buying or selling securities.

What Is Swap Free Forex Trading Account?

Forex swap-free account is designed for traders who use trading systems without adjustment to swaps.