Best dividend stocks UK 2022

Best dividend stocks UK

Dividend investing is a method of purchasing dividend-paying stocks to obtain a regular income stream from your investments. Since the stocks and other holdings gain value, the income is in addition to any portfolio growth. One of the basics of good investing is making money from dividend-paying stocks. Your dividend income will grow in proportion to the company’s sales and profits. Best dividend stocks reward good investigation! Read our Warren Buffett’s best simple investing advice.

What are the best dividend shares to buy? Or What are the highest yielding dividend stocks?

  • Lloyds 

In the middle of December 2019, Lloyds was worth a good 64p per share. Following the pandemic-induced mini-crash, it crumbled to 25p by September 2020. After considerable volatility, it is starting to regain strength at 48p. 

Per experts, there are considerable opportunities for the Lloyds Banking Group to keep on developing its platforms and strengths. There’s excellent growth potential thru disciplined investment. Even as the bank released GBP 740 million of the GBP 1.2 billion set aside for pandemic loan defaults, it still showed a 96% rise in year-over-year pre-tax profits to GBP 2 billion. 

In its capacity as the UK’s biggest mortgage lender, the bank hiked up home loans by GBP 2.7 billion, bringing lending for 2021 to GBP 15.3 billion. All this while, net income increased 4% quarter-over-quarter to GBP 2.9 billion, owing to the appreciation in mortgage demand. Lloyds’ is determined to purchase 50,000 rental homes over the next decade, hopefully generating GBP 300 million in pre-tax profit over the decade. 

Therefore, Lloyds’ is all set to grow into its new role as a mega-sized corporate landlord – promising the best dividend stock. 

  • Vodafone 

In January 2018, the Vodafone share price hit a five-year high of 237p, prior to the pandemic stifling it to 105p in March 2020. It saw out 2021 close to 110p. 

In H1 FY22 results, revenue appreciated 5% from Euros 21.4 billion to Euros 22.5 billion, propelled by growth on the Continent and in Africa, accompanied by a handset sales recovery. Post stripping out a one-off profit from its Australian business sale, the company’s operating profit appreciated by euros 200 million. Per the company CEO, Vodafone has good, sustainable growth and solid commercial momentum – best dividend stock, assured. 

Vodafone is hoping to offset the effects of the upcoming interest rate hike with its access to the Euros 750 billion Pandemic Recovery Fund, permitting further Continental consolidation. Moreover, with Euros 150 set aside for an EU-wide commercial digital makeover, Vodafone stands to profit as firms begin to splurge on hiring its specialization. 

  • TP ICAP 

The City brokerage TP ICAP is globally the largest interdealer broker. Simply put, this implies that its brokers negotiate complicated financial trades between dealers and investors. 

Market conditions impact trading profits as well as the continual trend towards electronic trading. TP ICAP has enhanced its e-trading capabilities to take on these challenges, expanding into areas like data analytics and energy trading. 

Since 2018, the City brokerage’s profits have been trending higher again. As a result, broker predictions say that dividends would be plentiful in 2022 -the best dividend stock guaranteed. 


AEW UK REIT, the property group, is the owner of a range of commercial property across the UK. Instances include industrial units, warehouses, retail parks, and offices. AEW UK REIT is an expert in minor properties in locations where it can upgrade buildings, appreciating future rental income. 

AEW’s portfolio implies that it will keep paying a fixed 8p per share dividend annually, offering a 7% dividend yield at ongoing levels. So look out for one of the best dividend stocks!

  • Phoenix 

Phoenix, the insurance group, concerns itself with life insurance and retirement products. As a result, the Standard Life Brand has a new owner, namely Phoenix. 

The company has gone on record, making public its intention to successfully target upto GBP1.6 billion of surplus cash the previous year. Shareholders can hope to get close to GBP 485 million of this via a 48p per share dividend. 

Per prediction, Phoenix will give a 7.5% dividend yield on its stock in 2022 – get ready for the best dividend stock!

  • Land Securities 

Land Securities dividend yields are quite bulky at ongoing levels. Per prediction, they ought to be in the neighbourhood of 4.5% – 4.9%. Shareholder rewards ought to recover along with profits as office goers and shipped return following the expiration of lockdowns. 

However, being a long-term investor, you would rather be worried about what the meteoric rise of eCommerce and WFH will imply for property shares. 

Land Securities ought to be able to withstand the 2% slip on office space experienced in the UK as a consequence of the pandemic. The company trades on a 0.5 forward price-to-earnings growth (PEG) ratio. Anticipate one of the best dividend stocks!

  • Rio Tinto 

With its surprisingly low-cost stock, Rio Tinto is a preferred blue-chip buy. The mining company trades on a 7.8 times Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio for 2022. The figure falls far short of the bargain benchmark of 10 times. However, in the dividend arena, the business appears too good -affordability-wise – to miss. 2022 dividend yield is predicted at 9%! What’s to stop the Rio Tinto stock from being one of the best dividend stocks?

Is it smart to invest in dividend stocks? Or Can you live off dividend stocks? Or Are dividend stocks a good long-term investment?

The payments a company makes to shareholders are termed dividends. You get a share of company profits when you own dividend-paying stocks. This permits you to get an income stream above the portfolio market value growth

For instance, suppose you invest in a company paying a 3% dividend per share. Shares are worth $100, and you own one company share. In that case, you would be entitled to $3 in dividends. 

How does dividend investing work? 

Buying dividend-paying stocks can reward you over time. You just have to keep on making smart choices. Frequently called “DRIP”, some companies may have a dividend reinvestment plan. With a DRIP, you may opt for dividend reinvestment to purchase more shares. You could forgo taking them as cash. This may be a wise plan when your dividends are small. The company may be growing, or you don’t own much stock. 

Are dividends safe?

Try to keep dividend safety in mind when investing. The implication is that the company has to keep paying dividends at the same rate or higher. Regardless of whether some companies evaluate and rank dividend safety, you also should do your own research. You only have to compare earnings to dividend payments. 

Suppose there’s a company earning $100 million and paying out $90 million in dividends. You stand to make more of a profit than you would in case it were to pay dividends worth $30 million. Conversely, in case it pays out $90 million in dividends, and profits plummet by 10%, it would be hard for the company to keep paying that rate. 

Your income is thereby lowered. The $30 million payouts could also shrink , but by a much lower percentage. 

Frequently, companies paying 60% or less of earnings as dividends are more dependable. You do ask for predictability, after all. 

Dividend safety is also contingent upon the riskiness or newness of an industry. Therefore, notwithstanding a company having a low dividend payout ratio, your payment will most likely be less safe in case the industry is not stable. 

Search for companies with histories of cash flow and stable income. The payout ratio is directly proportional to the stability of the money coming in to cover the dividend. 

Dividend stocks investing strategies 

Dividend investors ought to concentrate on either a high dividend yield approach or a high dividend growth rate strategy. Both have clear and separate portfolio roles. 

Regarding the high dividend yield approach, the concentration is on slowly growing high cash flow companies. This permits the funding of large dividend payments. As a result, you could, in all likelihood, have an instant income. 

If a stock pays a $1 dividend, and you can purchase $20 shares, the stock has a 5% yield. So were you to invest $1 million, $50,000 would be yours in income. 

Utilizing the high dividend growth rate, your concentration is on purchasing stocks in companies that pay low dividends, albeit growing quickly. The implication is that you are purchasing profitable stocks at a lower rate, making a large amount of income over a 5 or 10 year period. 

Diverse investors may prefer one approach as opposed to the other. It is contingent upon if your goal is immediate, stable income, or if you would like long-term growth and profit. 

When going for a method, ascertain your risk tolerance. Consider how long you are prepared to wait for your dividends to receive your desired income level. 

Dividend stocks: Money-Makers 

Money -Maker dividend stocks imply the following : 

  • The dividend yield the stock offers at the time of purchase;
  • The growth rate in the company’s profit, useful for projecting future dividend increases; 
  • Company balance sheet’s health; 
  • Current dividend tax laws.  

Getting hold of a company with loads of debt and plunging sales is always a big risk, regardless of how large the payout may look like. 

Rather, you could look at a low-cost index fund that concerns itself with dividend-paying companies. An index fund is a mutual fund or ETF/exchange-traded fund tracking a definite market index. You don’t have to choose each stock yourself with this option. However, dividend investing is evergreen in its promise. 

S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrat Index is one such index. It tracks the very best S&P 500 blue-chip stocks that have raised their dividend annually for the past 25 years. 

You could consider dividend-centered ETFs, like iShares Select Shares ETF or the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF. 

Dividend-paying stocks: benefits 

High-dividend stocks do better than the broader market over time. Historically, too, high dividend-paying stocks do better in times the stock prices are weak. Given that dividend-paying stocks are more orthodox with stronger cash flows relative to those that do not, investors have to gravitate towards dividend pay during troubled times. 

By bringing the actual cash to shareholders, dividends also indicate the vitality of the business underlying the stock. Moreover, companies use their resources better when they are less plentiful. That is the condition when dividends have been paid. Higher dividends imply more cash with investors, and less with a management team that could occasionally go wrong. 

Defining dividend yield

In many cases, a high dividend yield can serve as a warning that a stock could be depressed due to fundamental causes. Therefore, investors search for strong fundamentals endowed companies effectively backing up the dividend. These could be prominent earnings growth, attractive valuations, and attractive valuations. 

Conversely, it is not essential to abandon growth to invest in dividend-paying stocks. So many companies with prominent yields are innovative leaders of global stature. Conversely, you do not need top-heavy, slow-growth companies offering investors little by way of capital appreciation. 


The best dividend stocks offer you the best opportunity to elevate an investment portfolio’s income diversification. We have just taken a gander at some of the best dividend stocks for the year 2022. Investing in such stocks is more complex than merely going for a stock that has a high yielding interest rate. Even the best dividend stocks have to be shielded from dividend cuts, missed payments, share price crashes, and dividend elimination. 

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