Best Cryptocurrencies Available For Traders?

Best cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies has become a god-level chance for traders to mint some significant money. It is contributing in big numbers to the wealth of the holders and investors.

Despite not owning any assets, the computer-generated currencies are running high on huge bucks. There is simply one reason that holds importance here, which is a swift movement of prices. The increasing volumes are fetching more attention by the day. Experts are busily evaluating the changing scenario and picture of the influx of investments. Let us discuss the best cryptocurrencies on the shore:-


It goes without saying that bitcoin is where it all started. The best cryptocurrencies stand at the top position of people’s liking, and there is no one displacing them soon.

Bitcoin pioneered the cryptography technique and showed the world a new dimension of trading and transaction. Not that it didn’t offer something unique, but the advantage of being the first went in its favor. The prominence rose from the fact that people did not have any other option earlier. It rose to the occasion as an alternative source of investment when the world was struggling with a slowdown. People saw a ray of hope during the trying time and bitcoin got tucked into their minds.

Specialties and fundamentals

  • Currently, almost all the platforms support the might of bitcoin because most of their traffic gets generated through it.
  • The digital currency has massive demand in the market, so much so that it acts as liquidity and gets sold instantly. Buyers are always looking to purchase it at any price and time.
  • The optimum security and surety it encompasses to the dealers make the cryptocurrency more attractive.
  • It is collaborating with its competitors and other alliances which are mitigating the entire preposition and competition.
  • Given the fact it is expensive, people can buy the sub-units and make their portfolio productive.


It came into the market a few years after the successful launch of bitcoin to complement it. If bitcoin is platinum in valuation, then litecoin is no less than gold. It is a prolific and the most promising altcoins in the financial trade. The cryptocurrency has brought down the time of the transaction by swiftly multiplying the blockchain process. It came intending to leave a mark, which over the years seems achieved.

Specialties and fundamentals 

  • It is an easily transferable and exchangeable entity that is flexible against other cryptocurrencies.
  • Some platforms use it for purchasing other prominent cryptocurrencies.
  • The mining process here is a boon for the miner as they do not have to depend on heavily equipped computers or laptops. The workload happens through an advanced-level Scrypt algorithm.
  • It works on an open-source platform regulated by the protocol of cryptography.
  • Today, people are using it for transacting through ATMs and payments for E-commerce websites.
  • With the availability of around 84 billion coins in the fray, there are good chances of profits and less burden on miners.
  • Induction of the latest technologies like SegWit(Segregated witness) multiple transactions happen at an eye blink speed.


Any cryptocurrency that is emerging and shining in the market like the Sun is EOS. In quick succession, it is gripping the nerves of traders. It uses smart contracts for facilitating the enforcement of negotiation. The difference between other digital currencies is constant innovation.

Specialties and fundamentals 

  • It rewards those who produce blocks.
  • If someone wishes to own EOS in their portfolio, then they do not have to shell out extra money.
  • One can make dApps on EOS and then use its coins on other platforms for transactions.
  • The decentralized platform assists people to create dApps, hence giving people additional reasons to use it.
  • For changing any rules or terms & conditions, people get voting rights here.
  • Traders can arrange ICO at their convenience, making it accessible to them.


Profoundly known as ETH, is the successor of bitcoin in real terms. The popularity graph has shot up in a few years due to the high performance and maintenance aspect. Traders use it in buying other cryptocurrencies on several platforms. It introduced smart contract functionality. ETH is open-source and works smoothly on the latest version of Nakamoto consensus through state transitions. It is another best cryptocurrency.

Specialties and fundamentals 

  • It can produce D Apps without any lag of time or cheating.
  • Whenever one sees the prices of ETH plummeting, that is the best time to invest for margins are higher.
  • Global business honchos like Microsoft, JP Morgan, and Intel are strategizing to invest in companies using Ethereum. They know the formula of expansion, and they have guessed the future.
  • The digital currency has overcome all the obstacles panning from viruses, bugs, and other security threats. It got itself segregated into ETC (Ethereum Classic) for battling the issues.
  • Among all the cryptocurrencies, it has the biggest team of developers looking forward to making it better every day.


The company behind this technology has a motive to make blockchain technology familiar in all spheres. It came into existence to source traders with bits of help that they need during leveraging. It has recently joined the Australia-China supply chain in those regards. VeChain is working on enhancing the ecosystem of blockchain.

Specialties and fundamentals 

  • It introduced itself as a blockchain management system, but later on, saw the scope in the cryptocurrency market. And since then, it is grabbing projects after projects in its newfound direction.
  • Looking at its growth, soon several companies may use its coins for transactions and other purposes.
  • A trader can exchange one VEN token with other VET tokens.
  • It is commendable that technology circulates coins automatically in various regions.
  • It has an ecosystem that is working on creating a platform for bargaining infrastructure for companies.


The traders who seem concerned for the security and are looking for full proof of privacy then Monero is there to help. It resolves all the issues related to transactions and confidentiality. The concerned companies can find a partner in investor here and expand their business without getting perturbed by cheating. It has more than a decade of experience dealing in the crypto market, and this is why the deep web uses it extensively. It is almost non-traceable and used for serious investigative purposes.

Specialties and fundamentals 

  • It can accustom to the block size required by the user or platform.
  • Thie adaptability is aiding in the deluge of traffic on several stages. It rises to the occasion to accommodate it all.
  • One can safely put their funds in many wallets made available by Monero.
  • A trader can store XMR as well.
  • Privacy is the best policy here, and for security purposes, no other currency can eclipse Monero. It is ahead by miles.
  • Its inflation rate remains lower than others because of that, and it is a jewel in one’s portfolio.
  • Latest technologies like Ring CT, Kovri, and Ring Signatures support digital currency.

Zcash – 

Just like Monero, Zcash also thrives on the privacy and security of traders and their data. With the global threat of hackers looming and people threatening to lose their money, the currency serves as a savior. Its technology features are better than bitcoin. It is particular about transactions and makes sure people find it easy to buy-sell their assets.

Specialties and fundamentals

  • Irrespective of platforms, its security features remain optimum, and people have full faith in them given the facts.
  • The miners get a whopping 12.5 percent per block as a reward for mining, and it gets halved. It happens in every four years.
  • ZK Snark technologies, along with cryptography, can prevent unwanted hackers and theft of information.
  • One can hide identity and then trade on it too.
  • It keeps the user and buyer’s name confidential while working on the high-end crypto technology.
  • A trader can opt for optimum and customized transparency.


It is a next-level cryptocurrency that does not perform like others. It has a different purpose from others of providing loans. These loans allow investing in other renowned digital currencies.

It opens untamed dimensions for millions of traders. They can hop on their aspirations and make money by buying into valuable assets. Due to the feature, it is winning the trust of people.

Specialties and fundamentals

  • It is fundamentally strong because it provides loans and has a long-term service plan.
  • It does not directly involve in the traditional buying and selling game.
  • Its process is cost-effective and automatic for users.
  • Its unique selling point serves the purpose to people, and they flock at it.
  • The transparency it provides is second to none following sophisticated algorithms and Oracle-based modules.
  • One does not need to pay additional charges on transactions, withdrawals or on buying assets. Hence it reduces the cost.


The cryptocurrency seeks inspiration from the market leaders like Ethererum and incorporates better value systems. It is trying to grab the space of ETH, so the marketers call it as Ethereum Killer as well.

Due to its phenomenon and instincts of replacing the ETH investors are showing an extra interest in it these days. Its growing dominance in the Asian market is getting it the reputation of the leader of the region. Several Chinese companies are associating with it to create the next version of the Smart Contract.

Specialties and fundamentals

  • It is available in a free source where people have the choice to create their ecosystem. Also, they do not need expertise in the programming or software development field. The feature saves time of investors in lot many ways.
  • On purchasing 100 Neo, one gets entitled to receive 0.03411 units of Gas per year.
  • It is redefining the world, grabbing the job through proof of work (POW) instead of proof of concept(POC).
  • People can buy and sell Neo coins with the help of public key infrastructures.
  • Traders can use their physical assets in the trade through the cryptocurrency and make massive margins.


As the name suggests, it is into next-generation technology. It is here to provide unlimited access to security and privacy to its users. The life and non-stop streaming of data and dispersion of information are its powers. It holds a distinctive measure to existing digital currencies. It acts on consolidated data management, data access, and the safety of data through encryption technology.

Specialties and fundamentals

  • it provides data and access to people with lightning speed. No one complained about its accuracy in time and processing.
  • It aids with high speed in proportion to the surge of traffic on it.
  • Its native technology Tangled is much more effective and does not need much power for performing each task.
  • Users can make minimal transactions without having to pay any charge or a very little fee.
  • Integration of applications on several platforms is easy through IOTA.
  • The verification and confirmation happen in quick succession.


It performs similar to its name, working a stellar way by bringing two cryptocurrencies together. Traders can exchange their assets and cryptocurrencies using it across the world. It belongs to the people with patience.

Someone who can wait for the growth and can wait and see, the cryptocurrency casts magic for those. For them, Stellar can provide a lifetime of fortune through growth.

Specialties and fundamentals

  • It has become a network exchange for global investors. They can exchange their digital currencies hassle-free and in a quick time.
  • People can make thousands of transactions in a second for tokens as well.
  • It is working on developing a market with goods available to people through its digital currency.
  • The technology is evolving and becoming more privacy-equipped by the day.
  • It excels in telling the best combination of transaction fees, and time required by average cryptocurrency technology.

Conclusion –

So, we have discussed some best cryptocurrencies available for traders. There is no question that the cryptocurrency market is becoming a new point of horizon and investment for traders. They are witnessing changes in it at a rapid pace. In addition, the market leaders like Microsoft and Oracle are displaying their interest in it.

They are reaching into it through their technology. People are benefiting largely by investing in it and leveraging their margins. However, many of the top trending digital currencies do not have physical assets, but they are doing well. Also, things are in development, and some companies are working on creating proper deliverable products in the future.