Seven Best Tech Stocks In Europe In 2020


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Tech stocks in Europe in 2020: What is tech stock? If you are having the same question in mind then don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss the tech stocks and the top 7 emerging tech markets stocks of Europe.

The technology market has a wide range of possibilities and is emerging as an alternative to conventional stock markets. Because of the consequences of lockdown tech companies are making huge profits around the globe.

Technology companies should not be confused with only IT firms, and these companies portfolio varies from semiconductors to RPA(robotic process automation) or from IoT(Internet of things) to AI(artificial intelligence).

You may have heard of, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco Systems, Netflix etc. These are all tech companies. And post lockdown there has been a dramatic shift in people’s market trends which include increased demand for online supply of groceries and other things or watching entertaining things or videos on Netflix, amazon prime etc. This shifting trend has increased the revenue of these companies at par. And subsequently, their share value is also growing, and investors who had bought the shares of these companies had also earned a huge profit from them.

7 Best Tech Stocks in Europe in 2020

So, this article is all about knowing these companies and their diverse portfolio who give their services in Europe.

1. Spotify

It is a European company whose headquarters is located in Sweden. And since its birth, it has changed the persona of people accessing the music. The company has contracts with singers around the world and sells the exclusive music release to their premium customers. And 70% of the revenue that they generate is distributers among their shareholders. Founded in 2008 and now it is well known around the world as It is Soundtraking the life of people from 92 countries with access to over 60 million tracks.

Services Highlights

  • It is a music streaming company.
  • It is recently registered in NYSE for stock trading with a capital funding of over Euro 2.2 billion.

Company Asset

  • The net market value of the company is around $ 21 billion.
  • The company has 138 million paid subscribers and

Their investors include

  • Daniel Ek(co-founder) – owns 25% of the company’s stock.
  • Tiger Global Management
  • Tencent Music Entertainment
  • SNE (Sony Music Entertainment international)
  • Technology Crossover Ventures

2. Sinch

Formerly known as CLX communications, has its headquarters in Sweden.

Services Highlights

  • Deals in cloud computing, video and SMS services in more than 30 cities worldwide.
  • They serve a wide range of API and Operator products, and over 40 billion API transactions have been done over a year.
  • They also provide MVAS(Mobile value-added services) and OCS(Online Charging System) services for mobile companies.

Company Asset

  • The company’s net asset worth is more than $580 million.
  • The company had recently listed in Nasdaq Stockholm for share trading in 2019.

Their investors include

  • They have $12 million of funding.
  • They distribute their profit among their two supporting investors names as Index ventures and Balderton Capital.

3. AUTO1 Group

The company were founded in 2012 with a motive of making the used cars buying and selling easy for everyone. And now with more them 4000 employees, the company is providing its services in more than 30 countries.

Services Highlights

  • It is an emerging digital platform for used cars dealers and buyers.
  • It is an auto marketplace with its inventory and a buying and selling platform for auto dealers and buyers.

Company Asset

  • Net asset worth 2.8 billion.
  • The company had grown its revenue to more than double 3.5 billion till 2019 from 1.5 in 2016.

Their investors include

  • It has vast funding support of 1.4 billion.
  • It has a full list of 22 investors working with them, including Softbank vision fund, Winter capital Farallon capital etc.
  • Along with their 22 investors, they have 55000 active partners that make it trustworthy for every new investor.

4. Graphcore

A semiconductor industry from Bristol, UK. The company make processors, i.e. IPU (Intelligent Processing Unit) specifically designed for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to accelerate the machines at a lightning-fast speed. Their technology is used in Engineering, Biomedical and even quantum physics to understand and predict the space phenomena’s.

Services Highlights

  • They make IPU (Intelligent Processing Unit)
  • Their motto is to accelerate the machines at lightning-fast speed with the help of their AI (Artificial Intelligence) system IPUs.

Company Asset

  • After raising $200 million from Microsoft and BMW, the company is a technology mammoth with a net worth of $1.7 billion.

Their investors include

  • With a huge demand of their IPU technology, the company earned a revenue of $ 160 million in 2020 from $32 million in 2016 with their investors like OpenAI, DeepMind, Microsoft, BMW and many more.

5. BenevolentAI

With a sacred objective to serve humanity BenevolentAI was found in 2013 in London UK. The company is responsible for making AI-led solutions in medical fields to cure diseases. The company is dedicatedly working towards discovering new and efficient drugs and innovating the latest and advanced ways to test the drugs for hard to cure diseased like COVID-19.

Services Highlights

  • They develop software and hardware applications using AI in drug discovery.
  • Started as an AI company now works pioneer in the biotechnology fields.

Company Asset

  • With a CB rank(company) is 498, the company has generated total funding of $292 million since its inception.
  • After getting an investment boost of $115 million, the company is now a top pharma competitor with a net worth of $2 billion.

Their investors include

  • BenevolentAI has grabbed the latest investment if $90 million from Teamsek.

6. Darktrace

It is a Cambridge based company which deals in AI-led security systems. With a primary Darktrace object of securing a company’s data from hackers or attackers, they design an active protection system to avoid inestimable losses. They were primarily founded by a small team of mathematicians now working with many govt organizations to protect their data against threats—ventures etc.

Services Highlights

  • AI-based Security softwares.
  • Threat detection and sending alert cloud services and industrial network.

Company Asset

  • Their net worth is $1.6 billion.
  • They have around $800 billion of assets in government defence, energy utilities, manufacturing & supply technology and many more around the globe.

Their investors include

  • They have 44 offices in the world along with several investing partners like Samsung, TenEleven, Talis, Hoxton
  • They are having their stacks with many insurance companies and real estates like British land, prudential etc.

7. GitLab

It is a software created by two developers Dmitriy Zaporozhets, and Valery Sizov from Ukraine and the company were founded by Sytse “Sid” Sijbrandij and Dmitriy Zaporozhets in 2014. And since then the company has grown its revenue up to $ 268 million in just six years. The company is opened with a motto to serve as a service platform in the field of software development and provide DevOps through lifecycle tools.

Services Highlights

  • Git-repository manager providing wiki
  • Issue-tracking and continuous integration
  • Deployment pipeline
  • For all of these services, they use their Library of tools—they work both as proprietors and an open-source core services provider licence by (MIT).

Their investors include

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Iconic Capital

So, in our concluding statement, I hope you got some excellent insides of the top 7 tech stocks in Europe. Most of these were operating from the last two decades and earned their name and fame around this giant planet. Investing in these emerging markets will prove to be a pure win-win situation. So, it is recommended to check the whole portfolio of these tech giants before you plan to invest in any such things.


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