Bunicorn Is About To Expand Its Gaming Ecosystem


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The growing popularity of GameFi and NFT is witnessing more such platforms emerging every day. Bunicorn is a combination of DeFi based gaming platform  P2P automated market-making decentralised exchange (DEX). The project Bunicorn became the third most active project on Binance smartchain. The project aims to revolutionise the gaming experience on the blockchain. 

The company is currently focusing on creating a marketplace for similar games. The idea of creating a separate marketplace for games came out of the problem of so many NFTs which are already involved in digital arts and NFT itself. To overcome this situation for the gaming marketplace, the company has decided to boost the overall blockchain gaming experience. 

Bunicorn was launched in July 2021 with stablecoin AMM pools and Balancer AMM pools for BEP20 tokens. The project has been appreciated for very low slippage and massive capital frequency for stablecoins. In September, the first game by Bunicorn went live. The game was based on the play-to-earn model. It was the first step to ensure the sustainable growth of this model.

The aim behind providing the play-to-earn gaming experience is to create a tokenomic. Tokenomic offers benefits to gamers with low price rates. The total value of funds hit $28 million as Kyber network has invested in Bunicorn. The gaming platform also released almost 20% of the pre-staking rewards, as mentioned earlier. 

Apart from the decentralised finance (DeFi) system, Bunicorn is focused on building various products like Yield Farming, AMM DEX and NFT marketplace. Gamers can both buy their desired NFTs and play to earn on a synchronised market. 

In the future, Bunicorn is expected to launch a mobile app for Bunicorn DEX. In the fourth quarter, Bunicorn is planning to start the presale of its mobile game called Heroes and Lands. Along with that, the platform is prepared to launch NFT auctioning. Bunicorn NFTs are expected to be listed on TokenPlay after they announce their partnership. 

Buniverse native token BUNI soared by 6.7% in the last few hours and settled at $0.4446. The market cap of Bunicorn is $12.44 million now. As Bunicorn hit the market with its recent updates and its future plan, the mainstream is expected to adopt the blockchain in the next five years in certain regions. Thus, the future is moving forward at a good pace. 


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