Top Growth Stocks 2022 in Spain For Traders

Growth Stocks in Spain

Top Growth Stocks in Spain for Traders: Spain as a country is not just a tourist hub that the world knows, which stands in the second position, but it also accounts for financial traders. They put their investments in the blossoming fortunes of different companies belonging to sectors ranging from pharma to tech. The nation is one of the top economies of Europe with $ 1.42 trillion GDP in its stride.

Here are some top conglomerates of Spain and their Growth stocks, where investments can reap good profits for investors.

1. Banco Santander

Famously known as Santander is a financial service company along with being a commercial bank in Spain. It offers services and deals in private equity, asset management, private banking and investment, corporate retail, and insurance. It’s among the largest banks across the world with a market cap of Euro 31.45 billion.

Via acquisitions, it is operating in several parts of the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. In 1857, it found the establishment and since then, has been growing with the country.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 1.31 on July 31, 2020
  • Euro 1.93 on August 19, 2020

The hike resembles the rebound its stocks are taking after a challenging time.

2. Amadeus

The technology conglomerate has its focus aimed at the tourism and travel sectors. It manages a global distribution service that operates transactions between inventory management, sales and bookings, departure control systems, travel agencies, travel industry service providers, and customer management systems of airlines to count a few.

Besides, they have a foothold in the hospitality segment and various corporations. It is donning essential roles in according students and graduates, business and technology.

The market cap of Amadeus is Euro 19.84 billion.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 38.45 on August 21, 2015
  • Euro 43.64 on August 20, 2020

However, during these five years, stocks offered enormous reasons for investment and profit-making.

3. Endesa

Founded in 1944 as Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, the company Endesa S.A. specialises in the electric utility. It manages and operates in electricity distribution and generation using renewable resources and power plants, fossil fuels, nuclear energy and hydroelectric.

Besides, the company has vested interests in telecommunication and natural gas to count on its expansionist aim. A subsidiary of an Italian conglomerate Enel, Endesa has a commitment toward a decarbonized future of the economy by managing environmental causes responsibly.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 23.25 on August 20, 2019
  • Euro 23.40 on August 20, 2020

However, the stock price seems glued to a position, but the renewable source is the way forward in days to come, and the jump in shares is a matter of time.

The market cap of Endesa is Euro 24.77B.

4. Inditex

The company demands no introduction for its clothing multinational clothing brand. One of its brands Zara, is a trademark that envelopes luxury and style. Other flagships include Bershka, Uterqüe, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, and Pull and Bear. Interestingly, more than 7200 stores are operating in over 90 nations globally.

It is the most prominent fashion chain that caters to the demands of clients and customizes clothes as per their requirements. Also, it replenishes the demands for the latest designs swiftly.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 22.39 on December 28, 2018
  • Euro 22.89 on August 20, 2020

The market cap of Inditex is Euro 71.34 billion.

The share prices are going steady, but once the occultation of the pandemic goes away, the stocks will gallop.

5. Aena

It provides services in the aviation sector as an airport management company. Aena undertakes two heliports and forty-six airports in Spain, 15 airports in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Columbia for operating. A Spanish conglomerate Entire has 51 percent stake in the aeronautics management company.

In 2019, it got awarded a contract to manage six airports in Brazil by an airport group in the northeast of the country. It wears the crown of the world’s top airport operator in context to passenger traffic. Notably, more than 275 million passengers flew by Spanish airports in 2019.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 99. 34 on August 21, 2015
  • Euro 116.70 on August 20, 2020

The market cap of Aena is Euro 17.50B.

Stocks of Aena has been through a roller coaster ride of uncertainties, but it’s continuing the path with an unputdownable attitude. Investors can make money in it.

6. ArcelorMittal

The salient mining and steel company that excels in the world has a headquarter in Luxembourg. The company was formed after the French conglomerate Arcelor was obtained by Indian Mittal Steel (Owned by Lakshmi Mittal) in an excellent deal.

The company holds specialization in producing a wide range of products for the automotive industry. Besides, it has strengthened its positioning in research and development, steel production, and mining.

ArcelorMittal has a remarkable listing on several indexes of Europe including, CAC 40 France, where it enjoys the reputation of being among the industries on the vertex.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 7.50 on May 13, 2020
  • Euro 9.84 on August 20, 2020

The market cap of MittalArcelor is Euro 10.94B.

ArcelorMittal stocks once ruled that chart and looking at their history; they will bounce back stronger.

7. Siemens Gamesa

The company champions engineering projects of manufacturing wind turbines along with offering offshore and onshore wind services. The industrial machinery maker is rendering services and occupies facilities in the USA, UK, Denmark, Canada, China and Egypt.

Siemens AG, one of Germany’s largest conglomerates, owns the majority stake in Siemens Gamesa. It is rapidly becoming the new power hub pioneering in sourcing renewable energy. The testimony of its technology and products is fluttering in over 90 nations. Here, the total capacity base encompasses beyond 99 GW.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 11.90 on August 20, 2019
  • Euro 22.77 on August 20, 2020

In the past year, during the pandemic scar, it has catapulted its fortunes and gained capitals and investors’ faith.

The market cap of Siemens Gamesa is Euro 15.51B.

Its stocks doubled in a year, that


Famously known as Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, is a prominent financial service provider involved in diversified sectors like banking, asset management, and insurance. The company traces back its origins from 1857, and today it has navigated beyond Spain to Romania, North America, and Turkey in a stride toward expansion.

Some of the basic activities involving BBVA are lending, investment, mortgages, credit cards, savings etc.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 2.48 on April 21, 2020
  • Euro 3.55 on June 8, 2020

The per-share price is lower. Hence even those who have lesser funds for investment can trade in it.

The market cap of BBVA is Euro 16.56B.

Even traders with lesser funds can invest in its stocks, looking at the shallow pricing

9. Naturgy

It is an electric utility and natural gas company that is embarking on the tirades of renewable energy sources. The conglomerate is involved in the distribution and production of electricity. Furthermore, it has a base in the commercialization, supply, and distribution of natural gas. Pushed by such conditions, traders are levitating their trust in its stocks.

Apart from Spain, the company handles operations in Latin America, Western European nations, Morocco, Moldova, and Puerto Rico.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 14.28 on March 12, 2020
  • Euro 16.32 on August 20, 2020

The sector is taking cautious growth but steady on its path to regain its lost position. Hence, investing in its stocks makes sense.

The market cap of Naturgy is Euro 16.06B.

The need for a natural and clean source of energy is known to all. Hence, from here, its stocks will skyrocket.

10. Iberdrola

The company has a backing of over 170 years of experience and stands as a global market energy leader. It has a penchant of being the numero uno producer of wind power. In terms of electricity utility status, it holds the record of covering a significant market capital.

It aims toward combating climate change by incorporating reliable and clean resources of energy in the lives of people.

Price comparison per share:

  • Euro 9.29 on August 20, 2019
  • Euro 10.77 on August 20, 2020

The market cap of Iberdrola is Euro 68.36B.

The minimalist growth in prices of its stocks in Spain doesn’t define its might. Its total market capitalization speaks volumes about the potential it possesses.

 Growth Stocks in Spain Final words

Just like other nations stocks in Spain are reeling under tremendous outside force by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the stocks of renowned conglomerates mentioned above can drift through any tide. Thus, investing in these Spain growth stocks can sail any boat afloat.