Learn Forex Trading with TradeATF

Learn forex trading with TradeATF

TradeATF is a moderately new platform in Forex business, and an organisation set up under the laws of Cyprus that pillars on bleeding edge innovation and endeavouring to propose great conditions and information to world dealers. 

At last, TradeATF is a brand name utilised by a very known organisation Hoch Ltd that likewise serves not many additional exchanging names, including iTrader and different ones. So its states about proficient methodology are also affirmed by other involvement with the Forex and Trading industry. 

Regardless of how Trade ATF is somewhat a youthful agent, it serves more than 10 thousand brokers from various corners of the world. This could be an effect of fit exchanging conditions agents offer, while fledglings will appreciate improved conditions and quick record opening and may gain from Forex schooling Trade ATF.

How to open an Account With TradeATF?

Opening an account is the first and foremost step to start trading, and that said, below will be the points and steps mentioned to lubricate an effortless account opening process.

  1. Click on the navigation bar on top of the open account www.tradeatf.com
  2. After clicking, you will be directed to the questionnaire window
  3. fill in the basic details –

Image ID

  1. Proof of residence
  2. Payment documents 

Primarily three types of accounts are offered by the trading broker company. They work on different levels for traders with varying experience in the industry. 


Silver Account – Silver account is available for traders who are getting their trading journey kick-started from scratch and aim to learn from basics and cannot wait to get enough of the industry.

The Silver account provides features and tools best suitable for a rookie trader to understand the market and learn the functionaries of the industry so that you can eliminate any possible unpredicted gamble at any and every stage of trading. 

The account offers-

  1. 700+ Assets
  2. 0.07min Spread
  3. 1:30 max leverage
  4. $250 minimum balance to open an account
  5. Higher swap discounts 
  6. Islamic account available  

Gold Account – Gold account caters to the mass of traders who are now well versed with the market and aims to get their business levelled up with continuous moving charts in pragmatic directions.

The gold account unfolds attributes and aid that aim to provide a support system to the trader while dealing in the industry as they only need little support to avail the best deals because their experience in the industry is enough to govern them towards the right deals and no longer need to be guided but to be assisted.

The account offers-

  1. 0.05min Spread
  2.  1:400/1:500 max leverage
  3.  Hedging
  4.  Swap Discount
  5.  Account Manager 
  6.  Education Hub

Platinum Account – The Account is for experienced traders who have tried their hand in trading and are now well versed with all the trading tricks and techniques and only needed to be facilitated while getting done with their trump cards in trading.

The account offers-

  1. 0.03min Spread
  2. 1:400/1:500 max leverage
  3. Hedging
  4. Swap Discount 50%
  5. Account Manager 
  6. Education Hub

How To Open Demo Trading Account with TradeATF?

A demo exchanging account is a recreated exchanging climate. It permits you to get comfortable with the web-based exchanging measure. 

In your ATFX demo account, you’ll have a $50,000 virtual surplus, empowering you to investigate and explore different avenues regarding different exchanging ideas. 

You can exchange forex, records and products in a protected climate where you’re not submitting or taking a chance with any genuine cash. 

An online demo account assists you with exploring the MT4 stage. You will get comfortable with dissecting value outlines, watching markets move, filling in an exchange ticket and dynamic. 

Instructions to Open a Demo Trading Account

Opening a demo exchanging account is simple. Essentially it gives a couple of fundamental subtleties, and you’ll be sent login subtleties right away. You don’t need to provide more data until you’re prepared to change to a live exchanging account. 

How would I utilise a Trading Simulator Account? 

You utilise an exchanging test system account a similar way you utilise a live exchanging account. 

A test system account is an elective name for a demo account and has indistinguishable highlights to a live climate. 

If you’re constructing a forex exchanging plan with different systems, a demo account furnishes the ideal chance to explore different avenues regarding your exchanging ideas.

Particularly before you submit your genuine cash, it will give you a lot of training to track down every one of the highlights you need to exchange.

How to use a chart with TradeATF?

The primary piece of the MT4 stage is the Chart Window, which has a dark foundation as a matter of course.

You like to work in an alternate tone. MT4a  permits you to modify the presence of the outlines for your exchanging needs. Essentially right-click on the graph and select ‘Properties.

Here you’re ready to redo graphs to your inclinations completely.

TradeATF Chart

Charts Customisation

For most brokers, the graph is the main wellspring of market data. That is the reason acceptable customisation is so significant. The quickest method to tweak your outline is by utilising the symbols situated in the upper menu. 

These symbols are genuinely obvious. However, here’s an itemised breakdown on the off chance that you need a few pointers.

You can undoubtedly change the Chart type:

You can likewise effectively monitor the cost of the instrument at various stretches:

Zoom in or zoom out:

Apply any specialised analysis element:

In the event that you might want to look at diagrams one next to the other, you can open up different charts in a single window with this symbol:

So, basically, MT4 offers you everything in one place and at your fingertips.

How to use leverage in funds for a TradeATF

Leverage is an exceptionally incredible exchanging apparatus since it amplifies your exchanging capital a specific number of times, offering you extraordinary freedom to acquire higher pay by exchanging more modest sums. 

Notwithstanding, leverage shrouds higher dangers also, so you ought to consistently figure out how to utilise it accurately on which instrument to apply it or on which one not. 

Trade ATF allows trading on margin by offering different leverage on markets: 

  1. cryptocurrency: 1:2 
  2. Forex: 1:500
  3. Stock: 1:10
  4. Indices: 1:125 
  5. Metal: 1:125
  6. Commodity: 1:125 

Hazard/Risk Level 

Perceiving its dangers, administrative bodies in different wards for ongoing years altogether lower permitted levels or the one that retail dealers may utilise.

 However, since TradeATF serves two elements, one in Europe, Cyprus, another accessible for worldwide merchants, and situated in Belize, those two elements will offer you distinctive influence conditions. 

Cyprus substance leverage is a maximum of 1:30 for significant cash sets, 1:10 for Commodities. 

The international proposal incorporates leverage of up to 1:400 

Proficient traders may access high leverage up to 1:400 or 1:500 once the status is affirmed.

How to Deposit funds in the broker account?

Being a directed agent, TradeATF falls consequently under the cash the executive’s rules, which implies customers’ assets are constantly held under defensive measures and isolated consistently. Additionally, the specialist empowers safe exchanges, which implies you can unprecedentedly move assets to or from your exchanging account. 

Deposit charges and Options 

TradeATF offers to store assets through the most well-known instalment techniques, using famous suppliers. It might appear sooner or later like a restricted decision for the EU substance, yet those techniques are the most helpful and safe.

In conclusion, its value is referencing that if your record is opened under the International TradeATF substance, you would be offered a more extensive scope of cash suppliers since the guideline permits. So it is consistent food to check with client assistance as far as cash move strategies. 

  1. Bank Wire Transfer 
  2. Visa, Debit Card 
  3. Skrill 

Least deposit necessity

 Normally, the very minimum deposit is set to EUR100, permitting you to open a Silver record, while a Higher evaluation record will require greater measures of cash. What is likewise great, there are no charges for deposits, so there is no commission. Anyway, consistently characterise it with your instalment supplier or Bank itself as worldwide laws may fluctuate.

How to contact customer support at TradeATF?

Another significant point while choosing a Broker is to see its client service, as you should track down a quality answer and backing in any matter you may have along the exchanging cycle. 

The uplifting news is that TradeATF client care is on a very supportable level, so you may allude to your interests either through Live Chat, email or telephone in the event that it is better for you. Yet make a point to reach them inside working hours, as client assistance world 24/5 in particular.

International phone:

What is the procedure to withdraw funds from a trading account with TradeATF?

Cash withdrawals are likewise coordinated in a client amicable way, as all exchanges are mentioned and overseen through your online record territory. 

TradeATF additionally sticks to great guidelines and surveys, affirm withdrawals rapidly, likewise charging no commission.

Just like other firms, TradeATF needs 2-3 Business days to process the withdrawal.

With that said, here is the list of option available in which transaction can be done 

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Cryptocurrency wallet 
  • Master card
  • Maestro 
  • SSL 
  • Skrill
  • Neteller 
  • Visa
  • VPay
  • Verified by VISA 
  • Secure code 


Exchanging forex with TradeATF is simple and advantageous. Exchange anywhere from your portable, tablet or work area gadget, easily dealing with your record and exchanging on the web. 

Exploit TradeATF serious spreads across the entirety of its FX/CFD items. 

Work on exchanging across different instruments, including FX, Indices, Commodities and Metals, without facing any challenges. The TradeATF demo account is totally free, and no deposit is required.

From each part of this current Broker’s offer, you can see that they depend on demonstrated items to give their brokers a charming trading experience. 

This is best found in their devotion to MetaTrader 4, which is the premise of their exchanging stages. The broker holds a license with CySEC and supports the MT4 platform. 

Furthermore, they just acknowledge demonstrated instalment techniques and are, for the most part, an unshakable alternative in case you’re searching for a spot to exchange. 

Notwithstanding these pretty much standard highlights, nonetheless, they will offer an exceptional record for genuine trading experts, a record for which you need to apply and afterwards meet certain conditions before you can open it.

 Add to that the way that the organisation likewise offers great help and is completely regulated.