E8 Funding Review 2024: Legit Or Scam? Unbiased Pros & Cons

E8 Funding Review

E8 Funding is a proprietary firm that offers cutting-edge funding options to global Forex and CFD traders worldwide. The firm aims to offer one-of-a-kind funding opportunities to make it simple for traders to become professionally funded traders so that they can manage their capital remotely from anywhere in the world.

Using the most advanced technology, E8 Funding has developed an easily understandable and user-friendly interface that offers all the information any trader would need. Consequently, the platform users have access to tier-1 liquidity, which makes it the best proprietary trading firm in the world.

E8 additionally aspires to provide its traders with the best funding experience through creative concepts. In this E8 Funding review 2024, we will go through every aspect of the platform and help you decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

What Is E8 Funding?

E8 Funding is a proprietary trading firm that offers innovative funding solutions to Forex and CFD traders worldwide and identifies hidden talents within the community. The firm was founded on 5th November 2021 and currently operates offices in Texas and Dallas.

The company sought unique financing opportunities to allow any businessperson to become a professional trader. Traders are encouraged to continue on the career path with E8 Funding.

The company expects a high degree of discipline from clients to manage risks properly and maintain consistent outcomes. They are able to make big profits with accounts ranging in size upto $1,000,000. The traders can make up to 80% profit through trading in forex pairs, commodities indexes, equity and cryptocurrencies.

E8 Funding Review 2024: Top Features

E8 Funding has already been an important innovator at the time as it provides Funding to global traders. Here are the top features of the company:

Automated Payout Systems

Thanks to a highly skilled support team, the trader evaluation can be completed in less than two hours. The company also created a new trading dashboard where traders can request payouts through the trading platform. However, the trader will get eligible for the first payout after eight trading days.

Top Tier Technology

The company intends to offer traders the most convenient funding experience possible. The firm has partnered with top companies to offer institutional liquidity and top-tier software solutions.

Advanced E8 X Dashboard

The prop funding company provides a simple, user-friendly experience through the X dashboard. It helps global traders to analyze the most important trading insights.

Fast Account Scaling

E8’s brand-new Account scaling feature for regularly funded accounts has surprised all traders. There is an initial 8% total drawdown for traders.

Traders receive an extra 1% in daily drawdown with each withdrawal (8 days for the first withdrawal, every two weeks after) until the account drawdown hits 14%. Thus, the $250,000k account with the first 6 withdrawals will get an extra $2,500 in drawdown each.

Understanding The E8 2-Step Funding Process

To become a funded trader, you will have to go through a 2-step evaluation process: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Let’s understand the funding process in brief.

Phase -1

The initial stage of trader evaluation is called Phase-1. The process was created with the intention of knowing whether a trader can trade sensibly and manage risk effectively before the firm allows them to trade an account linked to the firm’s money.

Phase 1 has fair regulations, with the profit objective equaling the permitted drawdown. These policies are known as trading goals. Traders have thirty days to finish this phase.

Phase-2 can begin as soon as all of the Phase-1 objectives have been met. You can try for a free test if you follow the risk management guidelines and finish with a profit but fall short of the profit goals.

Phase 1 Objectives: 

  • Max. 5% (Daily floating loss + closed loss)
  • 8% Max. Initial Deposit Drawdown
  • 8% Profit Target
  • Minimum Calendar Days: 1
  • Maximum Calendar Days: 30

Phase -2

Phase -2 is the last stage of the trader’s evaluation. The phase’s objective is to put the trader’s trading abilities to the test once more.

In Phase 2, the platform assures that you can trade financially over the long term while following the regulations and respecting your capital.

The profit target is halved in Phase 2, and you have an entire 60 days to complete the trading goals here.

You will be designated an E8 Funded Trader when completing all the requirements. You can try for a free test if you follow the risk management guidelines and finish with a profit but fall short of the profit goals.

Phase 2 Objectives: 

  • Minimum Calendar Days: 1
  • Maximum Calendar Days: 60
  • Max. 5% (Daily floating loss + closed loss)
  • 5% Profit Target
  • 8% Max. Initial Deposit Drawdown

Funded Trader

When traders move to the Funded Trader with E8, the firm provides them with the greatest trading circumstances.

Funded Accounts are linked to the proprietary trading firm’s real money live trading account. You have the option to trade at your convenience and discretion because there is no necessity for a Profit Target.

The firm will only ask you to observe the Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Loss regulations and caution around significant news events.

Funded Trader’s Objectives: 

  • Max. 5% (Daily floating loss + closed loss)
  • 8% Max. Initial Deposit Drawdown Scalable to 14% on Funded Stage
  • Refundable Fee
  • NO Profit Target
  • Withdraw 80% of your profits each 14 calendar days
  • First withdrawal eligible anytime after 8 calendar days

Free Trial

The fantastic E8 tools are available to traders who register for a free trial assessment. Check out the dashboard, practice plan execution, and all the application features. The tool is very helpful for traders new to MT4 and come from various instrument spaces.

E8 Funding Review 2024: Acount Types & Sizes

The firm offers two types of accounts: E8 and ELEV8 Accounts. While E8 offers account sizes: of 25k, 50k, 100k and 250k, ELEV8’s funded account comes in a 100k virtual balance that can be scaled once it achieves the funded level.

Let’s take a closer look at each account type: 

E8 Account

With the account size of their choice, traders can directly access the company’s liquidity through the E8 Account. If you pass the two-phase evaluation, you’ll get Funding and get to retain 80% of the profit, while the company will cover all the risk. 

ELEV8 Account

ELEV8 is a ground-breaking technique for finding consistently winning traders. Become successful in the two-phase evaluation procedure to earn an ELEV8-funded account. If you hit the monthly profit goal, the firm will raise the size of your account by $100,000 every 30 days while letting you keep up to 90% of the total profit.

How To Start Trading With E8 Funding? 

The process is quite straightforward. Here’s a simple step-by-step process to get started on the E8 Funding: 

  • Firstly, choose your account & apply for it. 
  • After that, receive your trading credentials. Now, login to E8X and MT4
  • Pass the 2-phase evaluation
  • Receive contract & start earning

E8 Funding Review: Available Products & Financial Instruments

E8 Funding offers a wide range of products across the financial market. Here’s a list of available financial instruments on the platform:

  • Forex: No problem, all major and many exotic crosses are available.
  • Stocks: While not all stocks are available, many large-cap and most popular stocks have been made available for trading.
  • Indices: You can trade all major USA indexes and even some European markets in their top-tier liquidity pool.
  • Commodities: The platform lets you trade commodities like Gold, crude and more.
  • Cryptocurrency: E8 evaluation and funded traders can access an ever-growing range of crypto coins available to trade, Although, at the same time, you will not be able to trade Dogecoin iterations.

What Sets E8 Funding Apart From Other Prop Firms?

Due to the fact that it provides two different financing programs—E8 assessment and ELEV8 accounts—E8 Funding stands apart from the majority of industry-leading prop businesses.

Your trading style is also unrestricted; you are free to trade during trade news events, keep positions open overnight, and allow weekend trading.

Before becoming eligible for rewards, traders must successfully complete both steps of the assessment process for E8 Funding and ELEV8 accounts. The profit objective is 8% in phase 1 and 5% in phase 2, with maximum daily losses of 5% and maximum annual gains of 8%.

In both stages, there is no minimum number of trading days necessary before Funding. Accounts for the E8 program also have a scalability strategy. They don’t have a minimum trading days requirement and have modest profit expectations compared to other prominent prop firms.

E8 Funding Review: Trading Fees & Commission

The platform charges a commission, which varies depending on the asset you choose to trade in.

Asset Commission

≈ USD / LOT (FB)





≈ 0.1 USD / LOT (DASH/USD)

≈ 0.1 USD / LOT (LTC/USD)

≈ 0.1 USD / LOT (XRP/USD)

Customer Support

The E8 Funding offers support through a number of channels, including Live Chat and E-mail. There is also a FAQ page available on the website.

Traders can reach the support staff directly at [email protected] or through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

On their website, a live chat support service is accessible from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM CST and on weekends from 11 AM to 2 PM CST.

E8 Funding Reviews From Existing Users:

The firm has a good reputation among its existing users, with a rating of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot. Here’s take a look at what people are saying about E8 funding:

e8 funding


In conclusion, E8 Financing is a legal proprietary trading firm that gives traders a choice of two distinct funding programmes: E8 evaluation and ELEV8 program accounts.

Compared to other available Prop firms, E8′ stands out as the most trusted and reliable one. Additionally, the customer support offered by the platform is exceptional. 

Despite all the benefits, the major drawback of the platform will remain its limited asset offering. So, if you want to access a wide range of financial assets, open your trading account with InvestFW. The platform offers traders 350+ instruments across all financial markets, including Forex, Equities, Commodities, and Cryptocurrency. 


What Is E8 Funding?

E8 Funding is a proprietary trading firm that offers innovative funding solutions to CFD and Forex traders worldwide and identifies hidden talents within the community. This best prop firm provides Funding as well as its innovative ideas. Using the most advanced technology, E8 Funding has developed an easily understandable and user-friendly interface that offers all the information any traders would need. Consequently, the platform users have access to tier-1 liquidity, which makes it the best proprietary trading firm in the world.

Do E8 Funding Allow EA?

You can use Algo, EA, Bots, and Indicators when trading with the platform. However, the platform only allows unique strategies for each trader to create on their own. Additionally, it doesn’t allow the same EAs or algorithms to be used by multiple traders trading for E8. Get more information through our detailed E8 Funding review.

How Do I Withdraw Money From E8?

At the end of your 14-day trading term, just request a payout, and the firm will quickly execute your payout. It offers the best funding experience. Here’s the complete process:

  • Visit the official webpage and log in to your account.
  • Now, click on withdraw funds and enter the amount.
  • Following that, the withdrawal will start processing, which might take up to 5 business days to reflect in your bank account.

How Do You Become A Funded Trader?

To become a funded trader, a person must engage in a specific funded trading program or training course. Additionally, you must clear Phase 1 and Phase 2 of E8 funding to become eligible for a funded trader account. 

What Is A Prop Firm?

For trading in stocks, bonds, forex, cryptocurrency, indices, futures, and commodities markets, proprietary trading firms recruit experienced traders and finance them with the company’s capital. They manage the firm’s capital remotely from anywhere in the world. Overall, a top proprietary trading firm creates unique funding opportunities.

How Many E8 Accounts Can I Have?

You are allowed to trade as many evaluations at a time as you prefer. Also, traders are able to trade our ELEV8 account and grow the balance according to the monthly scaling plan up to $1,000,000. 

Is There Any E8 Funding Discount Code?

 Yes, E8 funding often offers discount promo codes from time to time.