What is a foolproof low risk forex strategy? Best Guide 2022

low risk forex strategy

Foreign exchange market requests for massive investments from individuals following the volatility and liquidity quotients. The forex market crosses the barrier of USD 6.6 trillion when it comes to the daily average transaction. So, given such much capital infused into it, investors and traders alike feel assured of better returns. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to make a grandeur of portfolio with valuable assets. A low-risk forex strategy can help you achieve that. 

Trading in the market thrives on the inputs from trade affairs, industries, political policies, environmental concerns and several other reasons. So, it requires strategies or plannings which stick for a longer time and yield results as needed. The following article brings in a nutshell some of the low-risk forex strategies that can offer you success. 

What is a forex strategy? 

In forex trading strategy, a trader uses a technique that helps her/him to exalt profits without losing a penny or making a slight loss. Moreover, against the loss, the profit is massive. Thus, with fewer perils, profits get bigger. That is called a low-risk forex strategy.

 Additionally, using forex strategies, an investor or a trader can decide whether to hold or sell the positions in the market. 

The basis of forex trading strategy is fundamental and technical analyses. However, it requires another skill set to understand and decipher analysis. 

Also, a forex trader enthusiast can think out of the box and invest in the market using his/her conceived strategy. These strategies are available openly on the internet. 

Significance of forex market 

The forex market is bigger than several financial markets combined. So, looking at the depth and different currencies involved from across several world nations, the market is worth investing in. However, the success ratio plainly depends on the understanding of a buyer or seller. 

The best part about the forex market is that the option of leverage. You can have less capital in your account and trade exponential times. That helps in offering bigger gains to traders. However, the advantage can be wielded only by someone who knows how to trade in the forex market. 

Factors concerning forex currencies can lead traders to expect bigger rewards in a short time. The expectancy of greater returns on investment draws people to invest in the forex market. Also, it is not superficial. Several traders have made massive profits with better strategies. 

So, the most significant part of trading currencies or currency pairs is a strategy in place that can offer assurance of profits to traders. If anyone gets that right, gains would flow, and losses would get negated simultaneously. That’s one of the most pivotal aspects of trading in the financial market. 

Forex trading strategy basics

If you are a beginner trader who wants to enter the market through foreign exchange currency, then be wary. You must come up with some research and study. That is important because, unlike other financial markets, forex is too quick, volatile, and vulnerable to different factors. Many currencies can change their course with one policy decision somewhere from a developed or even underdeveloped nation. 

So, as a trader, you have to keep all your senses open for receiving information. That allows you to keep you on your toes and hooked to the monitor. That’s helpful in creating strategies that you generally do not cook. 

Forex trading strategies can be applied manually and automatically. It depends on your requirement. However, even in automated mode, you need to provide instructions manually to your system. Based on that, your trading, bids, and transactions take place. 

There’s a difference between manual and automated trading. In the former, you’ll have to glue to your computer screens to notice the change in prices of various currencies and currency pairs. On the other hand, in automatic trading, you’ll be required to create an algorithm to locate trading signals and execute orders for you as per the need. 

Also, the latter technology takes away your emotional quotient that sometimes can make you indulge in wrong decisions and you end up losing your funds. Thus, that is beneficial. 

How to create a full-proof low-risk forex strategy?

There’s no magic wand or formula that can create a low-risk forex strategy for a trader. However, there’s a method that can help you reach targets. For instance, you can see a particular currency or currency pair recovering from a specific resistance or support level. Observing that can suggest ways of trading with myriad currencies existing in the forex market. 

Moreover, by adding different elements and factors to trading signals, you can improve on the accuracy of your predictions. Here are necessary components to create an effective and profitable forex trading strategy:- 

Market selection:- Before trading, traders should choose a market that has maximum currency pairs, which gives them the opportunity of selection. So, once they have the chance, they can buy and sell different currencies and pairs that offer them maximum gains. 

Selecting a broker:  if you can get hold of better brokers, then half of your job is done. Brokerage firms like TradeATF, ETFinance, Brokereo, TradedWell, PrimeFin, and others can help you deliver risk-free returns while you trade in the forex market. Tools and platforms on these financial service providers are conducive for all subscribers. So, picking up one fine broker can result in immense benefits. 

Position size:- When you trade, keep in mind the position size of a currency or currency pair you can hold or the amount of capital you are ready to risk. Never overdo anything, otherwise, you can end up losing all your principal amount. Thus, take the position as per your understanding of the financial market. 

Entry points:- Traders should acknowledge entry and exit points for profits. Thus, it needs to develop some governing rules that can help you decide on trading ways. So, you will know whether to go short or long depending on the market conditions. 

Exit points:- Similar to entry points, exit points also indicate the amplitude of profits you make at the day’s end. Traders use scalping that generates small gains in the smallest of the time intervals. So, that ensures your profits. Hence, one should be clear about exit points after full proof assurance in entry points. 

Trading ideas:- After getting everything else right on the money, you should apply some trading tactics that can make buying and selling of currency pairs simple. You can seek the help of technology for executing your trades seamlessly. 

Moreover, forex traders can try their hands in developing trading systems or programs that can automate rule-following. One of its illustrations is MetaTrader. Thus, it can make trading comfortable for you as a forex investor. 

Perfect strategies over time 

You cannot perfect a strategy or develop one in no time. You’ll have to give some time to breathe. A trader must feel it, explore different methods to execute it, and then apply it in the market, You may fail as a market player sometimes, and the rest of the time, you can get it right. However, you should keep some patience alongside, which is needed in financial markets, especially while trading currencies due to the high volatility quotient. 

Topfull proof low-risk forex strategy

Forex trading requires the formulation of various components, elements, and characteristics for drawing strategies that can propagate profits with no or low risks. 

Forex trading can be divided into different organizational structures. Some of them can be temporary, which may work impromptu on a specified or a current situation. On the other side, some strategies may be tried and tested and offer lifetime impacts. Moreover, some may be new that may have never been tried before.

So, forex trading strategy is a combination, and the concept of strategies is broader than one may contemplate. The precise reason is the volatility of the forex market. So, traders, too, have to be flexible in their approach to apply various strategies. 

Price Action Trading 

Traders study historical prices that help them in formulating technical strategies when they enter the forex market. You can utilize it as a stand-alone technique. Also, it can be used in conjunction with a signal indicator. Moreover, fundamentals are used seldom. Moreover, economic events are also included as substantial factors for an effective strategy. 

Trade length 

You can use trade length over varying time periods; short, medium, and long. Many traders use multiple time frames for analyzing price action. It assists in knowing to trade valued by several traders. 

For acknowledging support and resistance levels, traders can use several methods. Some of them are:- 

  • Oscillators
  • Indicators
  • Trend identification
  • Using candle wicks
  • Fibonacci retracements

Interestingly, within price action, you find a position, scalping, trend, day, and range trading. These strategies fulfill distinct types of trading needs. These techniques cut short the issue of risks. 

Trend trading forex strategy 

This strategy is conducive for all traders, irrespective of their experience. They can see the market trend and invest capital in a currency or currency pair. Several traders exploit the directional movement and yield high returns by investing a substantial amount when the market surges or declines. 

Here, the primary objective of a trader is good yields on money invested by knowing which way the market will move. 

Trade length 

If you are ready to invest for medium to long-term trend trading strategy is the best fit for you as trends fluctuate in length. In trend trading, several time trading analyses can be used. 

Here, the entry points are decided by an oscillator, which can be CCI, RSI etc. On the contrary, the exit points are designated based on the positive calculation of the risk-reward ratio.

For maintaining a positive risk-reward ratio, traders can either exceed or equal that distance using stop-level distances. 

Range Trading Strategy 

In range trading, one needs to identify and see resistance and support points. Traders need to place their positions around these key levels. This strategy is perfect for the market where volatility is not high. Thus, traders have the advantage of controlling it. Also, there should be no discernible trend. People can use technical analysis as the primary tool to make reasonable gains. 

Trade length 

Traders are not bound with any length per trade because range trading strategy can work during any time frame. Moreover, its main job is to manage risk as there are chances of breakouts. Thus, a range trader would want to close random and current range-bound positions.

Here, oscillators are used mostly as timing tools. Moreover, stochastics, CCI and RSI are other renowned oscillators that traders utilize in their trading. Also, price some investors try their hands on price action in conjunction with oscillators. That helps in validating range-bound breakouts or signals. 

Range trading has a reputation for offering a fruitful risk-reward ratio. So, people can use as much length as they want. However, the important thing that one needs to keep in mind is a robust appreciation of technical analysis. 

Day Trading Strategy 

If you are someone who wants to trade financial instruments, precisely forex assets, a day trading strategy is for you. It can help you heap on a pile of gains with little or no risk. You can initiate single to multiple trades in a day. 

Trade length 

The length of trades range from very short, that is, a span of a few minutes to a few hours in a day. Moreover, your position gets exited once the day ends. So, as a day trader, even if you do not put any exit point, it will automatically push you out. 

Forex scalping strategy

Forex scalping strategy is tailormade for the forex market due to high volatility. It helps traders to make small profits when they trade in currency pairs. Traders can open and close several positions in a day and make plenty of gains. Moreover, the risk involved is too less. Thus, it is one of those forex strategies that promise high returns but negligible perils. 

Trade length 

The trade length ranges between 30 seconds to a few minutes. Thus, it is profitable for traders. 


As a forex trader, you would always search for a full-proof low-risk forex strategy that can make you heavy gains with assurance to bigger returns. Strategies like scalping, position, range, day trading, price action trading, trend trading, and others help market players book their profits by ceasing risks of losing capital.

Brokers like ABinvesting, etc. are helpful in putting up these forex strategies.