Best Online platforms Available For Stocks Trading 

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Trading may be for some people a voluntary exercise, but for many, it’s a means for livelihood. They trade in distinguishing domains of markets to survive in the world. Their investment is running the economy and help in rising the employments in varied fields.

Earlier when there was no internet, trading on different platforms was a gregarious task. So many people used to get involved in watching, blocking, releasing, and transacting money.

It was time-consuming because of which people used to miss chances to make profits. Some good deals would slip out of their hands.

But ever since the advent of the internet, transactions became quicker and more and more folks got involved. Brokers received the assistance of the technology and rendered it to their clients.

Now with the digital revolution, multiple brokerage firms are booming and lending support to traders. Let us know about some of the most excellent brokerage platforms as per their specialty.

Things one should consider while taking refuge in an online brokerage

An investor or a trader should be vigilant and a self-supportive person. If these qualities reside within him/her, then only the rate of success for profitability can rise.

Someone who is new in stocks trading or doesn’t know what is the stock market? Then it can cast trouble for them. In this case, either an educated expert can help, or one has to do self-study to learn the norms.

A good investor is one who has patience and knows when, where and with whom to invest. A smart broker can break a fantastic deal for the client. Also, some online brokerage firms impart lessons on how to be better in investments.

Any trader dealing in online stocks trading will always know the distinction between long-term and short-term. And it helps in managing the funds with proper categorization.

Best Online Platforms Available For Stocks Trading

Interactive Brokers

There are no minimum charges to begin the game of trade on this platform. So, one can play with zero Euro in the account. The offering on this platform is changing rapidly for the welfare of its brokers and clients.

When its functionality of orders spanning the world got measured, it found. The platform is one of the best among non-US international platforms.

Interactive Broker is also famous as IKBR in the brokerage fraternity. It has the accessibility of more than 31 nations with around 135 exchanges under its belt.

The founding stone for the firm got laid in the year 1978. And since then it is growing the impression on its clients and traders globally.

People can book their orders for the entire day without any restrictions. There are around sixty different order types it manages.

Key Features of Interactive Brokers

  • All entry positions, exits, transactions, tracking of happenings in the financial market, etc are happening here.
  • IKBR has its technology-driven downloadable applications platform known as TWS. The features in it are so lucrative that even none user would want to give trading a try.
  • The options in it are plenty, and one should learn them before using the tools. They are sophisticated and may take time to learn. One needs to show some patience for mastering them.
  • However, investors can customize the tools and use them at their will for investment. Learning more straightforward options, it may not be that hard.
  • But if someone wants to learn it aggressively, then they will need to provide time to it. The platform has universal appeal with modus operandi on websites, applications, desktops, and mobiles.
  • It has extensive inventories to keep assets of a plethora of financial markets that include the European market of debts. Also, there are a hundred and fifteen currency pairs available to deal with it.
  • And someone who is looking to trade the US stocks, they do not have to pay any charges. And for the past two years, it is drawing demands for the trade there.
  • There are valid reasons that the platform is the second fiddle to none. One of the most significant factors is the reach to the remotest countries.
  • People have the right to fund through base currencies, which gives it additional points. So, traders do not have to change their currency notes while switching over to another financial market.
  • There is no extra time, energy, resources, and fee required to pay. So, a single account can foster and engage in an array of transactions at the same time.
  • IKBR is heaven for European nations with the kind of incentive hats it is throwing towards them.
  • Real-time trading, including commodities, forex exchange, stocks trading, and other markets is a boon for every trader. However, there are some limitations that need attention.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:- 

  • To deal in foreign markets, one has to take care of investment due to liquidity crunch
  • The exponential reach is mouth-watering for traders and gives them leeway to make more massive profits.
  • The customization possibility aids in trading.
  • TWS technology is robust for beginners to operate and may require time to learn it.
  • The low margins draw interest in clients who visit the platform.
  • Its window is operational for twenty hours a day.


The name is suggestive of honesty and loyalty. One does not need any amount in the account. There is zero amount of fee applied to trade stocks trading or ETF. However, some Euros get charged for contract trade.

For the past two years, the online brokerage firm is on everyone’s mind. The attractive packages and deals it is offering are working as a client snatcher.

Other brokerage firms may be finding it difficult to save their dignity in front of fidelity.

Key Features of Fidelity

  • It is providing services on multiple platforms, including websites and mobile. Notably, the mobile one is quite responsive and user-friendly.
  • It keeps the clients updated with regular news and pieces of information. Fidelity is making efforts to cut down the cost of users in every outing they make.
  • It is working relentlessly in the direction to make them earn huge profits in a short period. One thing which favors the brokerage firm is it takes care of the funds of people.
  • The money which is left away after investment earns interest for folks. It happens due to the efforts of the online company.
  • The resources, quality, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to trade during odd hours make it customers’ favorite. Its top-notch features and class apart advice add flavor for traders.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • It distributes extra money that it gets from loans and other means of investment to the clients.
  • It educates people and makes them understand the necessity of investment in the best stocks.
  • Its professional programs are hots favorite and work in favor of the trader.
  • Customizing screeners for asset management is fantastic and unparalleled.
  • Some traders may not find it easy to use the platform and may require pro-versions along with additional tools. So, it may cost a little more.

Charles Schwab

Like the platforms mentioned before, Charles Schwab also does not need a single penny in the account.

It specializes in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and stocks. ETF is rapidly becoming famous and acceptable for people who once traded in mutual funds.

Also, it creates equilibrium in the portfolio in the times of superiority of the commodity market and stocks trading. Eclipsing them is not an easy thing. But Charles is making it happen so swiftly.

The platform has excellent command on technical aspects, research, training, analysis, and delivering the result on time with precision.

It has special packages to accommodate. Its clients with services that remain etched forever.

Key Features of Charles Schwab Platform

  • The investment firm provides advisors to those people who require the directive of an expert during typical times of trading.
  • Its high-tech technology and services are tailor-made for traders who proactively invest in the market.
  • The firm can guide people to various banks; it has contacts with whenever needed.
  • The varieties here are superb and work wonders.
  • Schwab is a proven illustration as a heaven for ETF investors. They receive all help and assistance; from knowledge, information to proper hints to make profits.
  • The 150 criteria of its smart street screener are useful.
  • They come coupled with intelligence, technical superiority, finesse in working style, and commitment towards excellence.
  • The data submitted by a user is always saved in it, and whenever wants, he/she can summon it.
  • Its research team is one of the best as per the industry standards.
  • The brokerages it charges are minimal to less, and the benefits it offers are enormous compared to them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The tools it has are well designated to assist traders and see them through even sophisticated times.
  • The magical thing about Schwab is its sixteen predefined screens that come in use for ETF screeners. It molds as per the choice and need of the customer.
  • It provides Adhoc services without charging a penny from its customers. Such pleasantries and gestures also help traders identify and relate more with Schwab. CFRA, Morningstar Equity Research Alerts, and PR Newswire are among them.
  • Besides the streetsmart edge, the ETF screener on the website is weak and of substandard quality.
  • The base interest rate they provide is meager, which is surprising as per the standards it has set.

Tasty Works 

The name can be put to any trader to rethinking mode. But what is in a name? The work speaks specialization of the domain expertise that Tasty work has developed over the years.

It also does not charge anything for trading stocks. Moreover, the minimum account balance requires here for investment is zero.

And just like the name, it deals in lesser know financial marketplace Options trading. However, the term is popular among niche followers, and they like investing their funds in it.

Key Feature of Tasty Works

  • Their brokers have tools that determine to minimize risk and provide maximum profits to clients.
  • The structure of a brokerage fee or commission is far more complicated than it seems on the surface. The underlying charges are mostly high. And this platform is giving the fight to mitigate it to the bare minimum.
  • It is noticeable that the costs of the per-leg fee are lower than before. The steps came into existence in 2019, looking at the problem faced by traders.
  • Tasty works believe that most of its clients deal in derivatives. Hence, their tools and technology pander around futures and options.
  • The built-in analytics help people in dealing with better chances and making correct decisions.

Innovation and Inspiration 

Tasty works started in the year 2000 with an intent to revolutionalize the world of trading through inspiration and innovations. It is achieving the target and is on its way to offering the experience for free.

They have a feeder where anybody can learn the nitty-gritty of the market and become successful. The generosity and gesture are also winning the hearts of investors.

One can take a view of experts trading live and learn directly from them.

The conversations, research, concepts, ideas, thought processes, and analysis on the movement of the market could change lives.

Advantage and Disadvantage

  • The built-in tool technology is time-saving and a unique way to keep traders hooked on the computer or mobile screen.
  • The stock market for beginners can become a nightmare on it. They would need to learn before they earn the glorious path.
  • One cannot guarantee a fixed income, which is a drawback.
  • Through the charting facilities, the trader can analyze and evaluate positions of underlying assets. It is helpful when they are in large numbers.
  • The tutorials, through in-built videos, is a unique and welcome idea that is helpful for traders of any generation. Their library that consists of pre-recorded videos is exceptional and innovative.
  • If someone is looking to analyze matters beyond the usual profit and loss scenarios, then they would need other accounts. It is slightly disappointed on its part.

TD Ameritrade

Like all of the above, has a specialty of being the best technology for trading on mobile. It is a hotbed for brokers who are trying to get a foothold and are new in the field.

Through streaming mobile services, it is making it easy for people to analyze on the go. Its newly optimized website is a boon for traders.

Advantage and Disadvantage

  • The mobile application is conducive for the user and gives detailed information on the market.
  • The traders do not get a decent interest rate. Also, the charges are slightly on the higher side for penny stocks trading.

Conclusion Remarks

A broker is like a charioteer riding a chariot. If he mismanages the reigns of horses, something will go wrong. Similarly, a good broker or a brokerage firm is the backbone of a trader.

So, their guidance and experience in guessing the direction of the market help in the right investments. Hence, one should select them very cautiously for it is all about saving the interest first.