Orange Q1 Sales Soar In Africa And Middle East

Orange Q1 sales soar in Africa and Middle East

In the first quarter, Orange, France’s largest telecoms operator, reported revenue decreases in its home market, and Spain was offset by strong growth in Africa and the Middle East.

Christel Heydemann, who succeeds Stephane Richard as CEO, takes over the erstwhile monopoly as it battles to boost revenue while upgrading networks and remaining competitive in Europe’s competitive telecoms market.

Spain, Orange’s second-largest European market after France, will be a primary target after the company’s disappointing sales and revenue performance there last year.

Orange’s sales in Spain fell by 4.6 percent in the first quarter as the company launched an exclusive proposed merger with MasMovil, a rival in the nation. It would be remarkable if the telecom sector was the only one that was unable to pass on some of the price increases.

This compares with an 8.8% increase in revenue in Africa and the Middle East operations in the first quarter, which enabled the company to raise revenues by 0.7 percent.

In the first quarter, Orange raised pricing in Belgium and Slovakia. Orange has maintained its full-year expectations for 2022, which include a core operating profit increase of 2.5 percent to 3%.

Orange’s quarterly core operating profit increased by 1% to $2.81 billion, matching analyst expectations.

It also confirmed a major aim of billions of euros in organic cash flow from telecom activities for next year, as well as the fact that Spain would resume growing organic working capital by the end of the year.

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