Best Day Trading apps for 2022

Best Day Trading apps for 2020

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Day trading gets referred to as a type of stock trading in which stocks are bought and sold in a short period. The day traders ignore the overall movement in the market, whether the market is up or down. As long as the stock market is working on the factor of volatility, a trader can reap profits by buying stocks when prices are low, and then selling those stocks when the value rises. Many day traders enjoy the flexibility and liberty that day trading offers, but sitting on computers for long hours is very tiring. With smartphones becoming so handy, many best day trading apps have come into existence to add to the liberation that day trading has to offer. In this article, we have given way to the best day trading apps for 2022.

Best day trading apps 2021

T1 Markets 

  • Best suited for seasoned traders
  • No commission or fee is charged on withdrawals or transfers

T1 Markets app is available for both iOS and Android phones and offers 24/7 services to investors and traders. The app offers the value of self-fulfillment with its easy and smooth interface. The “Instant execution orders” function allows for continuous trading and continuously managing pending orders. 


  • T1Markets app gives the one-click advantage to its users and opens, closes numerous trades, takes profit, closes accounts, all in one click. 
  • Offers nine distinct timeframes to satiate your long and short-term trade longings. 
  • Provides assistance of various technical indicators like lines, bars, charts, Gann, Elliott tools, and more.
  • Gives regular and constant updates and notifications
  • Provides the option of live chat with customers
  • Multiple chart windows are available for a better comparison of various stocks and securities.


Oinvest offers mobile services as an app for both iOS and Android. The mobile app makes it easier and rational to manage trade and investments. The mobile interface matched all functions and features that the desktop interface has to offer.  

With the oinvest trading app, you get notifications and alerts all day long and can easily control your investments no matter where you are. The app also gives you the latest news and information to make quick and more informed decisions.

  • The app offers interactive charts, graphs to track the changes in price in real-time. The three distinct charts that the mobile app offers include lines, candlesticks, and bars. 
  • Traders can easily switch between different timeframes through the mobile app.  
  • The app allows for full utilization of any trading strategy that is employed by the trader as the app has a full range of trade orders and trade functions. 
  • The app offers instant execution of a trade, and pending orders are managed at the backend of the app, the orders are executed even if the mobile app is closed. It makes Oinvest a lot more dexterous than other day trading apps


  • Well suited for beginners
  • No commissions
  • Minimum account balance – $0

Robinhood offers the most responsive and intuitive mobile app for traders who are new to day trading. The app provides a free trading platform to its users can sell and buy stock with an easy one-click option, with minimal keypad input. 

Robinhood is well-suited for active traders who switch from platform to platform. Nothing gets lost when you switch from desktop to your mobile. 

Seasoned traders may not find this app the very best option because it lacks resources and analytical tools. But new traders, who are worried about commissions and extra charges, this app can work miracles. 


  • Commission – $4.95
  • Minimum account balance – $0
  • Best suited for new and fresh day traders

Fidelity mobile app is a very appropriate platform for tracking account positions most systematically. This great app can twin the broker’s exact website and offers functions for stock, bonds, ETFs, Forex, and options. 

For traders who want to enhance their knowledge and get well-equipped with the whims and fancies of trading, Fidelity has compressed its desktop version to match with the mobile application. This way, users get to grab a lot of information without compromising on a lot of space on their mobile phones. 

With the Robinhood mobile app, traders can manage their watchlists, trade their securities, and research. 

  • Provides real-time quotes and charting options.
  • Feature of option chain enhancements and multi-leg option trading.
  • Provides tax lots for different positions.


  • Well suited for advanced traders, traders who focus on options and futures, and active traders.
  • No commissions
  • Minimum account balance – $0

Earlier, TradeStation catered only to professional and advanced traders who are looking for a highly technical platform. But that is not the case anymore. Now, TradeStation has a “TS GO account” option that gives traders access to new and extensive knowledge and educational tools. It also offers stock screeners who are professionally graded. 

The mobile app of TradeStation twins with the online account of the trade to make the whole experience much more smooth and easy. 

Charles Schwab 

  • No commissions
  • Minimum account balance – $0

Charles Schwab acts as an all-in-one trading app, which holds the ability to handle both trading and banking functions for the users. One can check his or her trading positions in a click, no matter where they are. The easy accessibility and smooth interface make this app one of the most diversified and expandable options for traders. 

It also offers excellent trading knowledge on the app. One can trade in Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, options, and mutual funds through the mobile app. The in-depth charting system, with quote alerts and news updates, makes Schwab a lot more interactive than other day trading apps


Downloading the PrimeFin trading app lets you dive into continuous trading thrills. From your mobile device, you may access 3450+ asset CFDs, one-tap trading options, complete account synchronization, and the educational hub. 

All business days you have 24/7 access to the world market. You can get instant customized notifications on selected assets’ price changes. Here, you may speculate. Complete access anytime, anywhere, high speed of execution, swift installation, and full functionality make PrimeFin’s trading app stand out. 


  • One tap trading option: with justy a angle tap on your mobile device, open and close your positions 
  • 9 different time frames: nine of your time with PrimeFin is ever wasted. The broker operates in 9 diverse timeframes permitting you the fullest control of your bids. Available are M1.M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1,W1,and MN. 
  • 60+ analysis tools: analyze the markets to make informed bids. You have swift and free access to customizable bars, Fibonacci retracements, Japanese candlesticks, and lots more. 
  • Instant market notifications: select your best assets and customize the price notifications. Never lose that lucky opportunity to make the perfect bid with instant updates on your mobile!

Bottom line

Several traders are attracted to day trading because they find the possibility of making such good profits in a short time very feasible. But one needs to understand the whole process in detail before rushing. These best day trading apps 2022 are one of the ways to get easy access to the Trading Platforms and keep up to date with your trades and stocks. 


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