ETFinance Broker: Complete Overview with Pros and Cons

ETFinance Pros and Cons with Complete Overview

ETFinance broker pros and cons were something for which a lot of our users were frequently asking. So, without delay, here we present you with the best ETFinance pros and cons to help you get its real picture. We shall first start with some overview and then will move to some advantages and limitations with ETFinance forex broker. 

At last, we would present a final say from us too!

ETFinance Broker: Basic Overview

It was just two years ago, in 2018, ET finance entered the trading market, and since then, it created the storm among other counterparts. The young broker had something in it, probably, a technological advancement benefit over other trading platforms. However, it offers a wide variety of products and services to Europe only. It includes stocks, indices, commodities and many more. 

One can easily trade with them on their website or by downloading their mobile application. Moreover, it also offers a high leverage facility (maximum 500:1) to its clients so that they can make good profits. What more? 50+ currencies, 30+ coins, and 220+ other products!

But it is also crucial to know if they are suitable for you or not. That’s why here we are bringing you the advantages and disadvantages of trading with ET finance broker.

Pros with ETFinance Trading 

1 Big Savings: When trading with ET finance, you will save a lot of money for your other personal expenses. Firstly, there is no commission, charge, or fee for trading on any account type, and secondly, the spread charges for trading are also meagre, starting from 0.03 pips. However, it moves a little higher to 0.07 in standard accounts but is still lower than many. 

Moreover, the swap fees on your account are also heavily discounted for a limited period. 

2 Reputed Regulations: ET Finance provides a robust framework and well-trusted protection to their client by being regulated within one of the best financial authorities, i.e. CySEC. Any trader under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has to prioritize their customers. 

Moreover, any failure in doing so can terminate the license of the broker. Also, the customers enjoy the benefit of Investor Compensation Funds, which means in the situation of bankruptcy, the company can not use the client’s money for any purpose. Therefore, your accounts will be kept happily in segregated accounts. Indeed, ET finance, in a short period, has come as a kind and authentic broker.

3 Easy Interface: The best thing we found about ET finance brokers was their quick and intuitive user experience. We strongly believe that user-interface is highly significant for all the clients for the following reasons:

Saves Time,

Saves Efforts,

Increases Efficiency, 


Mental Relaxation;

The ET finance website is super clean and crystal-clear to use and understand. The menus, sub-menus, design, background, and many more things would probably pop your heart out.   

Cons with ET Finance Trading

  1. Additional Costs: There are as such no direct bonuses or discounts present for the clients now, but that is because of the CySEC regulations. This financial body doesn’t allow its traders to provide additional bonuses to attract customers. However, it could be seen the other way too that it strictly follows the regulatory guidelines. 
  2. Payment Methods: There is a limited supply of payment methods, and most of the popular portals like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc. are not supported. We felt there is still a need for improvement in this part. However, bank transfers, wire methods, credit, and debit cards are always on the availability list. 
  3. Misleading Information: Many of our review team fellows complained that the data on their website was not clear despite having a smooth interface. There was also a kind of false information where they claim their spread to be the lowest, but when you execute the trade, it automatically increases. 

So, these were the ETFinance pros and cons of the so-called best trading broker. And, this was the end of our review too. However, before wrapping up, here’s something we would say about them. 

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Our Final Review Say

When we researched and ETFinance pros and cons, we found that there are some things in which no one could be better. However, there were some things, like misleading information, which doesn’t suit their reputable image at all. 

If we list out the things we liked other than above are a vast range of educational material for clients, availability of MT4 platform for trading, and a wide variety of account types. The reason we did not list them was that these were too common for brokers at their level. 

And, if we say the points which were harmful to them were unavailability of MT5 trading platform, limited period of 14 days demo account, limited tools and indicators for trader’s use, and not accepting users from big nations like the USA. 

Overall, we would rate this broker 3.5 out of 5 because of their comfortable and smooth trade executing services.