ROinvesting 2021 Trading: Know How to Trade the Forex Market


The Financial market is transcendental and exhibits a gleam of hope to every trader that sees it with a torch of expectations. If as an investor, you get hold of a broker that listens to your needs and offers solutions, you are a winner then. But how to find that? If you look around closely, Roinvesting 2021 trading has answers to all your queries. 

What is ROinvesting? 

ROinvesting is the wings required by every trader to fly out of the mundane online trading. It generates vigour to conquer and channelise the ever-expanding pathway of the financial market. 

There’s a market experience at your disposal that is explicitly unparalleled and backs the contract for difference for investment. The platforms here are accurate to the effect of traders and render secured, transparent and safe space. 

ROinvesting thinks about its users’ welfare and commits its advantage to them. How often do you see any broker going out of its to support investors and clients? Such a possibility is seldom, or there are none. 

Today, ROinvesting is among the stalwarts let alone the leader in the online CFD trading business. 

ROinvesting 2021 Trading is Inspiring 

A leader is the one that leads from the front and takes the responsibility to guide the platoon in a safe direction. ROinvesting helps you in predicting the right time for investment and make you learn the art of trading. 

There is an education spot that teaches you the traits and tricks of seasoned traders in quick time. By learning, you can become a wolf of wall street without an iota of doubt. It is a curve that no one supports you with, but ROinvesting is there on every pedestal to develop that quality for its clients. 

From entry one to a professional, ROinvesting accommodates traders with their requirements of education for every level. It is the mainstay of the broker. It is a turnkey in many ways than one, and you get to know by reading books and courses. 

How Safe is ROinvesting? 

ROinvesting is totally safe; instead, it is synonymous with security and safety. There is a placement of technology like state of the art for its users. It knows how important is the date and personal information to a trader. 

By offering crucial details, a person poses complete faith in a broker. ROinvesting knows about it and respects the discretion of its clients. It has deployed some of the most adequate ultramodern equipment, hardware and software devices to monitor every activity from transactions to trade for ensuring protection. 

Here are some technology it is using:- 

  • SAS 70 certified data centres (servers)
  • Placement of SSL software and firewalls for making sure tight security
  • On every level and stage, it has robust data encryption.
  • Service moderation–Level 1 PCI compliance 

Besides, the brokerage firm offers an option to open a secured account. 

ROinvesting 2021: Trading Accounts

Trading should not culminate to botheration, but one must enjoy the process and numbers of profits and losses that come along. There’s learning for everyone and on each level. 

It is the channel that you adopt for racing toward the success of money. ROinvesting gives you the quickest vehicle to achieve it. The broker sets an idea of enjoying through its deliverables and adventure that one derives at a time of trading. 

There are six accounts available to people, including Islamic account, demo account, professional account besides the mandatory silver, gold and platinum accounts. 

Based on your trades’ requirements, volumes, and sizes, you can choose any of the accounts and then invest in the financial market. 

ROinvesting 2021: Features of trading accounts 

Every account that you see around is there for meaningful work. They imbibe features that are useful for every trader and investor everywhere. 

Demo Account:

If you wish to be a web-slinger in the market of uncertainty and volatility and make no losses, then practising a demo account is a must. There are hundreds of technical,non-technical, big, small and complex features that require understanding and more than that practice. A demo account is a nursery where you sharpen your skills if you’ve experienced trading. And if not, then you learn the basics of the market. 

The trading markets that include stocks, indices, forex, commodities, mutual funds etc. invite attention. If you miss them out, then you would fail to make a home run. ROinvesting is making sure you achieve that dream. A demo account is perfectly equipped and balanced with all the environment and issues you face while trading on a real one. 

While sharpening your skills, never you feel like doing an exercise. There are equal opportunities, ups and downs similar to that you witness in an actual market. You get virtual currency to spend that can be refilled. You can learn and re-learn until the time you do not cram every button, choice and option. Once the commandment lands in your hands, move onto the world of trading. 

Why do you need a Demo Account? 

ROinvesting offers enough days to experiment and work in a demo account to every trader who shows an inclination in the financial market. 

It is simple, provided you stay focused and see how things change in a demo account while you trade and apply your strategies. You get to know about don’ts and dos’ of the market. Knowing it without losing your money is a wise decision. 

ROinvesting incorporated the account’s concept to ease people’s confusions regarding different assets and instruments, and then they could earn more and more gains. Also, there is an intent to add traders from every domain or strata of society to elevate their financial status. It is vital for raising per capita income and exposing people to a direction of profit.

What are the Benefits of a Demo Account? 

There are several benefits:- 

  • You have a fair idea about the financial market.
  • A market player can avert the most common errors. 
  • You do not make losses.
  • Get to learn about the features and options of a platform. It helps in not going blank while trading in a real-time or live market. 
  • A trader can make-up the mind to continue or discontinue with trading. Also, what strategy to be used in a given situation. 

Silver Account

If you are looking for a smooth start to your trading career, then what you accept? A challenging path or an easy one? The correct answer would be the latter. It is mindful of getting accustomed to a new stream that you have never explored. So, beginning with small is a way to seek a careful start. 

You get intuitive tools with cutting edge technology by your side to assist you with buying and selling of assets. There are reliable leveraging options with low spreads that can excite your gains to another level with shallow investment. The silver account on ROinvesting believes in providing you access to an array of trading arenas worldwide. 

Essential Features of the Silver Account 

  • You get to explore more than 350 assets. That’s a huge number, and these options can translate to beneficial for you.
  • The minimum spread is 28 here.
  • The margin call and stop out ratio is 100%/50
  • The deposit commission is nil. So, there is the burden of extra pay besides trading. That is a significant relaxation that ROinvesting confers on its traders. Moreover, several brokers do not care to do that for newbie market players. 
  • The maximum leverage you get is 1:30 (due to the cap by the official authority). ROinvesting complies with the guidelines of regulatory bodies. 
  • Once you subscribe to the silver account, you now receive customer care executives’ services to resolve your issue, whenever and wherever you get stuck in your work of trading. It facilitates you five days a week and twenty-four hours a day. 
  • Realising the importance of education in every field, including trading, is pivotal. It is the system that makes aware you of the inheriting potential of trading in finances and how can people earn millionaires and billionaires if the command is consistency. Hence, the course materials and information the broker offers is second to none. It keeps on updating the knowledge for catering traders from every background. 
  • There are more than 20 webinars and videos available on the official site to those who showcase the interest and register with ROinvesting. You can collect in-depth information about the market challenges and profits that it can offer. Your concepts get clearer slowly and steadily when you see and listen to anecdotes bestowed by experts, trade pundits and experienced market players in them. As time goes on, there’s a regular up-gradation in the module. 

Services by Silver Account 

  • You get a hedging option to mitigate losses when the market plunges.
  • Fifth Decimal
  • Full customer support
  • Usage of Islamic account

Spreads in Points for Silver Account 

  • USD / JPY 28
  • EUR / GBP 28
  • USD / CHF 28
  • USD / CAD 28
  • GBP / USD 28
  • EUR / USD 28
  • NZD / USD 28
  • AUD / USD 28
  • Dax 250
  • Crude Oil 80
  • Gold 80

How to register for a silver trading account on ROinvesting? 

You have to click on the option ‘Open Account’ on the official website. Here are the following steps:- 

Step One:- 

  • Provide the name details 
  • Mobile number
  • Email id
  • Password

PS:- Make sure you accept and comply with all regulations and terms and conditions mentioned on the website. Know about the risk factors to avert any unwarranted circumstances

Step Two:-

Fill in the questionnaire and detailed personal information.

  • Address of home
  • Date of birth
  • Postal or zip code
  • City 

Once you fill-up the personal information, ROinvesting requests you to fill a questionnaire. It will help them know more about your needs, and then they will use the feedback to their advantage, which will ease trading for you. Such sensitive information would remain confidential, and no one would have access to it. 

Step Three:

Deposit and document

After successive admission and submission of details offered by you, the broker would need to examine them for verification. You would require the following documents:- 

  • Residence proof
  • Proof of identity

After all these procedures, a trader becomes eligible to trade in the market. Make your first deposit without the fear of commission on it through multiple payment options. Fill in the required details and get the funds for trading.

For How Long is a Demo Account Available? 

A trader can avail of it 365 days a year. 

Gold Account 

When a trader gets ready for a bigger investment and level after drawing some experience by trading on a silver account, the gold account is the next stage that you get to trade and excel. You can peak news heights ane scale new mountains of success further. The gold account on ROinvesting is there like air beneath your wings that eases trading ground for a trader. 

You get a chance to trade CFDs on several indices, stocks, commodities, forex and other instruments and assets. 

  • There is no commission again, likewise the silver account. So, there’s no adherence to the fear of putting more cash out while trading.
  • More than three hundred and fifty assets as options are incredible.
  • You do not have to pay for the withdrawal of amounts, once you subscribe to it. So, further no added rates in trading. 
  • Swap discount is 25 per cent here, which gives you the feeling of luxury.
  • Minimum spreads: 20
  • Similar to the silver account, you get to engage with customer care for 24 hours and five days a week. 
  • Margin call and stop out here are the same as the silver account.

Spreads in points for Gold Account 

  • EUR / GBP 20
  • USD / CHF 20
  • USD / JPY 20
  • GBP / USD 20
  • USD / CAD 20
  • EUR / USD 20
  • NZD / USD 20
  • AUD / USD 20
  • Dax 200
  • Crude Oil 70
  • Gold 70

ROinvesting 2021 trading: Services offered by Gold Account

  • Fifth decimal
  • Hedging for better prospect 
  • There’s access to Islamic account for Muslims.
  • You get a dedicated account manager that adds in your gains.
  • Webinars and videos for learning and motivating yourself to the next level in trading

How to open a Gold Account on ROinvesting?

You have to follow a similar process that you do for the silver account. 

Platinum Account 

If you have mastered the art of trading by experiencing silver and gold accounts, then the platinum account is divine. There are plenty of CFD options and stirring conditions that make the learned trader crave better profits and greater exposure. 

Here are the prepositions that you receive as features:- 

  • Free VPS
  • Swap discount up to 50 per cent.
  • Customised investment news enhances your trading experience by offering crucial information about what’s happening in the market. You can create strategies and earn gains. 
  • For a retail account, a trader gets 1:30 leverage. It complies by the rules. 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Fifth Decimal 
  • Hedging is there for materialising more profits when the market hits low.
  • You can deposit as much as you want to and try your fortune in the financial market. 
  • Spread points here are 18
  • The model of execution is available exclusively to those who are using the platinum account. MT4NDD, MT4 Cent, MT4 Fixed and MT4NCC. 
  • A trader can use currencies like EUR, USD and GBP. 

Spreads in Points

  • EUR/GBP 18
  • GBP/USD 18
  • EUR/USD 18
  • NZD/USD 18
  • EUR/USD 18
  • USD/CHF 18
  • USD/JPY 18
  • AUD/USD 18
  • USD/CAD 18
  • Crude Oil 60
  • Dax 200
  • Gold 60

If you, as an investor, get to know how to reap the rewards, then these accounts are a mechanism to become rich in quick time. 

What is the Process of Opening a Platinum Account for Trading? 

The process is similar while you register on silver and gold accounts. 

How to Extend the period of a Demo Account on ROinvesting? 

The broker takes care of its client’s requirements. If you need an extension, contact the account manager and take advantage of practice as long as you can. There’s absolutely no hurry. Take your time and learn things first before starting your journey in the market.

Professional Account 

It is for those traders who want to trade limitlessly and depend entirely on financial trading for their bread and butter. These guys are consumers of the market and eat, breathe and drink the vibe of finances, profit and losses. ROinvesting is the fittest place for them to be at and trade. The leverage here is exceptionally high (1:500)

Islamic Account 

To bring on the board people and traders from different religions and cultures and provide them with equal opportunities, ROinvesting created Islamic Account. Here are some exclusive features:- 

  • There is no spread widening.
  • You can instantly get access to 350 plus assets.
  • There are no re-quotes or hidden costs.
  • One does not have to abide by the time limit to hold positions.
  • Users do not have to pay commissions upfront
  • Dedicated account manager support
  • No swap charges

How to open an Islamic Account on ROinvesting? 

It is similar to registering on any other accounts like professional, silver, platinum and gold. 

ROinvesting 2021 Trading: Awards and recognition 

The broker has plenty of feathers in its hats. Through its excellence services and immaculate quality, volumes are increasing and so are people’s profits associating with it. 

  • Listed FMD: Finance Magnets Directory 
  • Best broker of Europe 2020
  • Best Forex Brokers CFDs
  • Best CFD Broker Europe
  • Best CFD Broker of the year
  • ForexLive Listed
  • World Forex Award- The best cryptocurrency broker 
  • TAFT award

There is so much to gather that it is not possible to mention every achievement of ROinvesting. 

Payment Methods

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • MIR Limited
  • Safe Charge
  • OrangePay
  • Wirecard
  • Payvision
  • EmerchantPay
  • Powercash21
  • Visa
  • VPay
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal

These are a few payment modes, and the list is even longer. It can add to your pleasure of ROinvesting 2021 trading. 

What are the Products offered by ROinvesting? 

  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • ETFs
  • Indices
  • Forex
  • Metals

Is ROinvesting Scam or Safe? 

ROinvesting is as safe as it can be for traders from all walks of life. It’s a trading name of Royal Forex Limited. 

Registration number:- HE 336694

License number:-  269/15

Regulated by: CySEC and MiFID II

ROinvesting’s Association with AC Milan 

The world’s top and greatest football clubs AC Milan takes pride in associating with ROinvesting and its CFD trading, which is the template of success. 

ROinvesting 2021 Trading: Best Platforms 

MetaTrader4 and WebTrader are world-class platforms with so many charts, tools and features at traders’ disposal for profit-making. 


ROinvesting is a broker, which is on another level when it comes to delivering the finest of brokerage services to its clients. From zero commissions on depositing and withdrawal options to six accounts for trading in the financial market, you can’t get away from singing paeans for it. 

Customer care resolves issues instantly. Education courses are on point, enhancing your knowledge at every spot of trading. So, be with it and see your fortunes change.