Sega Is Set To Use NFTs In SuperGame

Sega Is Set To Use NFTs In SuperGame

NFTs could be used in SEGA’s flagship project, SuperGame. Future gaming that incorporates new technology such as NFTs, according to a company official, is natural. The business registered a trademark for SEGA NFTs after previous reservations regarding NFTs.

It’s only logical that the future of gaming will include new disciplines like cloud gaming and NFT. After cancelling plans to experiment with NFTs last year, SEGA has given further details about its five-year strategy, which could include NFTs.

The gaming community assumed the concept was a money-making scam at the time. In addition to the NFT integration, the corporation may use cloud technologies in its SuperGame.

Despite past reservations about its future ambitions, the Japanese gaming giant secured a trademark for SEGA NFT in December that includes the SEGA NFT logo.

SEGA initially stated that it intended to use NFTs in its future projects. However, due to negative fan reactions, the concept was shelved.

Within five years, the business wants to create a SuperGame, according to the corporation. The different titles in the SuperGame framework are now in development, and they will be interactive games that go beyond the typical game architecture. SuperGame was thought to be a single title at the time.

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