7 Best Small-Cap ETFs to Buy Now 2022

7 Best Small-Cap ETFs to Buy Now 2022

Best small-cap ETFs to buy is set to keep up their run in the coming year, a belief common enough among leading executives of global asset managers. 2022 approaches and investors are getting ready.

Prominent asset managers are holding that clients maintain a long-term view. As a result, there’s to be more benefit tilting towards small-cap and value stocks. In the recent past, best small-cap ETFs have yielded 4% or greater returns relative to their larger, growth-focused counterparts. 

The Russell 2000 Value Index is outperforming the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq Composite, getting increasingly closer to the Nasdaq 100. Multi-billionaire asset managers are looking for the best small-cap ETFs to buy, beating their benchmarks. They are all set to grab small caps and value returns in 2022. They are monitoring the possibilities beyond the Fed’s tapering and potential rate hike timelines. 

Unsurprisingly, some market observers are gung-ho about the possibilities of smaller stocks doing extremely well in 2022.  

Per the experts referred to above, small caps have gotten rid of the seven-month funk, ascending to dizzying heights in November. Going forward, they have diverse ingredients going for them. They are adorable in a market that is expensive. They have superlative fundamentals. They are slated to sidestep the sure pitfalls in large caps’ way in 2022. ABInvesting agrees. 

As far as the long term goes, current valuation gaps between large and small stocks point to the latter being in for a prolonged period of excellence. 

Per expert assessment, the historical relationship between valuation and subsequent returns suggests small caps ought to lead to large caps over the next decade, signifying slightly negative annualized price returns for the S&P 500, compared to high single-digit annualized price returns for the Russell 2000. 

Are Small-Cap ETFs worth it?

The majority of investors have the tendency to concentrate attention on large, blue-chip corporations. Notwithstanding the very obvious and excellent reasons behind this, bigger isn’t always better. Diverse multinational companies are complicated and difficult to follow. Moreover, there are no guarantees that a $100 billion company is free of problems. 

Smaller companies and the best small-cap ETFs to buy can help you diversify your portfolio. But, per your strategy, they could provide just as much growth potential or long-term income. If you are interested in the best small-cap ETFs to buy as 2022 comes nearer, the following 7 best small-cap ETFs are the choicest way to go. ABInvesting would happily guide you. 

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SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (ticker: SPY) :

The flagship US stock fund is benchmarked to the popular S&P list of 500 of the largest American corporations. SPY, formed in 1993, boasts an extremely liquid and versatile trading pool. Admittedly, there are wannabes copying the Master – there are cheaper ETFs. The latter is actually even more affordable than SPY’s 0.095% annual expense ratio, or $9.50 for each $10,000 invested. However, you will not find a more securely established and trading-friendly instrument out there. 

Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF (VTWO) 

Large US stocks are vital to holding since they stand for the largest companies out there. They do hog the limelight. Nonetheless, smaller stocks have a lot to give – specifically if you think that the steady uptick in demand from both consumers and businesses will keep going;; through the New Year. 

The Vanguard fund provides exposure to small and mid-size companies, potentially benefiting faster and more dramatically relative to larger and more mature corporations.    

VTWO is entrenched in the Russell 2000 index, implying that it excludes the best 1000 American companies, building its portfolio with the next 2000 stocks in line. Ongoing top holdings include AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC), ASANA Inc (ASAN), and Crocs Inc(CROX). 

Invesco QQQ ETF 

Another way to look at the prospect – the best small-cap ETFs to buy – would be the QQQ fund. Benchmarked to the Nasdaq 100, the ETF gives a very different look relative to the SPY.while the latter has tech as its largest sector, at 23%, with financial services following at 13%, the Invesco QQQ ETF boasts a ginormous 48% in tech and 18% in communications services. Notwithstanding the tech bias, there are grounds for optimism. Lately, the sector has performed extremely well, being as the Nasdaq 100 has racked up gains to the tune of 27% per year, close to the top of a traditional S&P 500. 

Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) 

Naturally, you may remain unconcerned if you ought to go large or small with your stocks or if you would go heavy on tech or dividend-paying stocks. The VTI fund brings more assurance to the process. The Vanguard fund does provide a comprehensive view of the whole stock market, benchmarked to a close to complete list of domestic corporations with an excess of 3500 total positions at present. 

Admittedly, it is biased towards bigger stocks such as Apple Inc (AAPL) and Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Therefore, blue chips will compel performance more than small caps. 

Nonetheless, it is thanks to the widely diversified list of holdings and a rock bottom expense ratio that is true of Vanguard index funds, this is the easiest way to buy into the 2022 stock market without having to do a lot of legwork.

Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Equal Weight ETF(EWSC)

If you are looking for an alternative to conventional small-cap index funds and ETFs, you may consider checking out the Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 Equal Weight ETF(EWSC). EWSC is an easily understood alternative to standard cap-weighted small-cap index funds. For example, the Invesco ETF is actually the equal weight answer to a basic S&P SmallCap 600 tracker. 

EWSC has a future, given that small-cap equities are rallying. EWSC is actually 36.55% year to date. That’s an advantage of close to 650 basis points over conventional S&P SmallCap 600 funds. More is expected of the ETF. 

Equal weight ETFs benefitting from value tendencies make EWSC an ideal vehicle for investors looking to capitalize on interesting variations on smaller stocks. As a matter of fact, EWSC has considerable cyclical leanings given that financial services, industrial, and consumer discretionary sectors combine for close to half the fund’s weight. 

The S&P 600 goes for less than 17 times expected earnings over the coming year, as against the 22 times for the S&P 500. When the indexes were at roughly the same valuations in March, experts noted that historically small caps have been worth a premium multiple. 

There are cogent reasons why EWSC fits the bill as a credible small-cap consideration for long-term investors. The Invesco ETF surpassed cap-weighted rivals by 800 basis points in the past three years. On the other hand, its annualized volatility was merely 290 basis points more than the comparable cap-weighted fund. 

KraneShares Global carbon ETF (KRBN)

KRBN is what you would call a tactical ETF. in the age of climate change, carbon markets and emissions trading schemes are rising. Investors can take a stake in carbon prices thru their existing brokerage platform. With more than $1.4 billion in assets, it has become popular, and for a good reason. The carbon credit futures contracts tracked by this fund have regularly surpassed expectations in the last year. Consequently, KRBN has surged 120% in 2021. 

Invesco optimum yield diversified commodity strategy No. K-1 ETF (PDBC)

Yet another tactical ETF, PDBC, is arguably the largest commodity ETF out there. The actively managed ETF does not own commodity-related stocks. It follows the raw materials themselves thru an index of 15 heavily traded commodity futures contracts and such instruments. 

The Invesco fund would be worth considering, if only for the fact that there are no onerous tax forms attached – just direct exposure to vital commodity markets.   

Best small-cap ETFs for the long term: why are small-cap ETFs important? 

Are Small-Cap ETFs worth it? Absolutely! 

Some investors go for a proper allocation of small-cap stock mutual funds, sticking to the allocation for the long term. They rebalance the portfolio periodically. 

Pure market timing is not advised as an investment strategy. However, investors may make strategic and tactical moves to maximize returns.

Trends can offer clues regarding buying opportunities. For instance, during the preceding major correction, at 2018-end, stocks plummeted close to 20% from preceding highs. Early in 2019, the Fed began actively lowering interest rates. 

Best small-cap ETFs to buy: are long cap stocks better? 

Small companies can start rebounding faster. They Are not directly affected by interest rates. There are economic factors to aid them. Smaller companies are not top-heavy. Whether It be management issues, or production processes, administrating a small company is admittedly easier. Small-cap stocks and ETFs are the first to pick up the scent of change. They respond to economic incentives first. 

Small companies raise most of their capital from investors by selling stock shares. Lager companies issue bonds to borrow money. 

Given that small companies do not depend too much on bonds for operation expansion and funding of projects. 

Best small-cap ETFs to buy: considering equal-weighted ETFs

Equal-weighted ETFs invest an equal amount in each company in the fund’s portfolio, irrespective of market capitalization. There’s, therefore, more accent on small businesses owned by the fund. 

We would consider equal-weighted ETFs because: 

  • There’s more diversification;
  •  A greater emphasis on smaller businesses;
  •  There are higher historical returns. 


best Small-cap ETFs stock funds are usually thought to be more aggressive investments relative to large-cap stock funds. Small companies are more receptive to change. Small-cap stocks can appreciate at price faster than large caps. 

Investors looking to take the benefit of price fluctuations may opt to buy more small-cap stock fund shares during market corrections. Rather than market timing, a better portfolio management strategy is to dollar cost average with regular purchases. 

Choosing the right ETF is crucial. That way, you can really do as much with your money investment-wise as you would in different circumstances with large-cap stocks. We have demonstrated to you the best small-cap ETFs to buy