Bunicorn Is About To Grow Its Gaming Ecosystem

Bunicorn Is About To Grow Its Gaming Ecosystem

More such platforms are developing daily as a result of GameFi and NFT’s rising popularity. Bunicorn combines a P2P automated market-making decentralized exchange with a DeFi-based gaming platform (DEX). On Binance Smartchain, the Bunicorn project rose to the third-most active position. The project seeks to completely transform blockchain gaming.

The company is presently concentrating on developing a market for games of a similar nature. The issue of having so many NFTs engaged in both digital arts and NFT itself gave rise to the concept of developing a distinct market for games. The company has made the decision to improve the overall blockchain gaming experience in order to address this issue for the gaming market.

In July 2021, Bunicorn went live with balancer AMM pools for BEP20 tokens and stablecoin AMM pools. Very little slippage and high capital frequency for stablecoins have been praised for the project. The first Bunicorn game went live in September. The play-to-earn model served as the game’s foundation. It was the initial step in ensuring the long-term success of this concept.

The play-to-earn gaming experience is offered with the intention of developing a tokenomic. Tokenomic provides gamers with advantages at affordable prices. Due to Kyber network’s investment in Bunicorn, the total amount of cash raised reached $28 million. In addition, as was already announced, the gaming platform released over 20% of the pre-staking awards.

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Bunicorn is concentrating on developing a number of products, including Yield Farming, AMM DEX, and NFT marketplace, in addition to the decentralized finance (DeFi) system. On a synchronized market, players can purchase the NFTs they want and also play to win.

Bunicorn is anticipated to release a mobile app for Bunicorn DEX in the future. Bunicorn intends to launch the presale of Heroes and Lands, a mobile game, in the fourth quarter. Additionally, the platform is ready to start NFT auctioning. Following the announcement of their cooperation, Bunicorn NFTs are anticipated to be offered on TokenPlay.

In the most recent few hours, the Buniverse native token BUNI rose by 6.7 percent and finished at $0.4446. Bunicorn’s current market capitalization is $12.44 million. In some regions, the mainstream is anticipated to adopt the blockchain within the next five years when Bunicorn enters the market with its most recent improvements and long-term strategy. So, the future is developing at a good clip.

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