Learn Forex Trading With PrimeFin


PrimeFin is one of the fastest growing online brokers for forex trading and various other instruments. It is providing reliable options with multiple benefits for a trader. Caps Solutions Ltd is the parent company of PrimeFin.

The company is registered and incorporated under the laws of Labuan under the registration number LL16622. It is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) under the license number MB/20/0052. This means the broker is regulated and trustable.

If you wish to learn forex trading with PrimeFin, you can take advantage of a free demo account. The broker offers a free demo account to each trader for learning. Apart from this, traders get three types of highly fast and responsive live accounts.

Live trading accounts include silver, gold, and platinum accounts. Traders get maximum leverage up to 1:500 for online trading. They also get customer support that is available 24/5. Enjoy freely accessible educational materials and analytical tools.

PrimeFin offers WebTrader and a Mobile App powered by MetaTrader 4. Traders can choose from more than 350 trading assets from more than 10,000 financial markets across the globe.

How To Open An Account With PrimeFin?

To learn forex trading with PrimeFin, traders need to open a trading account. No matter if it is a live trading account or a demo trading account. After opening an account you can access the financial markets across the globe.

The process to open a trading account is quick and simple. Traders need to follow the procedure mentioned below. The process is as follows:

  1. Open the web portal www.primefin.com or mobile app to begin the process of opening an account. 
  2. Click on the open account button available on the screen to make your trading account.
  3. Fill in the basic information such as your name, email address, contact number and more to proceed further.
  4. Upload the necessary documents such as documents for identity proof, address proof, income proof, and more.
  5. Choose a payment method to add some funds to your trading account that help you to place trades in the open market.
  6. After successful verification of the documents and transfer of funds, you can access your trading account and make trades in the financial markets.

This is the whole procedure to open a trading account with PrimeFin. After the account opening, it lets you access 10,000+ financial markets across the world. More than 350 trading assets are available for trading, including CFDs.

Therefore, quickly open your account and earn more money from the financial markets. Get various benefits and features with the broker for online trading.

How To Get A Demo Account With PrimeFin?

If you wish to learn forex trading with PrimeFin, the best option is to start with a demo account. Let us know why a demo account is beneficial for you to start learning:

  • You do not need to put your funds at risk.
  • It offers free virtual funds for trading in the financial markets.
  • Trade-in situations that are designed similarly to the real ones.
  • This account is free, and traders do not need to pay anything.

These are the benefits a trader receives when he trades from a demo account. To get this account, you need to follow a simple procedure at the broker’s trading platform. The process is as follows:

  1. Open the WebTrader or the Mobile app of PrimeFin to get a demo trading account.
  2. Click on the option to open a trading account with the broker and select the demo version.
  3. Complete the steps required by the broker and provide all the details such as name, phone number, and other information.
  4. After completing the process, you can access a demo account loaded with fake funds to practice trading.

Therefore, reduce the risks of losing funds and start trading with a demo account. Enjoy multiple benefits provided by the broker with a demo account to each trader. Learn trading in the financial markets in the best possible way.

How To Use a Chart With PrimeFin?

To trade in the financial markets. Traders need to understand the price charts. They also need to learn how to use the price charts to make the best decision with their trades. So, if you want to learn forex trading with PrimeFin, start learning how to use the charts.

Traders can also customise the trading charts according to their preference. Use the available benefits and features in the best possible manner to earn higher returns. MetaTrader 4 is the trading platform of the broker.

Let us begin with how a trader can customise the price chart. Following this process to customise your trading chart, traders can get the maximum benefits from it. The process is:

  1. Open a price chart of any of the trading assets from the various types of trading assets accessible.
  2. From the toolbar, placed on the top of the screen, choose to add a new price chart.
  3. Choose the colour of the chart and the lines indicating the prices of the trading assets on the chart.
  4. Select a type of chart from candlestick or line graph, two available options. Click the preferred one.
  5. Add the technical indicators you like to use with the price chart to study it or to make a trading decision.
  6. In the final step, traders need to save the chart template made with the save template option so that you can access the same next time.

This is the short and quick procedure for making a new price chart template. It can enhance your efficiency, and higher profits from the market can be earned.

How To Use Leverage In Funds For A Broker?

PrimeFin offers high leverage for trading in the financial markets. The amount of leverage depends on the type of trading account you are using for trades. Different types of accounts offer different leverage that is mentioned below:

  1. Silver account – Maximum leverage up to 1:200
  2. Gold account – Maximum leverage up to 1:400
  3. Platinum account – Maximum leverage up to 1:500

The maximum limit of leverage indicates the amount of leverage available for professional traders. For professional traders, the leverage is high because they can use it very well and they use high volume trading. This is the reason why they need higher leverage as compared to retail traders.

The amount of leverage also depends on the type of trading assets you are using to trade in the leading financial markets. Different types of assets can be traded with different amount of leverage provided by the broker:

  1. Forex trading – 1:100
  2. Metals trading – 1:50
  3. Indices trading – 1:50
  4. Commodity trading – 1:50
  5. Stocks trading – 1:10
  6. Cryptocurrency trading – 1:2

These are the limits of leverage according to different types of trading assets. Use the leverage in affordable limits because it can also increase the loss on your trades. Therefore, it is recommended that traders have the amount of leverage that they can afford to lose.

Avoid the trading risks associated with leverage and learn forex trading with PrimeFin by the use of the best resources.

How To Deposit Funds In The Broker Account?

To learn forex trading with PrimeFin, traders need to deposit funds in their trading account. The broker is offering several types of options to deposit money in your trading account. You can easily deposit funds after choosing the most suitable option for yourself.

The options that are available to deposit funds in your trading account are as follows:

  1. Bank Wire Transfer
  2. VISA
  3. VPay
  4. Mastercard
  5. Maestro
  6. eWallets

Traders can choose the easiest and convenient option according to themselves. They can add money to their trading account using this simple procedure:

  1. Log in to your trading account using the website or mobile app of the broker.
  2. Then go to your account and click on the deposit button to add funds.
  3. Select the easiest option among the various options available on the platform.
  4. Now fill in the amount you wish to deposit in your trading account.
  5. After successful transfer of the funds, you can use the same for trading.

There is no transaction fee on the deposits made by a trader in his trading account. This means you can anytime deposit funds you want to use for day to day online trading experience.

The amount you request for deposit in your trading account reflects instantly in your trading account. Only sometimes a transaction can consume time due to the speed of servers. Otherwise, the speed is lightning fast.

How To Contact Customer Support?

It happens many times when you trade online with a broker that you face some issues. The issues can be related to your trades, funds, the trading platform or any other. And traders cannot resolve it themselves. They need customer support.

While you learn forex trading with PrimeFin, you might want support at some steps. That is why PrimeFin is offering dedicated customer support. Traders can use three ways to contact the broker and get their issue resolved.

You get customer support 24 hours a day and five days a week in multiple languages. Traders can contact the support team in these ways:

  1. Live Chat – Use the trading platform to access the live chat feature.
  2. Phone – +27 418800785
  3. Email – [email protected]
  4. Address – Caps Solutions UK Ltd, Almack House 26-28 King Street, London, England

Traders can use these ways to get support, and with this, they can trade freely in the open market. Support is not offered during weekends, which means traders have to resolve their issues during the weekdays.

What Is The Procedure To Withdraw Funds From A Trading Account?

If a trader wishes to withdraw some funds from the trading account, he can do the same in a minimum time. The process to get your funds back from your trading account is as follows:

  1. Open the web portal or the broker’s mobile app and log in to your trading account using the user ID and password.
  2. Go to your account and then click on the “Withdraw” button and enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  3. Select a method of withdrawal in which you want to receive the withdrawal among the several methods available.
  4. Click the confirmation button to end the process and get the funds in your account or eWallet as per your choice.

Traders do not need to pay any kind of transaction fee for the withdrawal transaction. The transactions are free from any transaction cost. Select the most suitable option among the different options available that are:

  1. Bank Wire Transfer
  2. VISA
  3. VPay
  4. Mastercard
  5. Maestro
  6. eWallets

These are the available options for withdrawal of funds in your account or eWallet. Traders immediately get the funds transferred in minimum time. In some cases, it takes up to 24 hours. Otherwise, it does not take any time.

Hence, open a trading account, learn forex trading with PrimeFin, earn money, and easily withdraw funds from your account.

The Bottom Line

PrimeFin is a reliable and trusted broker that is regulated and well-protected. Traders can learn forex trading with PrimeFin. Use the best features and benefits offered by the broker for online trading. Choose the suitable account types and earn good profits from the financial markets across the world.