Strongest Currency in the World

Strongest Currency in the World

When investors trade, they study the market, research and do a lot of analysis. But have traders ever thought about which is the strongest currency in the world? Certainly, no is the answer as we only find the one which we want to invest and analyze it to trade. There is no more research beyond the fact that it bothers. In the article, we’ll be discussing the currencies that hold a good market worth and are good for investment. 

The U.S. has recognised 180 currencies that are considered legal tenders and have high market value. But, which one is strongest among all is the question. The article will surely answer this question by focusing on the major currencies of the forex market that could be a life-changer for traders. 

Forex market is the financial market that traders invest to trade in international currencies, and we’ll be knowing the market and the currencies, which could be the next investment of the readers. Let’s quickly understand the strongest currencies of the financial market and decide the investments. 

Forex Market Trading

The forex market is the financial market where currencies are traded, standing for the foreign exchange market. Investors buy and sell different currencies of the market to make money. The beneficial fact about currency trading is the market is online, and investors can access it anytime and anywhere. A highly liquid market that allows traders to have good market returns. 

The liquidity of the trade and volatility make it prone to several market opportunities that traders can benefit from. However, the volatility brings with it the risk that could lead to a high loss for the traders. Therefore, trading with currency is a challenge that requires knowledge, understanding, research and market analysis. 

The currency market being traded online is operated in two systems. One is the over-the-counter market, and the other is the interbank system. Traders can use the one that suits their trading style and goals. In over-the-counter markets, traders invest privately or through online brokers. In contrast, interbank trading involves investing in the market via banks on behalf of traders or for themselves. 

Defining Currencies

Currencies are the money of different countries which are traded in the financial markets. These are used for the circulation medium as an exchange between traders. The traders use it for various purposes, such as goods and services. The currencies have the value which makes traders buy and sell the securities, goods or services whatever they want to trade. 

The currency is in the form of paper or coin that is issued by the government of the countries. These generally have a face value which makes them acceptable as payment. A primary medium of exchange between the traders, individuals, companies, corporations etc. Moreover, the advancement in technology has brought a new form of currency called virtual currency. Traders use it for online payments and trading. 

Forex Currency Trading

In the forex market trading, currencies play a vital role without which there’s no earning or trading. But how do they work to make investors earn money? The paragraph will get the answer to this question, and after that, we’ll understand the strongest currencies in the world. 

Currencies in the forex market are split into two parts: the base currency and the quote currency. With the movement in the value of these currencies, the worth of a currency pair is decided in the market. Before, let us be clear that currencies in the forex market are traded in pairs as the currency is bought and the other sold for the trade. 

The base currency is the high-value currency of the market and is the first currency mentioned in the pair. Whereas the quote currency is the second currency and has a low market value. The currencies are traded based on their value in one unit. So, with the one unit of quote currency, the worth of the base currency is identified. 

These currencies are symbolised by three-letter codes, for example, USD for United States Dollar and EUR for European euro. Similarly, other currencies are also coded; this makes it easy to understand for traders. 

In addition, the currencies are divided into different types; major, minor and exotic. Investors choose among the three categories in which they want to invest. Although, most of the traders choose the major currency pairs as they have high market worth. Major currencies are the high-value currency of the developed nations in the market. The minor currencies are of the countries with low market worth, and exotic currencies belong to the countries that are developing. 

Traders can invest in whichever currency pair they want, but first, they have to research and analyse the market with the aid of brokers to invest in a suitable currency that would make them earn profits. 

Forex Market Types to Invest

Traders of the currency market have the option of investing in different types of forex investments. The forex market is divided into three types: the spot, futures and forward market. In addition, there are CFDs available with brokers that make more choices for the traders. 

The spot market is the physical delivery market where the trade takes place within a set time and date. The two parties of the trade decide the trade and instantly make the payments; however, the delivery may take two business days. The trade is in cash; therefore, the spot market is also referred to as the cash market. 

The futures market involves the buy and sells of currencies between the parties on a set time and date in futures. The futures market has an obligation, and traders cannot move the date of the trade any further. 

The forward market is the same as the futures market, where investors buy and sell the currencies on a set date and time but without any condition. The trade involves no legal obligation, and traders can have a range of dates. 

So, traders have all these options to trade in the forex market. In addition, the contract of difference, exchange traded funds etc., have been added for investing in the modern world. 

Strongest Currency in the World

With the above-discussed topics related to the forex market and currency trading, readers must have understood what actually happens when these are traded online. Here, we’ll be focusing on the strongest currencies of the financial market that can help traders warm double profit. However, traders have to be alert and monitor their investment regularly for benefiting. 

Below are the strongest currencies of the financial market, and we’ll be starting with the most strongest currency and gradually move towards the less stronger ones from the previous currency. So, let’s get started and know the market better: 

Kuwaiti Dinar

The Kuwaiti dinar is considered the strongest currency in the world. It is symbolised with the KWD code and was introduced in the market in the 1960s. The currency in its initial days of inception was equal to one pound sterling. But gradually, it increased its worth in the world and became the strongest currency. 

Kuwait is a small country residing between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The major reason for the high market worth of Kuwait currency is due to its global exports of oil. Oil has been used in the world for various purposes, and being the largest producer of the same makes it the richest country. 

When we compare the Kuwaiti dinar with one U.S. dollar, then the traders will, in exchange for dollars to Kuwaiti dinar, get only 0.30 Kuwaiti. Thus, making it the strongest and highest value currency in the entire world. 

Bahrain Dinar

BHD is at the second number when it comes to the Strongest Currency in the World. The currency is of the Bahrain country which is located in the middle east. It is an island nation in the Persian Gulf. It is also an Arabic country situated between the Qatari peninsula and the north eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. The country is divided into 1000 smaller units like other Arab countries, which are referred to as the fils. 

The currency is only used in Bahrain and used against the U.S. Dollar. So, it is a good trading option. 

Omani Rial  

The currency is of Oman and has an OMR symbol in the financial market. The Omani rial is split into 1000 smaller denominations called baisa. The success behind this currency is the oil exports. When the country introduced its oil resources, the value of the Omani rial rose quickly. The oman export of oil is a great success in the market. 

The currency is fixed against the U.S. Dollar, and when the traders exchange one U.S. dollar for Omani rial, they get 0.38. 

Pound Sterling

The pound sterling is the paper money of Great Britain. The currency is coded as GBP and has good market worth. It is the most valuable currency of the market and has been considered in the major currencies of the forex market. The GBP currency is not the strongest, but it still has the title of oldest currency still in use. The currency is widely used in different countries, which makes it a good trading choice. 

When traders change one U.S. dollar for GBP, they will get 0.75 and thus mark it as the strongest currency. As a result, traders buy and sell the currency and make excellent money out of it. 

Cayman Islands Dollar

KYD is the letter code of Cayman island’s dollar, which is popular in the world as the strongest currency. It is the national currency of Cayman island and is located in the Caribbean. Thus, it is a part of British territory and is considered as the major financial tax haven for rich individuals and corporations. 

When we exchange the KYD for one U.S. Dollar, then the trader will get 0.83 Cayman island dollars. Hence, a strong currency in the market. 


The Euro is the currency of European countries, and it is the currency of 19 other countries. Euro is coded as EUR and is largely traded in the financial markets. It is used as an official currency in the following countries: 

  • Germany 
  • France 
  • Spain

Moreover, the currency is known as the second reserve currency of the world. The currency is new in the market and has high market value as it is the second most traded currency as well. EUR/USD is the frequently traded currency pair in the financial world. 

When we exchange the one U.S. dollar with EURO, the trader gets 90 cents or 0.90 euros. So, the currency has a good market hand. 

Swiss Franc 

CHF is the code for Swiss Franc currency which is the national currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The traders use it less for investing in the market, although it has a high market value. The one U.S. dollar will give traders 0.98 Swiss francs. 

Switzerland is the most tranquil and stable country globally as it has good wealth and is a safe haven currency. Traders use it to trade when there is market instability. 

The currency has strict market monetary policies and low debt, which makes it a good trade choice. 

United States Dollar

The United States dollar is symbolised as USD in the financial market trading. The currency is considered as the primary reserve currency of the world. It is held in most of the central and commercial banks. The U.S. dollar has been widely accepted in the world, and this makes it have a high volume of trade on a daily basis. The foreign exchange market comprises 88.3% of the trade of the U.S. Dollar. 

It is the well of the country in the world but still holds the tenth market position in comparison to other countries having higher value. But, other countries’ currencies are compared with the U.S. dollar for its valuation; this gives it a strong market position. 


Investing in the financial markets has several risks, and if an investor is aware of the market and its risk, they are better able to handle the trade. Earning is the only motive of traders, and with strong currency trading, they can get the best results. It is mostly recommended that beginners of the market should trade in major currency pairs to earn some profit. 

However, with strong currency trading and market investments, there are still chances of loss due to the volatility of the forex market. Hence, traders should be careful with their investments. They should analyse, study, research and understand the trade thoroughly before investing. For this, they can take the help of online brokers such as ABInvesting.

The broker provides services, tools, trading platforms, analytical tools etc., which help predict the market changes and have zero trading commission benefiting traders from extra transaction fees.