Top Growth Stocks in Australia 2022

Top Growth Stocks in Australia 2020

Top Growth Stocks in Australia 2022: Growth stocks are the ladders that work as a lift for investors and someone with lesser funds. It pushes the limitations of profitable ventures and with credibility hinging on the other side.

Learn About Growth Stocks

They are classified as shares or a company that exhibits signals of growth at a better rate than its peers and eclipses the average market performance.

The hike in its share price is profound and beyond the lateral limit and expectations. Generally, these are small-cap companies that garner inflated volumes for a specific time and invest a significant amount of revenue and profit back in the company to propel new heights. However, often, there is no concept of paying dividends to shareholders.

The Australian stock exchanges are well balanced by such growth and value stocks. Here are some growth stocks for the year 2022.

Nearmap (NEA)

The company deals in spreading information in the geospatial mapping market. Founded in 1998, it has a market capitalisation of 787.803 million AUD which makes it accessible and popular among buyers of all strata. Its customer base includes services to corporate and government companies.

Nearmap growth stock offers online content by mapping the aerial routes and imaging the volumetric swathes of the population living in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Five years back, in 2015 back the per-share cost of the company was 0.51 AUD. On June 21, 2019, it touched 4.21 AUD. It closed at 2.41 AUD on August 12, 2020. Looking at the growth prospects, it fluctuates now and then, proposing a robust opportunity to buyers.

PointsBet (PBH)

It is a premium corporate bookmaker company that operates in Australia and the United States. The company offers fixed bidding on some of the most exceptional sporting events like racing and sports. Here the losing and winning depend on the accuracy of betting. It also provides spread betting. After landing on the listing of ASX (June 2019), it has witnessed the doubling of its stock prices since then.

Besides, the bookmaker company has a bright future with AFL, NRL and NBA already on its radar. In AFL alone, it covers around 1000 markets.

On August 13, 2019, the cost of one share was 3.07 AUD, now on August 12, 2020, it has spiked more than double to 6.24 AUD. Even for long-term investors, it has blossomed fruits.


Famously known for its computer hardware business and PCB design software, the company is among the most profitable ventures in Australia. It boasts of over 30 years of experience in the field of research and development for recreating electronic designs used by the operating system of Microsoft Windows.

Altium offers its products to varied fields like consumer electronics, science and automotive, defence industries, telecommunications etc.

Five years back, on August 14, 2015, its share price rallied on 4.21 AUD. On the contrary, it reached 41.82 AUD, a growth rate of 10X on February 14, 2020. Exponential growth implies the factor of profitability for buyers.


The holds speciality in making online accounting systems to help global firms ease out their finances, revenues, net profits and other financial transactions. Its headquarter is in New Zealand. Hence, the software is widely used in Australia and the Kiwi nation.

The system is offering facilities like bank transactions, account management and reporting tools. The company enjoys a market cap of 12.71B AUD. On August 14, 2019, the per-share cost was 62.59 AUD, which has in one year touched 89.31 AUD per share.

The rapid growth indicates at the software maker’s ability to see sustainable growth. Also, the company has a strong fundamental base. It boasts of over two million subscribers.


The company is helping in expediting and channelising the worldwide supply chains smoothly with is innovations. It integrates logistics solutions with advanced technology.

For the global market catering to over 150 countries, Wisetech develops and designs software-solutions based on cloud-computing. It provides services and applications like transport, customs clearance, warehousing that enhances productivity and mitigate risks and possible losses for a company. The single solution automates and optimises the process of conglomerates. Besides, it harbours controls in the hands of the owner, along with transparency.

Its market cap stands at 6.35B AUD. On April 15, 2016, the value of its per-share was 4.01 AUD, while on August 13, 2020, it closed the day at 19.62 AUD. It holds stability and doesn’t wallow in undiscovered directions.


The company finds its categorisation as an information & technology(IT) services company which holds a niche in project management, improving product internalisation, data management and many other areas.

It is catering to industries like healthcare, automotive, technology, financial services, government, and retail. Appen is forcing its might of artificial intelligence, and machine learning to draw secure data services, better site search, ameliorate customer acquisition retention, boost conversion rates and step up defence sectors, to say the least.

In its experience panning beyond 20 years, its market cap has grown manifolds. It stands at 4.43B AUD. The market price of its per share was 25.91 AUD on August 14, 2019. It stroked 36.45 AUD mark on August 13, 2020.


It is offering a healthy alternative for credit cards by entrusting the customers to buy anything that pleases them from an array of goods ranging from standard to luxurious. Their condition of pay overtime is turning head over heels of clients. Besides, it is a taskmaster that doesn’t serve defaulters.

The company has stationed itself as the consumer finance firm that serves across Austalia and has the ambition to spread its wings around the world. It has already initiated inroads in the UK and US swiftly.

The market cap boasts of 19.97B AUD. Its share price has catapulted the fortune in the past 1 year by jumping to 71.29 AUD (August 13, 2020) from 24.65 (August 14, 2019). The numbers make for a prominent growth stock.


Taking the health of people into account and offering them the quality milk, the company ventured in the market with its dairy products. Its items are sans beta-casein a1′ protein. Right now it has huge demand and supply in Australia and regions close to it. Also, the need for its products is rapidly growing in other nations.

It has a market cap of 15.23B AUD. On August 14. 2019, the per-share cost was 16.10 NZD that grew to 20.77 NZD on August 13, 2020.

Interestingly, the FMCG sector has boomed during the pandemic when other industries are struggling to get their stronghold in the market.

Nanosonics Growth stock

Specialising in scientific, and medical equipment, the company has intruded deep into the research dynamics and prospects of the kangaroo land. Its innovation is guarding human lives against probable infections by aiding with sumptuous technology and taking yards for decontamination.

Nanosonics is displaying some heightened ethics in the field of healthcare by facilitating it by ardent technologies like sterilisation used in ultrasound probes.

On August 14, 2015, the per-share cost of the company was 1.71AUD, which has shot up many times to 5.98 AUD on August 14, 2020.

Pro Medicus

Listed as PME in ASX, the company identifies itself as the harbinger of imaging IT provider. Its imaging solutions empower replacement of PACS incorporating the mass scale of national, regional and local. It lands services to massive medical corporations and individuals who practice in groups.

It commands in IT solutions and proprietary software that weeds out the underlying mismanagement in the medical sector related to peripheries like billing clinical reporting systems and diagnostic imaging.

Its market cap is 2.43B. The price of its per share on August 14, 2015, was 2.18 AUD, while on August 13, 2020, it grew to 23.37 AUD.

Words of Wisdom

Growth stocks are a perfect launchpad for someone who wants to see some quick money. However, it should not be concluded that they would always fall flat when the market takes a nosedive. They have the potential and all companies that are ruling the chart of economies seen that phase. All said and done; an investor needs to be wary of fundamentals and should follow the dynamics and projects offered by these companies.