How to Buy Shares In The UK: A Beginner Guide

how to buy shares in the uk

When it comes to investing in the UK, there are a few different ways to do so. The most common way to buy shares is through a stockbroker. However, if you don’t have the time or want to deal with the bureaucracy of the stock market, you can also buy shares directly. In this guide, we discuss how to buy shares in the UK. 

If you want to buy stocks in the UK, you take refuge in the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which is profoundly the hub of one of the world’s best stocks. You can back your strategy and enter the market with its support and some funds.

Interestingly, a stock market or a share market is better equipped and organized than other financial markets. It is also triggered by the supply and demand perspective. The higher the demand, the merrier a stock’s prospects, and vice-versa.

UK Share Market: An Overview

A share market is a place or a market where equities, stocks, or bonds from different companies are sold or bought on a stock exchange. The concept is similar worldwide, and the UK walks the same side. 

The UK share market creates a space for both buyers and sellers. Companies, individuals, and governments can congregate and bid to buy and sell shares here. 

The Uk stock market offers investment platforms to those interested in selling and buying equities at their given price. They can negotiate their prices and change them as it fits their requirements.

How Did The UK Market work?

If you are a UK citizen, buying and selling shares is the easy part of trading that you may find yourself in. First of all, you need to get yourself into a comfortable situation where the stock market may bring a change in your life. Some days may be good, some great, and some may not be so good.

Thus, the first preparation is on the psychological level you need to bring. If the transformation triggers smoothly, that’s the start in the share market. Share dealing may put you into several thoughts that you may not be prepared for. So, opening up yourself to every situation is the best way to kick start your journey to buy shares in the UK.

How to Buy Shares in the UK Stock Market?

For trading or buying and selling stocks in the United Kingdom, a trader has to follow a few steps:-

Learn About the Share Market:

Every share market has its script of channelizing depending on the state’s policy created by governments there. The United Kingdom has its own. 

However, anyone who’s an outsider and trying to settle in would require to learn about guidelines before trading. Also, a beginner trader would need to know everything about the share market, how it formulates, and the procedure one should do while sharing.

There are tools, analysis, accounts, different companies, and methods for trading. Without acknowledging the market or reading about it, the investment may waste. So, before you earn, it is better to learn.

Search For a Broker

Now, you would require a piece of independent financial advice to buy or sell a share. Also, a platform and an account where you can trade stocks online. That is impossible without searching for a decent broker or a brokerage firm. You need to check that by reading several reviews offered on the internet.

Also, ensure that they are regulated by regulatory bodies like the financial conduct authority (FCA). Moreover, they must have registered in England or Britain. 

Moreover, see the license number, and after confirming that the broker is genuine and offers the best individual circumstances, one must invest in the market. Furthermore, you should inquire regarding the registered office. When everything you are looking forward to is available, create an account.

Live Trading Account

Once you’ve learned about the UK share market and found a broker, the next step is creating a live account. It will be the next step before you start selling and buying shares. You can use various brokers and their trading accounts. 

For less experienced ones, different accounts like ABInvesting(regulated by the financial regulator) offer different accounts based on investors’ experience. People who are beginners can opt for the Silver Account.

However, it is recommended that a person who has not traded ever visit the demo account and try all features, conditions, tools, and apply all strategies. 

Demo accounts do not need to be authorized and regulated. They are there to help a trader accustom to the conditions of financial markets. Even a frequent trader can use a practice account and see upgrades in the market before investing money in several shares.

Know About Market Trends

Knowing about the share market trends provides necessary information about the movement of stocks. To determine the trend, one can read the past performance and see the past and current value of shares. 

So, you must look at the market keenly and focus on other factors. If you know about the share market trends, the risk gets negated by a lot and raises your profit quotient.

Pick up a Trading Strategy

Trading in the UK stocks and shares market without a trading strategy will script losses. You do not require to pay stamp duty for creating planning. You may sometimes fall as well after earning superb returns on your own investment decisions. 

But benefits will be much bigger if you create a strategy and stick to it in your thick and thin. Also, ensure you do not miss out on risk management terms and conditions while applying strategies.

Go Long or Short

A trader should know when to go long and short in the market. During the bearish market, shares are bound to fall for some time. So, it is time to short or sell stocks if you are an intraday trader. 

However, you can also take delivery of those shares and hold them for a while before the bullish market hits, but that condition would require funds in your bank account. If you have them, go buy them.

Buying shares is known as going long. You can hold shares as long s you wish. Meanwhile, it is a matter of predicting the market right through the prism of online brokers. Also, you should be aware of the short squeeze that you could witness while dealing in a wide range of stocks.

Know When to Close trade

When you kick start trading in the UK market, you need to know when to stop or put up a break because excess trade can either bore you out or squeeze all your profits. 

So, you’ve got to decide the line and close the trade before the session ends. But unfortunately, some people lose money while not abiding by it.

Analyze and Track the Market

After you are done with the day’s trading, it is important to know what mistakes you committed during trading. So, track them down, right, and analyze the stocks bought and sold by you in the day. 

That helps in creating fresh strategies for the other day. So, if you want to succeed in the stock market, you should see all your past performances and give deep thinking.

Tracking the share market is useful as it helps know how master investors trade. You can learn from their planning and encapsulate it in your ideas.

Powerful Tools for Increasing your Share of the UK market

These are some points to consider as a trader if you want to increase the number of your shares:

  • Keep an eye on the share prices as they change in real-time.
  • With our price improvement service, you can get the best deal on your transactions.
  • Stop-loss and limit orders can help you control your risk.
  • With Watchlists, you can keep track of your stocks and possible investments.
  • With our fully interactive share charts, you can spot patterns and possibilities.


This was the in-depth guide for beginners on buying shares in the UK. Trading in the UK market may not be as difficult if you get all your planning in place and follow the terms of trading in the market. 

Moreover, if you know which brokers to select like ABinvesting, etc., your share trading gets sorted in the United Kingdom shares market.